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144 Let’s Fish

 With a bemused expression, Xinya looked on in bewilderment as Melting Snow rushed outside onto the deck. For the life of him, he couldn't understand why the boy was so keen on going fishing with him. Xinya never thought that Melting Snow enjoyed fishing as much as he did while doing it in the normal way at least.

Then again as he thought about it some more, it could be his company that Melting Snow was seeking. That boy was really attached to him, or so he would like to think. He was really fond of the way the boy would always tell him how much he enjoyed being around him because he felt exactly the same way about him.

When Xinya looked at Melting Snow it was like he was looking at the living embodiment of the pureness and innocence that he had lost a very long time ago. He would never want to see Melting Snow lose his and would do anything in his power to protect it.

He knew he was projecting himself onto the boy, but he didn't care. When he looked at Melting Snow he could see what he could have been, no he saw what he wanted to be. He wanted to be happy and free of worries like that boy out there, and one day that dream would come true.

Although for now, he just hopes that sweet little boy will continue to enjoy his time with him, and vice versa. Xinya had high expectations that they would be able to go on numerous fun adventures together for a long time to come.

Not wanting to keep the little boy waiting, Xinya started to head out onto the deck, but before he did, he took a glance into the living room. He wanted to see if Wei and Wandering Sound was still training their stats or had they already stopped.

Peeking into the living room, he saw that they were still running next to each other on the treadmills, but that wasn't all that they were doing. Wandering Sound kept leaning over to whisper something in Wei's ear that was making her have a noticeable blush all over her face and neck.

Shaking his head at the two of them, Xinya decided to leave the two love birds to their own devices. Exiting the room quickly, Xinya started to have an inkling on why Melting Snow was so eager to go fishing with him now. He would certainly have to tease Wei about this the next time they log out.

A smile played on his lips as he exited the room that led to the deck, only to be greeted by a soft and gentle breeze that came off of the water. Pausing, he closed his eyes and began to breathe in the water's poignant salty breath.

The feeling of the wind blowing through his hair was soothing, while also very refreshing. He knew he could spend hours out here, relaxing quietly on the deck on one of those comfortable lounge chairs, while the boat rocked him gently to sleep.

Xinya only started imagining how relaxed he would be when he heard Melting Snow calling out to him. Opening his eyes, he turned his head in the direction of the voice, only to see Melting Snow waving him over towards him.

"Drifting Cloud, what are you standing there for? Let's go see if we can fish up something interesting." Melting Snow yelled from where he stood at the stern of the houseboat.

He thought it would make the ideal spot for them to go fishing. It had two comfortable chairs close to the boat railing and a giant parasol that would help block the sun rays. They could lay back, look at the scenery while they fished, it was perfect.

Walking to the spot Melting Snow picked, Xinya smiled before sitting down in one of the chairs, "You still want to catch a whale."

"Naw," Melting Snow said with a snort. "I was just kidding with you, but I do want to catch a fish. So you can cook it into something delicious."

"Oh, so you did have an actual reason for wanting to fish with me, and here I thought you just wanted to get away from the two in there," Xinya told him jokingly.

With a sly smile, Melting Snow plopped down on the other chair and confirmed Xinya's thoughts. "It's a little of column A and a little of column B."

Snorting in amusement, Xinya opened his interface and took out his fishing pole and the tin box filled with bait, that he made earlier from his inventory. After laying the tin box down on the small table that was next to his chair, he changed his title to Fisherman's Recognition.

Fisherman's Recognition: 5% fishing bonus/ 2% more of a chance of catching an item.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Fisherman's Recognition

HP: 320/320     Level: 23

MP: 280/280     EXP:500600/1300000

Stamina: 280/280 Skill points: 25

Str: 4   Dex: 15

Int: 4   Luck: 11

Coins: 6 gold 997 silver 700 bronze

Stat Points 0

After seeing how low his luck got once he took off the Saviors of Baldahurh Forest title, he was tempted to put it back on, but he knew that he was just fishing for the fun of it and wasn't out here actually aiming for anything in particular. With that in mind, he closed his interface and put his thoughts toward fishing.

Looking over at Melting Snow, Xinya saw that he already had his fishing rod out and was waiting for him. With a grin, Xinya grabbed the tin box and opened it only for a pungent smell to hit their noses.

"Bloody hell, what is that smell!" gagged Melting Snow, as he covered his nose with his hands.

Coughing because of the smell, Xinya said, "It's the bait, it seems that it has fermented a bit while it was in my inventory."

"A bit?!" Melting Snow exclaimed. "It doesn't smell like a bit."

Rolling his eyes at the boy, Xinya grabbed two pieces of the Welch's Fruity Bait before quickly closing the tin up, "There you go, the smell is gone."

"Not gone, but bearable," Melting Snow told him with a small whine, as he took one of the pieces of the bait out of Xinya's hands and hooking it to his fishing rod.

Xinya didn't reply and just started baiting his own hook, he knew the boy wasn't acting bratty on purpose, beastmen had sensitive noses. Besides their appetites, Xinya thought that was a potential flaw of the race.

Hopefully using his potions, he could find something to combat that weakness. There were a lot of foul places and dungeons in Haven, and if they ever found themselves in such a place it would be terrible if Melting Snow was killed because he couldn't handle the smell.

Smirking at how funny they would be, Xinya cast his line out into the water, with Melting Snow following suit. Hearing the chair next to him squeak, Xinya gave a quick glance to Melting Snow with the side of his eyes.

What he saw was just adorable, Melting Snow was bopping his head from side to side to a tune that Xinya couldn't hear. Xinya knew for certain that he was using the interface to listen to music. He thought about doing the same but decided that listening to the lullaby of the ocean was just as good. Relaxing against the chair, Xinya begins to fish in earnest.