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147 Let’s Swing

 The impact from the Diamondback Armored Ctenophores attack caused the houseboat to tilt dangerously to one side. This was followed by a sharp crack of splintering wood as the monster careened across the deck. This scared Xinya because he knew that there was a slight chance of the houseboat capsizing.

As he held on for dear life behind one of the bolted-down patio sofas, he could faintly hear the movements of the others near him. He was certain that he heard the sound of Wei letting out a terrified shriek from a distance away.

Xinya knew that they needed to think up a plan on how to deal with this giant sea creature that was out to kill them. Since time was of the essence, he opened up his interface, as quickly as he could, and turned on the party voice chat.

"Is everyone alright?" he asked, he could already see from the party system that no one lost any health as of yet, but that didn't mean they might not be close to falling overboard, with the way the boat was rocking back and forth. He was quite certain that nobody had yet to get the swimming skill, and there wasn't anything more terrifying than drowning to death.

"What the hell is going on?" Screeched Wei, as she dodged one of monsters tentacles. "Why are we getting attacked by a giant jellyfish?"

Melting Snow who was trying to climb on top of the boathouse, lost his balance once again at the boat's abrupt movement. He couldn't help but giggle at how crazy this situation was, "It was all Drifting Cloud doing, he wanted to catch a big one. He just didn't expect it to be this big."

"Of course it was Drifting Cloud that got us into this mess," Wei huffed as she skidded alongside the boat, trying desperately to keep her footing.

From his hiding place inside the wheelhouse, Wandering Sound could see the control system going berserk. With the way the monster was hitting the deck, the durability of the boat was going down fast.

When he first purchased this boat the durability of it was 100%, but now after the constant attacks, it was down to 97%. If they don't do something fast, the monster won't have a chance to kill them, because the sea would.

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Wandering Sound immediately informed the others. "Guys, we have no time to waste, the durability of the boat is falling because of the attacks to the boat. I don't know about you guys but I haven't learned the swimming skill yet."

"I didn't learn it yet either," Wei announced with a look of fear in her eyes. She was suddenly afraid that this monster would knock her straight into the water and she would just sink while trying to gasp for breath as she died in the dark, cold water. She knew that would be a traumatizing experience indeed.

"I learned it," Melting Snow said as he was able to climb the ladder to the top, one step away from being on the roof of the houseboat. "I figured I need it since Drifting Cloud has to soak his feet once in a while. I thought I could swim and find treasure while waiting for him to fill up his water bar."

Even with the dangerous situation they were in, Xinya couldn't help but smile at how considerate the boy was. In spite of that knowing that Melting Snow could swim gave him an idea.

"Everyone listen up, I got a plan." declared Xinya, knowing they needed to take out that damn jellyfish before their boat sunk. "Wandering Sound, I need you to stay in the wheelhouse for now and monitor the durability of the boat, as for Melting Snow I need you too..."

"You really want me to do that?" Melting Snow asked pleasantly surprised at what Drifting Cloud wanted him to do. The idea never crossed his mind to do something so crazy, but since it was asked of him, who was he to deny the request.

"Yes," Xinya replied, he could picture Melting Snow's face, he bet the boy was vibrating with excitement. "And Roaming Wind I need you to find a good place to attack and then grab a rope and tie yourself off, just in case."

With a concerned look on her face, she asked, "Are you sure that won't restrict my movements?"

"Don't worry, the ropes on the boat are very long," Xinya told.

Xinya began explaining his plan on how they should take down the monster to everyone as fast as he could. He knew he needed to be quick about it because at the moment the monster was knocking against the boat with the fury of a thousand storms.

"Don't worry, Drifting Cloud. I got this, I'm already in a position to make this happen." Melting Snow said while peeking up at the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore with an eager smile on his face.

"Good," Xinya told the boy, while sneakily moving out of his hiding space, gripping the nearest sturdiest item so he wouldn't fall. "Roaming Wind, did you find a good place to attack?"

Since she could shoot her guns quite a distance, she didn't need to be near the monster at all. Seeing how the jellyfish was adamant about attacking the deck and bow, she decided she would go to the stern. Grabbing a rope along the way, when she got there she tied herself to one of the ladders that were attached to the wall side.

"I'm ready! I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing." Wei quoted bravely.

"I'll ask what that is from later," Xinya told her while pulling out two combat potion bottles. "But for now let's take this thing down."

As Wandering Sound listened to them talk, he began to panic. The durability was constantly going down all the time. He couldn't believe this was happening, it was lucky that this was an NPC boat and not his own, he wouldn't want to have to pay for the damages that were caused by this monster.

"Hey guys, not to rush you or anything, but the boat durability is down to 85%. Just thought you ought to know." Wandering Sound told them.

Knowing that this was Wandering Sound's way of saying 'get a move on it', Xinya tried to move a little away from the jellyfish, but when he did it started moving with him, making him stop in place. It seems the monsters aggro was focused on him, which is why it was only attacking the part of the boat he was located at.

Xinya knew he could use this to his advantage and hid once again, before signaling the others to attack, "Melting Snow, go! Roaming Wind, cover him!"

With a large smile gracing his face, Melting Snow jumped off the ladder and onto the roof of the houseboat. He then proceeded to run as fast he could straight at the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore. When he reached the edge of the house boat's roof he jumped off and with a somersault landed right onto one of the monster's tentacles.