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239 It’s Not Like It Would Give Birth If I Keep I

 In the end, the Players who chose to fight the zombie hordes at Sotimi at the start were unable to protect their crops, with the dragon-slaying Players all flooding them and stealing most of their kills.

But it wasn't unusual that such a thing happened-Players who had chosen to fight the Dead Red Dragon were confident about their own ability and were elites amongst the Players.

In a direct competition, the Players who chose to fight the Undead Orks naturally wouldn't win.

Not even Xi Wei imagined that the mighty dragon was actually that noob, and dropped in less than two days under the Players' onslaught.

After all, his original plan was for the dragon to last at least five days despite the Players' encirclement, and die from a single combined strike by all the Players when it approached Tunaya.

Tunaya was the capital of a duchy after all, and the ramparts were armed with anti-siege weapons such as Illum crystal cannons-even if those cannons wouldn't pierce the dragon skills, it would inflict certain damage after the dragon had lost its ability to cast spells in dragon language, creating spots similar to vitals where the players could focus their firepower...

And yet, the Players played their cards beyond without common sense, climbing up the dragon unarmed and pried off its scales, ending the battle four days ahead of schedule.

If an event ended just two days after it began, Xi Wei would be nailed on a pillar of shame as the self-proclaimed game planner.

He therefore sneakily returned a portion of the deviant divine power which the Players had collected back to the mortal realm, reviving certain corpses at the mass graves as zombies while he instructed the Players to run everywhere and put out the fires through event quests.

And with that tactic that appeared awesome but was actually impractical, he managed to drag the event up to five days.

But even if Xi Wei didn't do something so excessive and would rather go about things casually by ending the event right there, the Players wouldn't be puzzled by the short period of the event. They are natives of this world after all, and they never really had much experience with events.

However, Xi Wei had a vague feeling-if he did things as he liked by playing on the fact that the Players of this world didn't know what games were supposed to be like, his divinity would revert from the 'God of Online Electronic Games And Many Other Games' back to the divinity of the original God of Games native to his world when he finally altered gameplay until it was completely different from the originals.

His authority gained from his knowledge of games would mostly disappear as well.

It would sound cryptic, but putting it in a nutshell would make it easy to understand: even the gods themselves must respect their own divine order and authority.

Even if the god doesn't die when they lose reverence towards their own divine order, they probably wouldn't rise to new heights forevermore.

In other words, even though Xi Wei kept feeling like an evil game developer, he would remain the God of Fight the Landlord for life if he insisted on running the game to the ground by any means necessary.

Moreover, there was no legendary item drop after the Dead Red Dragon was slain because the Players had acted too quickly, killing the monster before Xi Wei could quickly make the item.

After receiving the Dead Red Dragon's secondhand corpse, Xi Wei thought about it long and hard before deciding to create a legendary item for Mages.

Firstly, he extracted its draconic soul, plucked out its lungs that had not rotted off and scraping out piles of corpse oil and ancient phlegm, refining and crystallizing them into Igni Gems of high purity. After that, he took out a femur of the red dragon, mixing it with some materials left from the Marsh Drake and the Barren Giant and molding it into a magic staff, while embedding the Igni Gem on the tip of the staff.

"Lastly, the soul!" Xi Wei muttered, tearing in half the draconic soul which he had extracted at the start. He snacked on the half which is filled with wild deviant divine power, while the purer half was put into the staff's Igni Gem, literally imbuing the precious stone with a soul.

The gem that carried a dragon's soul hence shone in wondrous radiance. With the crystalline frame of the staff, it eventually formed the silhouette of a rising fire-becoming both exceedingly beautiful and a little dangerous.

"It even has passive effects. Well done, me..."

Xi Wei nodded in satisfaction. "Since you have the special effects of fire and blink like you're breathing... okay, I shall name you Happy Flame."

With the item accomplished, Xi Wei dumped it into the Golden Global Prize Pool, waiting to see which whale would manage to get it.

Meanwhile, he was also sincerely pleased with another outcome of this event.

He had managed to obtain tons of deviant divine power from the Undead Orcs and the Dead Red Dragon!

Xi Wei still had no idea where the deviant divine power came from and what it was like before it became abnormal. Still, he noticed that he could create a certain form of divine fire resembling the First Flame after he absorbed it earlier, and said divine fire (or indeed a counterfeit of the First Flame) could in turn burn the deviant divine power and cleanse it into relatively purer divine power that he could absorb-the divine attribute and authority which the deviant divine power seemed to have been purified in the process.

One should also mention here that it was 'relatively purer', and the reason for that was because it would carry the attribute of divine flames due to how it was made.

To put it simply, it was just like the divine power of the God of Flames, and the only difference was that the deviant divine power had no owner, allowing Xi Wei to absorb it.

But even as Xi Wei absorbed it, the fraction of Fire Authority in his body grew rapidly as if it was applied with Jinkela fertilizer.

"Tsk. If this goes on, wouldn't the God of Flames agree to a ceasefire with the Fire Thief and combine to beat me up first?"

One he recalled the God of Flames' temper and vengeance towards Flintman that kept him pursuing the Fire Thief for five hundred years, Xi Wei felt chills crawling over his ball form.

Nope, he shouldn't absorb every last bit of the deviant power cleansed by divine fire.

By relying on his fine self-control, Xi Wei halted his desire to continue growing and absorbing the purified divine power just before the Fire authority in his body grew too much.

"Well, there's a lot divine power left, and it's not like it would bear children just because I keep it around... with that being the case, I should just create a new class for the Players."