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146 Diamondback Armored Ctenophore

 While in a hurry to get up from his chair, he didn't notice that as he did the chair in which he was sitting knocked harshly against Melting Snow's chair. Melting Snow who felt the bump of Drifting Cloud's chair against his own, opened up his eyes from the nice daydream he had of being a famous pop star to see what was up.

Once he did he saw that Drifting Cloud was no longer sitting peacefully beside him, instead, he was standing by the railing looking expectantly out at the water. Melting Snow became curious, wondering what was the reason for him to be standing over there like that.

Although knowing Drifting Cloud as he did, something interesting was bound to take place. He sincerely doubted that one day could go by without Drifting Cloud finding some kind of trouble, but then again it was one of the reasons he liked the man.

Opening up his interface, he turned off the music he was listening to, before getting off his seat. Laying his fishing rod down, Melting Snow strolled over to where Drifting Cloud was standing, all the while glancing off the side of the boat to see if anything was down there.

"What are you doing over here?" Melting Snow asked when he was close enough to the green-haired man.

Not hearing the boy move from his chair, Xinya was a little startled by his presence next to him. "I have a strange feeling that I'm about to catch something big."

Xinya wasn't sure if he should divulge information about him having the luck stat to Melting Snow as of yet. It wasn't something he needed to hide, but he just felt as though he should for now.

It wasn't as if he didn't trust Melting Snow, because he did. It was just that he knew how easy it was for someone to have a slip of the tongue. If that information got into the wrong hands, especially at this stage of the game. He wasn't nearly ready to deal with the type of backlash that would cause.

He knew for sure that his cooking skills would make a very wanted person for guilds after the update, but his luck stat would get him stalked. He could only shudder as he thought about it. Before telling anyone anything, he would get someone with the power to back him up.

With someone strong backing him, he wouldn't have to worry about those insidious people that would try to use him. He would have the time to just focus on his plans of making money, just as long as nobody finds out.

Speculating about why Drifting Cloud would say that, Melting Snow leaned over the railing to get a better look at the dark blue water. Only to find that there wasn't anything down there at all swimming around.

From what he could see, the water was calm and peaceful, there wasn't a fish in sight. Straightening himself up, he began to look at Drifting cloud in a curious manner. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out why the man thought he was about to catch something big. Because where he was standing, there was nothing down there in the water.

Sighing to himself, Melting Snow thought that maybe he was too hasty in thinking something interesting was going to happen. Just as he was about to go back to his chair and continue daydreaming, something bumped hard against the side of the houseboat.

The force of the hit was so strong that it caused Drifting Cloud and himself to stumble back a little. Gripping the railing to brace himself, Melting Snow started looking every which way to see what had hit them.

"What the hell...!" Melting Snow exclaimed loudly, shocked by the sudden hit.

Xinya who had his eyes focused on the water the whole entire time said, "What the hell indeed."

As soon as those words passed his lips a flashing red notification popped up in front of everybody that was on the houseboat:

[A party member has just triggered the aggro of the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore! Your party will be attacked, until everyone is either dead or until your party destroys the creature!]

Xinya couldn't believe this, all he wanted was a giant lobster and here he was getting attacked by a freaking giant sea creature. He was beginning to wonder if the luck stat was as lucky as it was made out to be.

"Wow, Drifting Cloud, when you say you're going to catch something big, you really mean  something big." Melting Snow told him while giggling to himself. Checking his inventory to make sure he still had a good number of potions, he quickly armed himself with his twin swords.

Before he could say anything else, Wei and Wandering Sound came out the boathouse in a rush. They both were looking all around the area, searching for the threat, they couldn't believe they would have to fight a monster in the middle of the sea.

"What's going on?" Wei asked as she ran over to where Melting Snow and Xinya was standing. "Where's the monster?"

As the question left her lips a loud roar was heard from underneath the water, followed by a splash. Suddenly right before their eyes, a humongous creature appeared from the depths of the water.

It begins to float up and out of the water until it was suspended in the air right in front of them. The sight of it left them astounded, for it was beautiful in its simplicity. From what Xinya could tell the monster was modeled after a jellyfish, a freaking huge, scary one, but nonetheless a jellyfish.

As he stared at it in awe, he could see that it was devoid of all color except for when the sun hits it, making it shine colorfully in the light. It was made up of a smooth, balloon-shaped body and had a tremendous amount of tentacles, which if Xinya knew anything should be armed with lethal stingers.

He could also see that it had a largemouth that could be found smack dab in the center of the monster's body. Which was only brought to his attention when the monster started squirting out a jet of water from out of it, propelling itself forward towards them.

"Oh shit! Run for cover!" Xinya shouted at everyone as he dodged quickly from the incoming monster.