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142 Making Bai

 "Drifting Cloud there you are, you are going to join our workout?" Melting Snow asked as soon as he saw Xinya enter the room.

Looking about the room, Xinya could see each of the group doing something different. Wei and Wandering Sound were running side by side on the treadmills near the right side of the room while Melting Snow near the entrance on a weight machine.

He was lifting those dumbbells once again. The sight of that cute little boy holding those gigantic things would always bring a smile to Xinya's face. It looked so absurd like he was watching something out of a cartoon.

"I was thinking about it," Xinya drawled as he walked over to where Melting Snow was. "But when I was out on the deck I saw some fish jumping out of the water, and I changed my mind."

Tilting his head cutely to one side, Melting Snow asked, "So have you decided to go fishing instead of working out with us?"

"Yeah I think I will do just that, but I need to make some bait first," Xinya told Melting Snow matter of factly.

"Bait?" questioned Melting Snow with a bewildered look upon his face. He had no clue what Drifting Cloud meant when he said he was going to make bait. Although he had fished before he had never done it with bait, if he did, he would assume that he would use worms or something similar. Looking at Drifting Cloud's face he could tell that wasn't what he had in mind. "What do you mean?"

"While I was shopping Errinisworth, I found this recipe for fish bait. It will give me a higher chance of catching fish and items. I have been meaning to try it out." Xinya explained to him.

"I thought that you had a fishing title that does exactly that?" Melting Snow asked.

Inclining his head in agreement, Xinya said, "Your right I do, but this bait will allow me to have a chance to catch fish and items that I wouldn't be able to catch at my fishing level."

"Ohh," Melting Snow exclaimed in understanding. It seemed to him that this bait was special, which made him eager to try the bait out. He had a feeling that if he used it he might catch something awesome. "Will you let me use some of it with you when you finish making it?"

"Of course you can," Xinya told him as he ruffled the boy's hair. "Now continue with your workout, I'm going to go make it now."

"Alright." Melting Snow chimed happily at him before he restarted doing his reps with those humongous dumbbells he was holding, which made Xinya smile once again before he left to go to the kitchen.

Once Xinya entered the kitchen he directly went to stand behind one of the nearest counters, knowing that he would need it to prepare his ingredients. Leaning against it, he opened up his interface and tapped his recipe book icon that was in front of him.

After doing so a list of all the recipes that he had collected so far had popped up. Scrolling down through them, he begins looking for the recipe for the bait. It took a whole minute of looking through the list for him to finally find it.

The recipe was underneath the KarryKarry recipe that he really wanted to try to make but couldn't for ingredient related reasons. Ignoring that recipe, for now, he began reading the description of the one he sought out in the first place. The recipe which was called Welch's fruity bait:

Welch's Fruity Bait: This bait is said to be a must-have item for wanna-be fishermen that wish to reel in a fish or item that could only be caught at a higher level. This bait is also famous for bringing in items as opposed to fish, and when this is used for fishing, the catch rate of fish and of items will double.

Shaking his head in excitement at the description, he clicked on the recipe for Welch's Fruity bait and watched as the ingredients and how to make it popped up on the transparent screen in front of him. Seeing how the bait didn't need to be cooked in any way, Xinya knew that it would be very easy to make.

The first thing he did was to gather the items he would need to make the bait out of his inventory. These items were bread, strawberry Jell-O, flour, and warm water. Lucky after his shopping spree in Errisworth he had everything he needed to make it.

Taking out two medium-sized bowls, Xinya started to prepare the ingredients, he took 1 package of strawberry Jell-O that he had and mixed it together with the ¼ cup of warm water in one of the two bowls. Once that was mixed he set it to the side.

Grabbing the other bowl he added  ½ cup of flour into it than he proceeded to pick up the 4 slices of bread, and tear them up into tiny little pieces, when they were small enough he added them into the bowl with the flour after making sure they were incorporated well together he picked up the other bowl.

Slowly he begins to pour the Jell-O water into the bowl with the flour and bread and started mixing them together. He knew from what the recipe said it needed to be the consistency of play-doh, so he made sure to add a little more water into the mix until it felt exactly like that.

Xinya really wished at the moment that he had tiny bug molds to put the concoction in, but since he didn't he plopped the play-doh like bait onto the counter and used a rolling pin to flatten it out. Once it was completely rolled out he used a knife to cut it out into multiple pieces, before putting it neatly in a tin box he had.

As soon as he placed the last piece of bait inside a notification popped up telling him he was done.

[Welch's Fruity Bait has been completed!!]

[Welch's Fruity Bait evaluation: Taste 3.2 stars/ Quality 3.6 stars/ Presentation 3.0 stars!]

Xinya felt a little disappointed at the evaluation, but he knew that the easiest of recipes would always be the hardest to get a good score on. Something to do with a higher grading curve than the harder recipes. He would have to do his best to get a higher score next time.

Putting the tin with the bait in his inventory, he began to clean up the mess he made before he even thought about going fishing. The cleanup process took him no time at all, barely five minutes had passed before he was done wiping down and putting away everything.

"Drifting Cloud are you finished making the bait?" Melting Snow asked while running into the kitchen, only to see Xinya cleaning up.

Xinya was just putting away the last of the ingredients back into his inventory when he heard Melting Snow's voice. Turning towards the boy, Xinya gave him a big smile and said, "I'm sure am, are you ready to go fishing with me?"

"Yup!" Melting Snow exclaimed happily. "I want to catch a whale."

"A whale? I doubt we would ever be able to catch one of those." Xinya chuckled at the mere thought.

Melting Snow just shrugged as the two walked out onto the deck. "You never know."