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213 Devil

 What's going on? Shouldn't the devil be sealed shut by the elven ancient within the cavern and be tormented without end?

Selene had never come across anything unexpected when she came to play before, so why did the devil's claws break through the seal today?!

Like a drizzle, Marni's blood was slowly raining down on her, dyeing her most red and leaving her stunned.

She only recovered when the enormous demonic talons came clawing at her, fumbling as she escaped the entrance of the cavern.

She couldn't stay like that. She must run!


Even if she was physically much older than Marni and could well be his grandmother, the mental growth of the elves was very slow. As a matter of fact, Selene's mental age would be closer to Jessica or Gou Dan despite being just over a hundred years old.

That was the reason why she pranked the human irrationally out of her spite, and was caught flustered in an emergency situation such as just now, simply not knowing what she should do.

It was therefore fortunate that Marni's dying words gave her a definite instruction, and she followed it by instinct: escape to Trinia, find others to help stop the devil in the cavern from causing further ruin!

Hence, fumbling as she got away from the bushes in front of the cavern, Selene ran as fast as she could back to Trinia.

As mentioned before, the spatiality of the Trinia Forests was very weak, and the elven capital of Trinia itself did not actually exist in the Prime Material Plane. It was more similar to an arcanum, a subspace latching on to the outer reaches of the prime material plane.

Still, the wood elves had studied spatiality over a thousand years and understood it thoroughly that they had clear records of almost every variable. It was exactly why the elves could remain in the Trinia Forests even if their research regarding spatial technology wasn't that profound-they had simply tethered the entrance and exit of Trinia on a secluded location.

That was also exactly why many slave hunters were quietly running over in circles in the Trinia Forests without finding the rumored elven settlement located deep within the forests, and would instead become food for monsters and magical creatures...

And it was just after Selene had escape around thirty minutes away when a violent rumble echoed.

The cavern had collapsed.

Dust and soil were kicked into the skies in the collapse of stones, forming a mushroom cloud that covered the skies.

Selene couldn't resist looking back, where she found an enormous dark shadow amidst the dust, slowly rising and shaking off the rock and dirt off its body.

Even though her vision was blurred by the dust, she could clearly see its horns and the bony arrow-shape tip of its colossal tail.

That demon was really free!

Selene was simply stupefied.

Though all adult elves possess formidable power and were once categorized by humans as a species of magical beast, that was merely the perspective of weaker races such as the humans.

The reality was that they were not actually much better than if they were to be compared to other supernatural species, and devils were one of the most common of supernatural species.

They were different from demons, which only hatched from demonic roes that incubated inside intelligent creatures as their hosts, infecting the body after they hatch and then slowly causing it to metamorphize. Instead, devils are former residents of hell, and themselves a unique but powerful creature.

Most devils were born with supernatural abilities and they came in such a variety of forms that their taxonomy remained a mystery, although most of them would have horns that symbolize the hierarchy of their species and their arrow-tipped tails that represented their place as nobles of the underworld.

There were many who wrongly assumed devils that worshipped evil gods as well. Those evil gods were actually the hosts of demonic roes, and demonic roes were themselves spread into the mortal realm personally by evil gods to choose their believers (a side that was rather resembling of Xi Wei's system).

On the other hand, it was unknown what gods the devils believe in, or indeed if they held faith of any kind.

Be that as it may, demons were born with the power of bending space to a certain extent. Even if it wasn't enough for them to cross the world barrier to reach the mortal realm (Prime Material Plane), they could project their shadows through certain conduits like the gods on the mortal realm to interact with intelligent creatures.

Furthermore, every devil had the power to bewitch humans, and they loved making contracts with individuals of intelligent species and toy with them through said contracts.

Their goals were quite defined as well: they would have their unlucky toys attempt various rituals, all in the name of summoning their bodies that were in hell to the mortal world through various rituals!

It was true that devils were famous and depicted as beings opposing the gods who symbolize justice and virtue in literature (believers often beautify their objects of admiration by instinct). Even so, they were nothing more than a supernatural species, and pitting them against the gods who fooled around with the Rules all the time was too much.

That was why devils were not bound by the Rules that the Trinity of Creation had put in place, and humans (or any other intelligent species) could summon their true forms to the mortal realm with certain rituals!

Most famous demons had been alive over a millennium (Hell wasn't involved in the third divine war, and middle-aged creatures living over a thousand years were common there), and each of them were equally match with dragons in the mortal realm. Moreover, given that most devils had the personality of only wanting to watch the world burn, they were as stubborn as they were daring to tell jokes to get the dragon's attention while sending a clone to steal the dragon's eggs...

"It's moving towards me. It definitely noticed my presence, and there's no way I'm getting away with my current ability."

Nonetheless, Selene had calmed down despite the desperate situation. "Even so, I must do as that man said and try to tell Her Majesty about the devil breaking free!"

She tore a large-enough leaf off a tree near herself and wrote down short and simple elven words before folding it into the shape of a paper crane, enchanting it with elven magic so that it could move on its own.

With that done, the elven girl gently let it fly. "Go. I'm counting on you."

Watching as the paper crane disappeared amongst the trees, Selene took a deep breath and turned towards the devil which figure was slowly becoming distinct in the middle of all the dust.

"Now we'll see how much time I can buy." She muttered.