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212 The Elven Girl’s Prank Part Two

 Unlike humans, wood elves were beloved by the forests, and were a species who wouldn't take normal paths if they could climb trees instead.

That was the reason why the depths of the Trinia Forests retained its appearance of being a virgin forest even though the wood elves had been living there for a long time. There was not even a trodden footpath, only certain game trails where large beasts or magical creatures trod.

It certainly made crossing the forest very difficult for Marni, and he was left very ragged before he could get far from the Elven Capital.

"Useless. Are you humans so weak that you can't walk in a forest normally?" Selene the elven girl was sitting on a branch ahead of money, bored and dangling her legs as she launched a bomb of generalization at all humankind.

"Well, us humans can't leap around trees like monkeys." Marni smiled in return, but didn't look angry at all.

"Oh, look, a skunk!" Selene flung a rotten persimmon at Marni, her temple veins bulging in irritation.

"It's not nice to attack a person physically just because you lost in verbal fencing." Marni easily evaded it, having been prepared for it.

Since all Players would unleash their skills at one another even in squabbles, that fruit was much of a joke as it was underestimating Marni!

"I'm sorry, but I really saw the head of a weird skunk over there just now." The elven girl said unapologetically then.

Marni simply shrugged, having no intention to press the matter as he continued forward to the arcanum which Selene spoke of.

"To tell the truth, I'm quite glad we're doing this." He spoke after some time, perhaps finding the journey too quiet and therefore tried to start a conversation. "I didn't expect you to lead me to the arcanum... I've misunderstood you before, assuming that you hate humans."

Selene snorted even as she walked ahead.

'No, you misunderstood nothing. I really do hate humans.'

"Anyway, it seems that trying to strengthen ties with the wood elves is wonderful. Your kind isn't as incomprehensible as I thought," Marni added.

Selene, who had been pouncing between the trees stopped then, and turned towards Marni who was having a difficult brawl against some bushes. "What was it that drove you people to approach us? Don't think I don't know that humans group us with magical beasts-and the most dangerous species, at that! Could you be lusting after our arts, magic items or some other souvenirs? Or are you trying to capture as slaves, offering us to your nobles to serve their every whim?"

"That's rude." Marni shook his head. "I believe in the God of Games, and the reason he would ally himself with the Silver Moon must be because humans and the wood elves could come to an understanding. After all, the legends say that humans and high elves were allies on the eve of the War of Gods and Demons."

'And the souvenirs that could be sold for some money is just a bonus!' Marni added inwardly.

"No way. Wood elves and humans would never understand each other. There had been wars of different scales between our kind over the last thousand years and you know that! And that is the truth!"

With that, Selene turned forward again, although she was hanging her head unhappily.

"Aren't you assuming too much if you never tried? At this moment in the very least, isn't a human and a wood elf having a friendly conversation while going on a journey together?" Marni grinned.

"What do you mean, friendly..." The elven girl mumbled. "And you never answered why you're approaching us. It is clearly such a dangerous thing to do, and you might lose your life..."

"If I must put my finger on it, it probably is because the God of Games had granted us Players a special trait to encourage us, so that we won't fear failure and would seek all opportunity fearlessly." Marni kept grinning. "Naturally, we shouldn't disappoint him."

"You're weird..." Selene complained quietly, unaware that Marni was talking about the Players' resurrection ability.

She then leapt off the tree and landed steadily in front of Marni.

"What is it?" Marni was confused.

"I'm bored. I don't want to go there anymore-let's get back to Trinia."

"You're being too whimsical..." Marni muttered, rubbing his temples in pain. "I knew I should have waited for Jamie."

Selene stared impassively at Marni for the moment. Then, just as he was about to ask something, she turned around again reluctantly. "Well, we'll go then, but I have to warn you first-don't get your pants wet!"

"Is that arcanum that dangerous?"

Instead of being scared, Marni was actually rife with anticipation.

Still, Selene didn't answer, keeping a stony face instead as she led the way.

Soon, they arrived in front of an abnormal cavern.

The mouth of the cavern was grown full of lush vegetation. Marni would have walked past it without noticing if Selene didn't bring him here.

"This is it. I'm warning you now: if you're going to continue ahead, the cave would make horrible noises and the airwaves could knock you off your feet." The elven girl said, trying to warn off Marni who was walking forward to take a look. "An elven ancient who had survived the end of War of Gods and Humans sealed a devil that invaded Trinia here, and you're going to end up as its food even if you make it past the airwaves."

"Well, it's meaningless if we can't get in..." Marni scratched his head, wondering if he should call up other Players to fight the Boss.

No... for long term profit, wouldn't it be better to put a stall outside and charge Players per entry?

He then came to a realization. "Why did you bring me here then?"

"I wanted to scare you with the devil..." The girl walked up to the cave entrance before turning to glare at Marni. "Because you humans keep strutting around in front of me! So disgusting!"

"Are you going to be fine, standing right there? You did say devil..."

"It's fine. The cave is sealed, so the devil won't even put a toe out. It could only roar a bit when it senses someone coming near." Selene said, spreading her hands. "I'm just trying to scare you, not kill you."

"I se-"

Marni's face dropped before he could finish, and he bounded toward the elven girl with a burst of strength beneath his heel.

Selene did a double take. She discreetly charged her mana, believing that Marni the human was about to let his beastly instincts loose-only to be pushed by him away from the hole.

In the next split second, a large, powerful hand that filled the entire hole had shot out, catching hold of Marni on the spot.

That same spot where Selene herself was just an instant ago!

"T-That..." The elven girl was beside herself in shock.

"Stop blanking out... Run!" Marni murmured vaguely, already vomiting blood under the crushing force of the grip. "And get help..."

"But you saved me..." The elven girl looked like she was about to cry.

"I'll be fine... go! This thing... is coming out!"

Marni smiled at Selene albeit miserably. "As long as... you're alright."

And in the next second, he was crushed by that enormous palm into chunks of meat and splatters of blood right before Selene's eyes.