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141 Back on the boa

 Xinya couldn't wait to be off this island which held so many fluorescently bright trees. He thought that he had already adjusted to the scenery of this place, during his first time walking through the forest, but know he knew he was wrong.

Getting used to this type of place wasn't a possibility. Trying to imagine a sane person who actually would want to come to a place like this gave him a headache. The only thing that was good about this Laetus forest was how it looks at night, and the nights were to short for that to mean anything.

He was very grateful that he had found a shortcut on the map that would lead them to the nearest shore quickly. If he had to take a long way again, he would be very tempted to disable the color settings on his interface for a while.

Bemused at the thought that this forest was enticing him to play with his settings, he quickens his walking speed. It was now his goal to get to that shore in less time than the map estimated. He knew the others would be very happy with this idea too, well except Wei who liked this place, but then again, there was something obviously wrong with her taste.

Xinya made sure to bypass all the monsters they came across during their trek, there was no point in trying to fight something that they didn't have too. Although he could have been persuaded, he was sort of curious as to what those strange-looking monsters dropped.

Deciding to not sate his curiosity, Xinya and his party continued walking by the time they were able to reach the shore only 12 minutes had passed. Xinya felt quite proud about that, the estimated time to reach their destination was 30 minutes. It seemed to him that his navigation skills were top notch.

There was also the fact that now they could finally leave this island, and never have to see it again. Well, that's not true, Xinya thought he might see it again in one of his fever-induced nightmares. Hopefully, he wouldn't get sick any time soon.

Once all four of them were standing by the shore, Wandering Sound pulled out the square button from his inventory and quickly summoned the bunny boathouse. As he summoned it he made sure that it was positioned close to the land, so the group wouldn't have any problem getting on board.

When the boat appeared Wandering Sound couldn't help but smile, he was really starting to like having a boat and was contemplating if he should buy a normal one for himself. He decided that if Arkala had a port captain NPC, he would look into learning the sailing skill before he left with Wei.

The four of them boarded the bunny boathouse, with glee radiating off their bodies, they could hardly wait to head to the next town. When everyone had boarded, similar to the previous time they were on the boat they broke off into pairs. Melting Snow took Wei to play with the workout equipment, while Wandering Sound as he did before, lead Xinya to the wheelhouse.

Immediately after entering the wheelhouse, Wandering Sound went to the panel of buttons that was the navigation system and put in his security code so that the boat could be activated. When that was done, he gestured to Xinya to put in the coordinates they needed to get to Mirstone Village.

Skirting past Wandering Sound's large frame, Xinya went to set the coordinates on the control panel. As soon as he was finished doing that he was ready to go and join Wei and Melting Snow in the living room.

He was thinking about working out with them to build up his stats why he had time, but as he was about to make his move to the exit Wandering Sound stopped him. Seeing Wandering Sound block the exit with his body, made Xinya look at him with confusion written all across his face.

"Drifting Cloud, I think we should talk for a moment." Wandering Sound said, with a serious expression on his face.

Xinya couldn't help but think what an interesting turn around this was since he was in Wandering Sound's place the last time they were in this wheelhouse together. "What do we need to talk about?"

"I know that Roaming Wind told you her plans, and she said you were fine with it, but I know how much you care about her and with that state of mind would just tell her what she wants to hear without meaning it." Wandering Sound pointed out.

"What are you trying to say?" Xinya asked slightly confused. "Do you think I don't actually want her to go or something?"

Averting his eyes away from Xinya's Wandering Sound looked down at his feet, "I just want to be sure, you know. Is it really okay with you?"

"What I told Roaming Wind was the truth, I have always planned to let her go exploring by herself. Not for her sake but for mine too." Xinya honestly told him.

"What do you mean?" Wandering Sound asked while looking up. "For your sake also?"

"I know I can be overprotective, but I also know I can't be around her all the time. Letting her go out into the world will help understand that she can look after herself." Xinya admitted.

With what had happened to Wei in his previous life, he couldn't help but feel worried for her all the time. But he also knew that being overprotective was unhealthy, plus he had already changed what would happen to her. He had always planned to separate from her once she was more familiar with the game. The time apart would help them both become more comfortable when the other wasn't around.

Wandering Sound knew that there was more to the story than what Xinya was saying, but he felt as though he pried enough for one day. He had already got the answer he needed so he didn't need to ask for anymore.

"No don't get me wrong, I do want her to spread her wings and even though you seem like a trustworthy guy to go with her," Xinya begins as he slowly walks into Wandering Sound's personal space. "But if you so much as hurt her in any way, I will find you and I will make you regret it. Do you understand?"

The coldness in Xinya's voice as he threatened him, made Wandering Sound shudder. Wandering Sound knew for certain that this was a promise and Drifting Cloud would rip him a new one if he so much as hurt Wei a little.

Nodding frantically, Wandering said, "Yes, I understand."

"I'm glad that you do," Xinya told him with a smile suddenly blooming on his face. It shook Wandering Sound at how fast he could change expressions.

"Um..." Wandering Sound started, while looking away from Drifting Cloud. "Maybe we should head back to the others, they probably wondering what we are doing."

Smiling brightly, Xinya said, "Let's go then."

As soon as the words left Xinya's lips, Wandering Sound was out of the wheelhouse in a flash. He was a little afraid of Xinya after their confrontation, and as he walked to where the others were he made a promise to himself that he would never get on Xinya's bad side.

Watching Wandering Sound rush from the wheel house-made Xinya laugh, it was amusing how such a big guy like Wandering Sound was scared of such a little guy like himself. Although he had to admit that he wasn't lying when he told Wandering Sound that he would regret it if he hurt Wei.

He had some tricks up his sleeve that would make Wandering Sound rue the day he ever met him. He didn't want to have to use them, but if he was pushed too far he definitely would.

As he walked to the entrance of the house part of the boat, Xinya stopped in place when he saw a colorful fish jumped out of the water. This reminded him he still needed to find a master fisherman so he could level his fishing skill up to level 2.

He would make it his mission to asked around Mirstone for one, he needed to hurry and work on that skill, he really wanted to get to level 5 before the big update happen. After making himself a reminder in his interface, he went to go join the others in the living room of the boathouse.