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229 The Fire Thief

 Xi Wei agreed to Flintman's request after thinking about it for a moment.

He naturally didn't make his divine kingdom fully available since things were rather special here, and had cleaned a small space before Flintman came in while separating it from other parts of his divine kingdom.

Xi Wei had learned how to separate spaces within his divine kingdom back when he was creating the black hut for the Players and a dungeon from the fragment of Rotten Bones' divine kingdom. Being already quite familiar with it, he managed to get it done soon enough.

Moreover, Xi Wei sneakily tried to contact the Great Lion, intending to have him come help preside over things for a bit. After all, Flintman was clearly much stronger than Xi Wei, and the ball's lone power was weak if Flintman tried anything, and things would become troublesome.

One should know that Xi Wei had felt very threatened after the previous meeting of the Invisible Pantheon. He had started to prepare a trump card in the face of a divine battle, but the reason why a trump card is called a trump card is because it was as costly as it was powerful when used.

And Xi Wei didn't want to waste it unless it was absolutely necessary.

It was a pity that the Great Lion was busy with something and couldn't come to help Xi Wei feel braver. Still, Aslan had assured him that despite being an anti-god and eccentric in behavior, Flintman was basically a good deity aside from the little fact that he had stolen the Flame God's authority, and definitely wouldn't attack Xi Wei as another member of their alliance.

Moreover, Flintman targeted the God of Flames-a greater god at that-immediately after ascending as a deity and wasn't killed after being adrift for over five hundred years. To put it unkindly, he certainly wouldn't want the authority of a noob god like Xi Wei...

Still, despite the Great Lion having the right idea, Xi Wei knew himself well.

While his various aspects almost appeared to be a combination of various bizarre authorities stitched together and wouldn't catch the Fire Thief's eye, the problem was that Xi Wei had a special authority aside from the other jumbled authorities of the God of Games.

The authority of transmigration.

That authority of crossing the World Barrier at virtually no cost was how Xi Wei could allow his believers a never-ending good time, even though his divine energy was barely one thousandth of other gods and his revenue was basically in the red.

Any other god who learned his playstyle would be long dead instead...

Moreover, the transmigration authority ignored an ironclad rule set in place by the Trinity of Creation and allowed Xi Wei's true form to cross the World Barrier to enter the Prime Material plane. If Xi Wei wanted to, he didn't actually have to just watch in his divine kingdom-he could simply descend upon the mortal world and have a good time with his believers.

That being said, Xi Wei understood the weight of things. Although he knew that it would be fun joining the Players down below and could easily assume very disguises as a god, truly becoming an omnipotent transmigrator.

But if he did that, he would be blinded by enjoyment and wouldn't see the bigger picture, to seize opportunities in time or react towards certain things. In the end, he would either die in the Fourth Divine War or provoke someone he shouldn't, and be killed as their retribution descended upon the Prime Material Plane.

Still, that was digressing.

Either way, the authority to transmigrate was a golden steamed bun amongst steam buns.

If the Seven Divine Fathers who stood at the top above all other gods would try to steal it from Xi Wei if they learned about it, let alone an intermediate god like Flintman.

"Your divine kingdom... feels really small."

Flintman spoked after he carefully studied the vast but empty world when he entered Xi Wei's divine kingdom.

Xi Wei could immediately tell from his tone that it wasn't a complaint, but having the meaning of 'I know you're hiding stuff from me'.

However, Flintman clearly knew manners and didn't directly say something like 'lemme see'.

And when he saw that Xi Wei was not about to humor him, he shrugged. "My divine kingdom is quite vast though. Would you like to come visit?"

"We'll see when you settle things with the God of Flames."

Xi Wei didn't hesitate to refuse.

It was true that Flintman had created his own divine kingdom after becoming a god, but was soon chased by the God of Flames all over the divine realm.

He might not even have the time to renovate his half-baked divine kingdom.

Nonetheless, Flintman took no offense to Xi Wei's rather impolite tone, and instead directly asked. "I heard that you had reached a military agreement... with Luna? In that gathering?"

"That sounds like the agreement that some Interpol agent who in-fact is a arms trader would make or something..."

Xi Wei couldn't resist retorting. "The agreement I had with Luna is just a trial partnership."

"Right, right, that's it, a strategic-blah-blah agreement!" Flintman responded nonchalantly, clearly not making an effort to remember the full name of the agreement. "In a nutshell, the wood elves could become converts of your church.

"...That's true, but the wood elves are too conservative and it's impossible to have them turn to a new religion." Xi Wei sighed.

That was actually one shortcoming when it came to immortal types. Like how people would prefer the past, they would become more stubborn the older they get-even wood elves that were just over a hundred years old were a stickler for rules and revered tradition, and converting them was therefore as hard as reaching the skies.

That was why Xi Wei himself didn't assign quests to convert the elves, relying instead on daily quests to encourage Players so that they preach in human cities and recruit reliable new believers.

"By the way, what does that have to do with you?" Xi Wei asked, scratching himself.

"Aslan never told you?"

Flintman ran his fingers over his black hair that were as thick as dreadlocks, parting it to reveal the pointy ears beneath. "I'm a wood elf before I ascended as a god too."

"Wow-oh." Xi Wei exclaimed meaninglessly.

It was true that he had assumed Flintman to be human before his ascension. To think that he was actually an elf...

But there wasn't anything worth fussing about.

Compared to humans, the elves had an advantage in lifespan-humans would unhappily die as their life wears out before they could complete their knowledge. The elves, meanwhile, would have learned the most random of musical instruments and arts out of boredom from having an exceedingly long life, even cultivating unique artistic systems completely different from what humans have.

As such, the elves would have a better chance of gaining epiphany of their miracle, ascending to legend and steal authorities to forge divinities.

"So, I'm hoping that you could help watch over my kind..." Flintman continued.

"Shouldn't you be asking that of Luna? She's much more powerful than I am." Xi Wei couldn't help being puzzled.

"Yes, but for some reason... I have the nagging feeling that you have greater potential than Luna, which is why I'm asking you." Flintman answered solemnly. "Of course, I won't admit I said that after I leave! It's no use, even if you rat me out to Luna!"


Xi Wei had something to say at first, but his ball form simply wrinkled and he took back what he was about to say.

Even Flintman, who had been nonchalant all along after entering Xi Wei's divine kingdom turned serious.

The two gods' conversation were hence interrupted while a weird silence filled the empty space.

And the reason for that was simple.

A horrific being of immeasurable power was slowly brushing past the outer reach of Xi Wei's divine kingdom.