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140 Planning

 "Xinya, the stir fry you made was extremely delicious. You need to teach me how to make it one day." Wei said as she helped Xinya clean up the kitchen.

After putting the last dirty dish into the dishwasher, he turned his wheelchair around and gave Wei a big smile. "Of course I will just tell me when you want me to teach you. On second thought, you should learn to cook in the game, that way you can learn without wasting food."

"I don't know if I should," Wei reluctantly said. "Although it could be fun, cooking isn't needed for anything."

"That's true, but think about it, you will be able to cook for Wandering Sound. You two will be exploring together on your own, and there will be a time when you have to stop and make camp. What's more romantic than feeding the boy you like the food you made with your own two hands." Xinya appealed.

Thinking about it, Wei thought what Xinya said made sense, it would be nice to be able to cook for Qiang, in-game and in real life. The only problem she had was that cooking wasn't a money-making skill, which is why she was hesitant about getting it.

Seeing that she was almost giving in, Xinya tried to push her a little more. In a couple of weeks with the new update, cooking will be a good money maker and since they would be apart at the time he wanted her to have something that could bring in the coins.

"Remember it was my cooking skill, that led us to that big quest we recently did. Who's to say that there can't be more hidden like that. I bet the only reason that nobody ever found them was because most players think the cooking skill is a waste of effort to get." Xinya said.

Tilting her head in acknowledgment, Wei realized that Xinya had a point. This game held so many mysterious, why was she writing one skill off when it could be useful in the future.

With that thought in mind, she said, "You know what, I think I will get cooking. As soon as we make it to Arkala, I will set it as my hometown and before I set off with Wandering Sound I will get the skill."

"That's wonderful," Xinya responded, as he wiped the crumbs from their dinner off the table. Putting the dish rag away, he put his wheelchair in hover mode and went over towards her. "Since we are fed, and the kitchen is clean, lets log back in. I bet Wandering Sound and Melting Snow is waiting for us."

"I bet your right, let us go," Wei said happily, she couldn't wait to start playing again.


Just outside the dungeon

"When do you think Drifting Cloud and Roaming Wind are going to log back on?" Melting Snow asked. It was boring for him, having to wait here with just Wandering Sound. They didn't have anything in common, making the atmosphere around them awkward.

Wandering Sound, wondered that himself as he leaned against the temple walls of where the finished dungeon was located, "I don't know, but it shouldn't be long now. Last time I talked to Roaming Wind she was about to eat and that was thirty minutes ago."

Just as Melting Snow was about to speak again the two people that he was just talking about appeared right in front of him. As he bounced over to where Drifting Cloud was standing the only thought that went through his mind was, 'Finally I'm saved from boredom.'

"I'm so happy your here, that means we can finally leave the island," Melting Snow said.

Smiling, Xinya tussled the boy's hair, "That's the plan. Then we can sail to the nearest town, I doubt there is much time left on Wandering Sound's boat rental."

"Your right," Wandering Sound said as he checked his interface. "There is at most a day left of the rental."

"How many days would it take to get to Arkala?" Wei asked.

Opening up his interface, Xinya checked his map. From where they were, he could see that for them to reach Arkala would take more time than they had left for the boat rental. "It would take two whole days on a boat, but since we don't have two days I found the closest town to it. It will only take us one day to get there."

"If we need an extra day I can always rent the boat for longer. I just need to find a port master NPC to do so." Wandering Sound suggested.

"It's fine," Xinya said while studying the map. "By the time we make it to the town I found, it will be close to the full moon. We can take the time while we are walking to find a fairy circle. That is if everyone wants to spend the coins we will get for the mirror on the special fairy shop."

"I do!" Melting Snow said he had been curious about what could be in that special shop for the longest time now. He couldn't wait to go.

Wandering Sound just smiled in agreement, "Count me in. I bet I can get something nice for myself there."

"Drifting Cloud already knows my answer," Wei told them. "I been wanting to spend the coins we will get on something special and here is my chance."

With a laugh, Xinya and the group started to move, knowing that Wandering Sound only needed to be by a bank of water to summon the boat, Xinya found a shortcut through the forest that would only cost them 15 minutes.

"What town are we heading to anyway?" Melting Snow asked curiously.

"The nearest one to Arkala is a small village called Mirstone." Xinya begin. "I don't think we should expect much from it, from what I can see it doesn't have that many shops or anything interesting, but I think we can sell the mirror there."

Giving Drifting Cloud a quick glance, Melting Snow asked, "You can see all of that on your map?"

"I sure can, I upgraded it again, now I don't have to be in a place to know what type of stores they have. I think it will come in handy." Xinya told them.

"I think it will too, just imagine all the different ways you will be able to use it when your out of town exploring." Wandering Sound said.

Laughing a little, Xinya boasted, "I don't need to imagine, I'm already using it in different ways right now."

As the group continued to playfully chat with each other as they walked to the closest body of water. They could only anticipate the wonders the fairy shop would hold for them and their excitement magnified.