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145 Fishing Frustration

 Looking out into the endless expanse of the dark blue water that was in front of him, Xinya took a long deep breath, filling up his lungs with the salty sea air. He glanced forlornly at his fishing rod, his mood contradicting the peaceful atmosphere that he was in.

Relaxation is what he should be feeling, this was a given. From the clear blue sky above to the dark calming waters below, every inch of view could be called serene. Nevertheless, as the gentle wind blew playfully through his green leaf-like hair, all he could do was sigh.

It had been over three hours since he and Melting Snow had partaken in this activity of fishing, and they have yet to catch a thing. Which being a seasoned fisherman that he would like to think he was, it was quite the frustrating thing.

All his diligence in preparing for this endeavor seemed to have been wasted, and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why. The bait was specially made to reel in a fish or an item that could only be caught at a higher fishing level.

He wasn't expecting much, he would have been happy if he caught one of the lowest-ranked fish in the water. To be quite honest, he would have been happy if he caught a guppy at this point.

However, if he was being perfectly forthright, the real reason he was so frustrated, was that Melting Snow was able to catch a fish. It was a very small one, but still, it was a fish. A fish that he didn't catch.

The boy wasn't even really taking it seriously, and he was able to catch one in the first 20 minutes of when they started. Xinya could barely believe his eyes when he saw the boy catch it. Taking a deep breath again, he reminded himself that he was only fishing for fun, this wasn't a competition.

Calming himself down wasn't working, his dissatisfaction was growing. What was the point of the whole title and bait combo that he had going for him if it wasn't bringing in the results? He wanted to tell himself that it was because he was level one, so of course, it would be hard for him to catch anything in these high-level waters, but then he would glance at the fish Melting Snow caught.

Sighing softly to himself, Xinya thought it would probably be best if they stop trying to fish since it seemed sort of pointless. He began to wonder if Melting Snow was getting bored over there, so he took a peek at him to see how he was faring.

Xinya let out a huff at what he saw, it seemed that Melting Snow didn't have a care in the world as he jammed out to whatever music he was listening too while leaning back against his chair in leisure.

Even though Melting Snow was enjoying his time out here, Xinya still had the urge to rage quit. While fishing he would mostly just zone out and use the time to clear his head, but that wasn't what he needed right now. He was fishing for the enjoyment, the thrill of the catch, which he wasn't experiencing.

He really should have checked the level of these waters before he started. It would have given him an accurate percent on his chance to catch a fish. With the tiny fish Melting Snow had caught, he assumed that the chances were 99% to 1.

After letting out another long breath, he decided that he would give fishing another chance for an extra hour before giving up. Although this time he would be following Melting Snow's example and try to preoccupy himself by listening to some music while he fished.

Putting his fishing rod to the side for a minute and opened up his interface. Xinya swiped through the main menu that contained his profile, the skill pages and all of the different icons that he used daily. Until he found the small blue box labeled internet.

As he clicked on the light blue square another transparent window opened up in front of him revealing something he would see if he was using his phone or portable computer. After locating the search bar he typed in the name of his favorite radio station.

The radio station was called JJ2BEAT.FM and it played all the classics from the early 2015's to the late 2030s. The music this station played ranged from classical to pop and everything in between.

The music back then was very different from how it was now in 2213. It had way more soul and character. It was an age where technology has become a staple in modern life and music was no longer relegated to just being on the radio.

Anyone with a computer and a video camera could make music if they wanted to. There was no good or bad just, 'can they dance to it'. It was the age of  Indie music.

It was a very popular genre back then, but Xinya found indie to be a catch-all term, much like how Alternative was used in the 2000s. Most of the indie music from that time wasn't awe-inspiring but he really liked a good portion of it. Wei couldn't understand why he liked listening to that ancient music, but he did always believe that he had an old soul.

Plus the music back then was way better than what they had, at least in his opinion, He could never figure out how, popping balloons and banging rocks together while screeching in a high pitch voice could be considered nice to listen to.

It was either that he had a bad musical taste or just that the rest of the world was tone-deaf. His money was on the rest of the world because there was no way 'Stone Age Pop' could be called music.

Shaking his head, he started grooving to the lovely sound of the voice of his favorite singer. Just as he was getting into it a sudden ding interrupted his radio connection. Wondering what was going on, Xinya looked at the notification.


[A mysterious wind has flown by triggering your luck. Who knows what sorts of  unexplainable things could happen, you better be prepared!]

After seeing that notification, Xinya sat up quickly and opened up his interface to quickly turn off the music he was listening to. He had a feeling that he was about to catch a really big fish and he needed to get prepared.

Deciding that it would probably be better if he was standing up, he pushed away from the chair he was in and gripped the fishing rod handle tightly. He didn't want to have his hopes up too much, but he couldn't help but smile.

His body was completely awash with excitement, all he wanted was to catch something that he would be able to cook up into a grand feast, like a giant lobster or clams. He was practically giddy with exhilaration as he waited for something to tug on his line.

While Xinya was bubbling with joy, he didn't know that at this moment a large black shadow was rising from water coming straight for the houseboat.