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215 Awesome!

 Fine, it was a pathetic appearance-but having every item at +7 was still quite formidable even if Marni was slapped into the ground so hard that he couldn't pull himself out of it. Moreover, he only lost one-fifth of his HP and didn't die immediately!

After all, Marni was still the self-proclaimed toughest tank amongst all Players since those who had changed class to Holy Lancers recently had not familiarized themselves with the playstyle of that class. Additionally, his whaled items as well as his innumerable death experiences that now allow him to face anything with great composure!

"You're alive!" Selene stared in shock at the man who was digging himself out before frowning. "But... I saw..."

Selene was very sure that she had seen Marni die, and not by falling off a cliff or into the ocean, but crushed between the talons of a devil.

By logic, there was no chance he could play dead.

With that in mind, there was only one reason why he was still appearing here!

"I got it!" The girl exclaimed in epiphany. "You're that man's twin!"

What other reason could there be?

Or what, these humans had suddenly acquired the ability for limitless resurrection because they became converts of some unpopular deity?

Meanwhile, Marni did a double-take.


Nonetheless, Selene appeared convinced she had the right idea, and summoned vines with her elven magic to dig out Marni.

The devil was no mere backdrop, however, and it immediately sensed that Marni didn't die after it had slapped him into the dirt.

While it was unsure why a mere human would survive a blow with eighty percent of its strength, it was still a demon and naturally intended to try again.

Be that as it may, Marni didn't come alone to the fight-other Players were also arriving at the battle, and as per tradition, they greeted the World Bosses by launching their ultimate skills.

The devil merely smiled in disdain when it noticed that the newcomers were all humans.

Though not one to brag, the creature was the member of a supernatural species that had lived over a thousand years. Its strength and knowledge far surpassed any younger specimen of its own kind, and although it hadn't recovered its mana because it had just broken its seal, it did recover considerably.

And what had it not seen in the thousand years since it lived? It didn't even have to evade the magic of the puny humans. It would be even better for it to kick up some dust around itself and appear unscathed when they assumed that they had brought it down, just so that the humans could experience despair for interrupting its fun!

Hence, it pretended as if it couldn't react in time, allowing the Players to fire all their skills at his face.

'Tch, those spells do sting... could the humans have rebuilt their magical society that well in just a thousand years?'

Still, the barrage of spells exploded as the demon expected, blowing smoke that immediately shrouded the devil in its entirety.

Its lips parted then in a sly smile.

Appearing immediately would be meaningless. It just had to wait for a moment and show up when the humans believed that they had won, and only then could it strike the heaviest blow into their morale!

Even so, before it could even show itself, the Players launched another overwhelming barrage of spells, catching the devil off guard and knocking it off its feet.

'Damn it, these humans are really cautious! Still, that hurt less than the first wave... Hmph! They would definitely think that I'm beaten now, this wave must have been to check..."

The devil grimaced in pain as it slowly got to its feet. 'Thankfully, I didn't scream either. They are going to be all the more shocked when I show up now!"

And yet, the third barrage of spells shot towards it before it could really get up, noisily knocking it down to the ground once more!

'This wave is even weaker! I'm definitely on the right track... but damn it, I would be pouncing and killing them all if I didn't want them to despair!'

The devil rubbed its now-swollen face, at once annoyed and confused. 'And when did the humans learn to be so prudent? Are their kind militarized to such extent nowadays?'

Unbeknownst to the creature, the Players were actually confused too.

"Is that Boss glitching? It already has a quarter of its HP knocked off, so why is it still hiding in the smoke but not moving?"

"Who knows? It might be holding back its second form. And stop spacing out, keep firing!"

"What if it is pretending that we can't see it?"

"There's no way we can't see it, its HP bar is so obvious..."

"My Ulti just came off cooldown!"

"Yeah, me too. Everyone, get ready, we're having another Ulti barrage on the next wave!"

Hence, just when the devil was about to jump out and yell surprise, it was assaulted brutally by the barrage of ultimate spells and ate dirt once more, the 'surprise' exclamation it prepared knocked back down its own throat as it could only manage a mumble of 'motherf*cker'...

On the other end, the Players were all exclaiming in shock by the time the devil got to its feet again.

"Is that the Boss's second form?!"

"That bleeding-all-over look feels so awesome."

"There's a lot of holes on its wings. Do all devils share the same postapocalyptic-style?"

"It actually lost two front teeth. Careful, everyone, it is definitely going to breath fire!"

And now that things have come to this, even the most brainless of demons would realize that they had been played-let alone the devil which had a far more capable brain.

"How dare you make a fool of me! No games of despair with you lot, then! I shall kill all of you right here, right now!"

It spread its wings, lunging in rage at the Players, having completely forgotten the elven girl and Marni who was still stuck in the ground.

When they saw that the Boss was finally acting normal and rather indignant after having being beaten up while it stayed still, the nervous Players breathed a sigh of relief as well. Sticking to their usual tactics, they had their Warriors drawing Enmity, Holy Lancers shielding the Warriors while other Classes dealing damage and making calls, continuing their assault on the devil which HP was now dwindling.

Even as it landed, the devil unleashed its powerful dark magic strikes, killing one Player after another gruesomely. But somehow, it was the one left in disbelief because not only were the humans fearless, they were all actually laughing and cheering instead when he killed their comrade who was wearing golden-red armor had been stuck in the ground all along finally freed himself and came to help, feeling no rage or misery at all.

"Hahaha! Marni's dead!"

"You bastards!"

"I can't focus every event I see him die."

"Awesome, awesome! This event is awesome now that Marni's dead!"

Meanwhile, the devil couldn't help screaming inwardly at the sight.

'Damn it, you people are the real devils here!'