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232 The Creeping Shadows

 [Undead Disaster ~The Creeping Shadows]

[The peace that the noble God of Games and his hardworking believers had fought so hard for did not last long. Mysterious shadows had once again appeared on the Prime Material Plane-evil energies are infesting corpses, awakening the dead from their eternal slumber beneath the earth, with the culprit's manipulation and the dead's instinctive hatred towards the living hence driving their vengeance against all living beings! Having witnessed the threat that the dead poses towards the innocent, the compassionate God of Games now sends forth his decree in his reluctance to see the living being painted in ash-in hopes that his courageous believers would triumph over the blasphemous enemy who toys with the souls of the perished and restore light upon the world!]

[Event period: TBA on event posts in Player Forums]

[Event location: Night of the Vengeful Dead, Zombie Dragon Slaying]

[Event objective: Players could choose one or both battlegrounds. In the active period of the event, Players are afforded 1 instant revive (10% EXP will be deducted from current level). Resurrection Coins are still in effect during the event, each of which could be drawn from Personal Prize Pool or Global Prize Pool.]

[Night of the Vengeful Dead: Earn RIP points by slaying the undead hordes of Sotimi. RIP points earned vary between the race of undead (click here for more details), and can be used for drawing rewards from the Personal Prize Pool.]

[Zombie Dragon Slaying: Either search and destroy or defend a stronghold in order to stop the onslaught of the Zombie Dragon heading towards Tunaya. It is the Players' victory if the Zombie Dragon is defeated before it enters Tunaya, and a failure if it successfully invades the city. After the battle concludes, Players participating would be rewarded according to individual contribution (click here for more details regarding rewards).]

[Personal Prize Pool: Players may draw once from the Personal Prize Pool by paying 100 RIP points. Number of draws is infinite and there are 500 rewards in each Personal Prize Pool, the grand prizes being 'Global Pool Lottery Ticket', 'Item Strengthening Rate Up Ticket' and 'Resurrection Coins' (Resurrection Coins would automatically be converted to Resurrection Ankh after event), and Players could reset Personal Prize Pool after claiming the three grand prizes.]

[Click here for more details on Personal Prize Pool (Contents of first 10 pools differ from every subsequent prize pool, please acknowledge)]

[Global Pool: Three prize pools that progresses in the sequence of Bronze→Silver→Gold tiers. Each pool holds 200 rewards and would only proceed to the next pool when the previous was completely drawn with the 'Global Pool Lottery Ticket', first come first served.]

[Click here for more details on the Bronze Global Pool]

[Note: I sense the approaching evil. Believers of mine, send those minions of darkness back to hell! -The God of Games]

The new announcement utterly ignited the Players' dormant passion, allowing them to regain their excitement after having their spirits slightly dampened by Nightcry's vileness.

In fact, after the Players had seen the list of rewards offered in the Personal Prize Pool, all of them promptly teleported to Tunaya from different places, dropping whatever daily quests they were doing. Anyone else would have presumed from their looks of teeth-gritting resolve that they were Tunaya locals who would put their lives on their line for their city-leaving even the wood elves of Trinia dumbstruck...

Other Players who for whatever reason were unable to return for the time being-such as Zonyan's party who was farming good reputation with the Long-Ears-were lamenting about bad timing, unable to hold back the thought of killing themselves so that they could return to town.

Besides, Players who had fallen in the battle against Nightcry certainly didn't hesitate to use their daily single auto-revival to join in the wild rejoicing of the other Players.

Hence, in just a dozen minutes, the citizens of Tunaya had the distinct sense that there were suddenly a bunch of people who had a different air about them in the city with them.

The Brilliant White Church and the Temple of Glory were the major religions here and as such could hardly deceive their believers when something happened. With the other churches aiding in repelling the undead onslaught after receiving news, most citizens of Tunaya were already aware that powerful monsters were coming-monsters that neither the Brilliant White Church nor the Temple of Glory could win against.

Fear and anxiety shrouded all of Tunaya, driving the oppressiveness in the town's atmosphere to its very limit.

And yet, it was under such circumstances that these weird people had arrived out of nowhere, all of them overflowing with mysterious enthusiasm and with 'I have no idea where I am or why the enemy is coming here, but I'm going to split their heads here-an ally's head as well, if there is the chance!' written all over their faces.

If they weren't actually few in numbers at just a little over two hundred (not counting Players who couldn't make it in time or newbies uninterested or not quite knowing what an Event is), the backdrop of the city would have been altered entirely.

It was truly weird when one thought about it-the Players were merely preparing for the Event, and yet it was now more bustling here than feast or festivals.

Perhaps Events were festivals in the truest sense in the Players' perspectives.

"Ooooh! This style of rewarding is really too interesting! As expected of the God of Games-there is a surprise every time!" Joe was exclaiming excitedly and tapping his large pectoral muscles after Edward patiently explained to him about the Event's mechanics. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's hurry off to Sotimi to farm some undead!"

Edward shook his head, having carefully studied the mechanics.

"We're waiting for Gou Dan to be revived... even if it looks like the rewards are given on a first-come first-served basis, even if Players farming Night of the Vengeful Dead could draw from the prize pool early on, that's not what it actually is all about. The undead in Sotimi are summed up with points, and the list of rewards follows the rule that 'killing powerful undead earns more points'. In fact, killing a hundred human zombies might not earn as many points as killing a zombie ork."

In response, Joe immediately opened the list of rewards that corresponded to the RIP points earned. He stared at the chunks of text and pulled a long face, acting as if he understood while nodding pensively.

"Powerful undead would be hiding deeper in the enemy's ranks. Therefore, the first ones that would be fighting are those that yield the lowers RIP points, and it's just not worth spending any time on them!" Edward disregarded whether Joe got the idea, and continued as if he was tidying his own thoughts. "But the Zombie Dragon is different! Its totally HP is fixed-so, shaving off one percent from its HP means that the others would have one percent less contribution! And by the same principle, we would earn less if others hit it more, not to mention that the rewards list make it clearly that fighting the Zombie Dragon pays more than fighting at Sotimi!"

"As for the lottery, everyone would get the same rewards from the Personal Prize Pool anyway, whereas anyone could know immediately that the Golden Global Prize Pool which comes after the other two prize pool has the best rewards! It'll be fine even if we let the others have the Bronze and Silver Prize Pools before that!"

At that, Edward had decided the strategy his party would follow. "That is why we are going to join the campaign against the Zombie Dragon, and then farm the Night of the Vengeful Dead if we still have the time later on!"