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148 What a Spectacle

 Melting Snow felt as though he was in an action movie, everything slowed to a crawl as he propelled himself forward towards the gigantic sea creature. He could feel the adrenaline rush through him as he got closer to the tentacles of the monster.

Jumping onto the nearest tentacle that was in front of him, he wrapped his arms and legs around it as tight as he could. It was of no use though, no matter how tightly he held on the monster was secreting a gooey clear slime that was dripping down its entire body.

His hold on it was so slippery that he knew he would fall off if he didn't do something fast. With the swiftness that only someone with the twin-blade class could have, he removed one of his arms from around the tentacle he was holding and stabbed deeply into it with his sword.

Tightly latching on to the handle of his sword, Melting Snow felt that his hold on the tentacle was a lot more secure than it was before. Now that he had a firm grip he could enjoy the free ride he was getting from the creature, with how the jellyfish's tentacles were moving around so wildly, attacking the boat.

From his position behind a large piece of furniture on the deck, Xinya watched as Melting Snow laughed as the giant tentacle swung around, it was as if he were on a plaything. If they weren't in the midst of battle, Xinya would have found it to be an extremely amusing sight.

However, since they were in the middle of a fight, he had no time to think about it, and just quick rolled out of his hiding spot while chucking the two potions that were in his hands at the monster. He wanted to keep the monster's attention on himself and not have it turn to the others.

For reasons he didn't understand, he didn't think he would have to worry about that at all, with the way the monster was so focused on him. Although Xinya couldn't figure out why the way the monster was acting didn't make any sense to him. He could only think that this was because he was the one to summon it with his bait.

Sadly, there was no time for him to ponder about it because right at the moment one of the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore's tentacles was coming straight at him. Not able to dodge in time he got sideswiped against the wall of the boathouse.

The impact of slamming against the wall by the huge tentacle was so hard that the breath was completely knocked out of him and his health fell down to 25%. Seeing that the slimy thick tentacle was about to hit him a second time, Xinya quickly darted away behind one of the pieces of furniture in front of him.

Steadying herself from the blow to the boat, Wei took a quick glance at everyone's status to make sure that everyone was alright. When she saw Xinya's health bar plummet she became very worried. "Drifting Cloud what happen are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Xinya replied breathlessly. "Use your soul shot on that thing, we need to stun it."

"I'm on it," Wei told him as she aimed her guns straight at the monster. She had a feeling she would need to shoot it more than once, but she would get the job done, that monster pissed her off.

Lining up her guns, she shot her skill four times at the monster. Just as she thought it was only on the fourth shot that monster became stunned. As the monster became completely immobile she stood and watched as Melting Snow begins having his fun.


Steadying his hold on the monster's tentacles, Melting Snow began to look curiously around. He was so high up that he could see everything that was happening around him. It was quite lucky for him that because of the size of the monstrous jellyfish it didn't even notice when he had jumped onto it.

He was very happy with that fact, but with the way the monster was swinging its tentacles around, trying to destroy the boat and everyone in it, the best Melting Snow could do was cling tightly to it like a koala holding on a tree.

This experience was very similar to riding on a giant roller coaster, but this roller coaster didn't care about a person's safety at all. He wasn't going to lie, he did enjoy the thrill of it, but all this shaking was making him dizzy. He really wished those two hurry up, or he might mentally vomit.

Just as that thought went through his mind, the monster was struck four times and on the fourth strike, the monster completely stopped moving. Smiling gleefully, he knew those two finally took action and now it was his turn to play.

With his right hand clutching tightly to the handle of his sword, he quickly unwrapped his left arm from around the tentacle and moved so he was standing diagonally on it. Quickly as he could, he stabbed his other sword in the tentacle as well. Using one of his legs to gain momentum, he swung on the tentacle like it was a rope, causing it to be propelled forward.

With a sequence of aerial acrobatics, Melting Snow began slashing off the nearest tentacle before jumping over to grab the next one near it. As this continued on, Melting Snow using all sorts of aerial skills, while completely destroying the monster tentacles.  For the party members watching from down below it was an amazing spectacle to behold.

With each and every series of quick strikes that Melting Snow used, a giant tentacle fell into the water around them and 50 points of the monster's health went down. Only seconds had passed and already 7 out of the 15 tentacles were destroyed.

What they didn't know was that this was only possible because Melting Snow had activated a skill that would give him lightning-fast movements for a limited amount of time. Once this skill deactivated, Melting Snow would have trouble dealing with the appendages.

Melting Snow intended to use the time he had to the best of his ability. Suddenly the monster began to move, and he knew that the stun was about to wear off. Using party chat he shouted, " Roaming Wind, shoot him again! The stun is almost over"

Wei who was completely awestruck by Melting Snow fighting ability was startled when she heard her name. After hearing what the boy said, she started berating herself for letting her mind wander while they were in the middle of battle.

Seeing how 350 points of the monster's health were down out of the 2500 it had, Wei decided it is best to keep firing at it. Lining up her aim once again, Wei started to shoot at the creature, but it was already too late.

The Diamondback Armored Ctenophore awoke from its stunned state and summoned its armor. It was now covered with a shiny metallic shell that Wei's bullets weren't able to pierce through. It let out a loud roar and swung what was left of its tentacles roughly, knocking Melting Snow who was decapitating his ninth tentacle off and into the water.

"Are you alright, Melting Snow?" Xinya asked, running to the side of the boat to see if he could locate where the boy was.

Spitting out a mouth full of water, Melting Snow said, "I'm fine, but it might be 10-15 minutes to reach the boat."

"That's fine as long as you're alright," Xinya told him. He had noted something interesting when the boat was tilted sideways the last time.

His fishing rod, which he left on the chair had tumbled over near him and he could see that the bait he had put on it was missing. Which could only mean the monster had eaten it. He would need to test his theory, but he was certain he was correct. If he was, then the monster would be easy pickings.