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143 Wandering Sound’s Perspective

 "Um..." Wandering Sound started, while looking away from Drifting Cloud. "Maybe we should head back to the others, they are probably wondering where we are at."

Smiling brightly, Xinya said, "We should go than before they get worried."

Wandering Sound didn't need Drifting Cloud to tell him twice, he was already out of the wheelhouse as soon as the words left the other man's lips. He would've been lying if he said he wasn't still slightly shaken up by the conversation the two of them had earlier.

The way in which Drifting Cloud's demeanor changed from one second to the next was still present in his mind. Just thinking about it was quite frightening to him. He had always felt that Drifting Cloud was a gentle soul that couldn't hurt a fly, but now as he thought about it, maybe that was just a facade and what he saw today was Xinya's true colors.

Wandering Sound knew that he was just overthinking things and that Drifting Cloud was probably how he had first perceived him to be, but that didn't change the fact that he could be scary as hell when he wanted to be.

When he first realized he had a crush on Wei, he thought that if he met her in real life one day he would have to be wary of a protective father, but instead, he got a brother figure to worry about. Furthermore, he had a feeling that Drifting Cloud will be a lot more mindful about the two of them when they meet in the real world.

'Well, I would never even think about hurting Wei anyway,' Wandering Sound thought as he hurried along the boat deck to where the entrance of the house part was. He wanted to reassure himself that he would never have a reason to bring Drifting Clouds ire down onto himself.

He made a promise that he would be everything she ever wanted and more, he had already messed up by withholding things from her, he didn't want to mess up again. Wandering Sound wanted to prove to her, Drifting Cloud and himself that they could be together with no trouble from his past.

As those thoughts went through his mind, he couldn't help but pause for a moment. He couldn't believe how fast he had fallen, he wasn't one to believe in love at first sight or love after a couple of days, but here he was acting like one of those girls in a romance drama.

He found it quite odd, how did his feelings for Wei magnify to this extent already. When it happened, he didn't know, but if he was honest with himself he didn't dislike the feeling. He wanted to fan the warmth that he felt inside of his heart to a flame and he hoped that he could make embers of love burn inside of her as well.

Wandering Sound finally reached the entrance of the boathouse, walking into the living room the first thing that he saw was Wei's beautiful smile. His breath caught in his throat, she had such a beautiful smile it made her entire face become even lovelier if that was possible.

That smile of hers was something that he always wanted to see on her face. It was sad to say, but he knew he would do anything to make that happen. Wandering Sound was so caught up in the brilliance of her smile that he didn't even hear his name being called.

"Wandering Sound, there you are!" Wei exclaimed. She knew it was him even before she saw him, the sound of his footsteps had always had a unique sound to them.

Stopping the treadmill Wei turned around to ask if the navigation been set only to see Wandering Sound with a glazed expression on his face. Wondering if something was wrong with him, she took a hesitant step forward.

Melting Snow who was at the weight machine looked over when he heard Roaming Wind yell, couldn't help but roll his eyes at Wandering Sound's expression. He was so darn obvious that it was sad. If a 14-year-old boy like himself could see through him than he really needs to work on his game.

Ignoring the two lovebirds, Melting Snow continued working on his stats. He really hoped that Drifting Cloud would come soon, maybe they could work out together. That would be way more fun for him than having to watch these two in action.

Concerned about why he was just standing there staring at her like that, Wei stopped faltering and quickly walked over to him. Once she was close enough to him, she waved her hand in front of his face, before asking,  "Are you alright?"

Hearing her voice so near to him snapped Wandering Sound out of whatever daze he was in. When he saw that her face was not far from his own he became flustered, taking an awkward step back he let out a nervous chuckle.

He suddenly became aware that he had just been standing there staring at the girl he had a crush on like a fool. Not knowing what to do Wandering Sound tried to play the whole thing off cooly, "I'm perfectly alright, I was just so mesmerized by your beauty that I momentarily lost my senses."

After hearing the words that came out of his mouth, Melting Snow just looked at Wandering Sound with an indescribable expression. He was completely stunned that something so cringy could come out of a person's mouth.

While Melting Snow was wanting to bash his head hard against something, Wei was dumbfounded. A beautiful pink tinge slowly started to spread across her face. Her hands quickly flew up to cover her face while she averted her eyes from his gaze.

"Um..." She began shyly. "Thank you I guess?"

Realizing what he just said, Wandering Sound started to mentally berate himself. How could something so utterly cheesy like that come out of his mouth? Even though he meant every word that he said, there were definitely better ways for him to have said it.

Although he felt extremely embarrassed right now, he had to admit that he was very fond of the blush that was gracing Wei's face. He wouldn't mind saying those types of things all the time if it made her react like this.

"So, how is your training going?" Wandering Sound asked, trying to change the subject to something she would be more comfortable with.

Giving him a shy smile, Wei looked him in the eyes once more, "It's going great, I finally got my stamina up another point."

"That's wonderful," Wandering Sound told her. "With the way you are improving, you will surpass me in no time at all."

"I must disagree with you there, your skills are way better than mine," Wei stated while pushing playfully against Wandering Sound's chest.

At her touch, Wandering Sound face glowed with adoration, shining brighter than the noonday sun. "How about we go work out together, we need to build our stats up now before we go off on our on together."

"Yeah, we should," Wei said, she just remembered that soon it will be only the two of them together. She will need to get used to being alone with him, she thought to herself completely forgetting Melting Snow was in the room.

As the two of them went over to the two treadmills that were situated against the wall, quietly talking among themselves, Melting Snow just watched them shaking his head slowly. He really wishes there was a wall separating them.

Just as he was debating on rather or not he should give up on working out Drifting Cloud walked into the room. Melting Snow never felt as happy when seeing him as he did right now.

"Drifting Cloud there you are, you are going to join our workout?" Melting Snow asked. Words can't express how happy he was to have Drifting Cloud take his mind off the 'too much PDA (Public Displays of Affection) couple over there. '

After Xinya told Melting Snow how he was going to go fishing, the only thing that he could say was, "Let me go too."

30 minutes later

"Come on Drifting Cloud let's go fish." Melting Snow said rushing out onto the deck. Anything to be away from that lovey-dovey nonsense that was going on in that room.