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231 A New Event Begins

 Xi Wei was unaware of Flintman's motives in giving him a portion of the First Flame, but it remains that it was excessively valuable for a meeting gift or a reward for offering him shelter.

Still, Flintman appeared to bear no enmity, and the First Flame was not bad for a supplement for Xi Wei, who was feeling the lurking threats everywhere at the moment-and he eventually accepted it.

And yes, you heard right: supplement.

There was no way he would follow Flintman's footsteps in using the First Flame as a springboard, with which he would steal the authority of the God of Flames.

One shouldn't take the authority of Fire at its clichéd face value. It might sound weaksauce as if it was no different from a fireball skill, its offensive capacity and utility made it a remarkable authority.

Even if the names of most authorities sound awesome and peerlessly formidable thanks to the segmenting across various fields, the fact is that they would never match plainer authorities of Fire, Frost, or Thunder.

After all, simpler authorities would always contain countless segmented authorities derived from them, even expanding into numerous powerful branches.

As an example, if Xi Wei grasped the authority of Fire, he might be able to develop some skills like nuclear punches, causing fallout upon the world.

Therefore, even if the God of Flames had not learned modern physics, he just needed to fiddle around with the authority of Fire that he wields and there would already be a huge chance of him coming up with something amazing.

If not for Flintman suddenly interrupting out of nowhere, the Seven Divine Fathers might have become the Eight Divine Fathers instead.

For his part, however, Xi Wei wasn't coveting the opportunity of becoming the next God of Flames. After all, the First Flame and the authority of Fire was not only useless to him-they might even be troublesome for him.

That was why Xi Wei didn't hesitate to gulp down the First Flame, digesting it into pure divine energy and faint authority of Fire.

It was a moment when the uniqueness in the authority of Games presents itself.

If ordinary gods have no intent on becoming sub-deities to the God of Flames while obtaining that faint Fire authority or cause their own divinity to be pulled towards the God of Flames' aspect, they would either have to give up on that precious authority or be hunted by the God of Flames like Flintman.

The divinity of Games, however, was an exception because it was basically a composite of random authorities, containing every assortment of authority in itself.

And now, despite the faint Fire authority that the First Flame carried, the authority of Games remained itself despite being a combination of a mess of other authorities.

Hence, neither Xi Wei's divine attribute or his presence changed at all...

Even if the God of Flames would stand before him, he would only be aware that Xi Wei was only a god and for some reason a ball without suspecting a thing (although it would be a completely different matter if Xi Wei displayed his own authority of Fire).

That was the reason Xi Wei had no other gods (except Rotten Bones) come knocking on his door. The God of Games could steal the authority of other gods but it was basically such faint bits that it would feel like the variance between believer population in the perception of the other gods.

It was a circumstance similar to 'becoming a billionaire by having everyone give me a penny every day'-though the number of gods certainly wouldn't as be innumerable as the population of China, they were not to be underestimated either. That was how Xi Wei's divinity had so discreetly shorn bits of the other gods' metaphorical wool for so long that the other gods never noticed him cultivating his authority of Games to a fine state.

On the other hand, antigods like Flintman were instead doing something like capturing the whole sheep and shearing every last bit of wool until even its buttocks were bald. Being no fool, there was no way the God of Flames wouldn't notice his butt becoming hairless...

Either way, after treating himself to the First Flame, Xi Wei refilled his divine power and immediately feel revitalized, ready to keep going.

"Anyway, I'll have the Players slay the zombie dragon and undead orks to ensure the safety around starter village." Xi Wei waved his tentacles and clacked away on his Pantheon Computer. "I was about to let them handle themselves, but now that I'm recharged with divine power, let's have an event."

After all, there would only ever be a single legendary weapon dropped even if they succeed in slaying a Wild Boss, which greatly reduced the motivation to form parties for taking down Wild Bosses.

Events were different-even though Xi Wei had not organized many events thus far, the Players were well-rewarded in each occasion, which allowed Events to leave a strong impression and be well-received amongst Players.

Though it consumed much divine power, he might actually profit greatly instead-that is, as long as he discovered the origins of the deviant divine power, deciphering its existence and find a way to absorb it by 'twisting off the head and eat the rest, which contains six times of the First Flame's power'.

"Events are not indulgence! It's management!" Xi Wei mumbled to instill some confidence in himself, before pressing the button to assign the event quests.

In the next second, the Players down in the mortal realm received the message from their god.


"Only so few came..."

Angora couldn't help frowning at the sparse ranks of Players who had arrived beside the Lifestone at the Silver Eagle Castle.

"So unreliable." Vela had a dark look as well-she didn't expect that only so few Players would answer Angora's call.

"We've just beaten the devil Nightcry and a little tired," Edward explained, having just teleported through the Lifestone as well.

Naturally, the tiredness he was referring to was mental exhaustion.

The Players' stamina regenerates quickly, but they were still mentally human (probably), and extended periods of battle would definitely wear them out.

"Moreover, Nightcry's special attribute meant many Players have to wait for three days before they could be revived after dying." Princess Leah added, having arrived as well.

However, the sparkling but intimidating brass knuckles in her dainty hands caught more attention than her words-even Angora couldn't help sliding curious glances at it.

"That's right! Gou Dan died, but we can't even find his corpse!" Joe joined in beside them. "It's his fault, though-he ran off so far away to shoot Nightcry just to show off his eight-times zooming scope, and his resurrection period was over before the Clerics could reach him..."

From certain perspectives, this might be the darkest hour of Edward's party: Gou Dan, their most agile scout was dead and awaiting revival, and their reliable Jessica was being held by the elves and unable to come help for now.

All Edward now had was Joe the brute, and the Loli Saintess Eleena who loved to killsteal.

"Huh..." Angora breathed a sigh. "This many Players should be enough to handle the undead at Sotimi. But what about the zombie dragon in the Kristoff mountains...?"

That was when a system notification jingled in everyone's ears at once.


[New server-wide event commencing!]

[Undead Disaster~The Creeping Shadows]