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202 The Dawn of A New Era

 The Players showed weirded-out looks when they heard what the Elven Queen said.

Initially, Edward and the others did not know if their lifespan had changed after becoming Players-but some of the more prudent Players had scrounged out an agreement from some corner of the System that came into effect the moment they became Players.

The agreement stated that the Players would still age and become old despite becoming Players, that their lifespans restrain them as it would. However, since most of them could stay immune from most sickness that oxidizes, weakens and withers their body, most Players were already going to live beyond fifty in the absence of special circumstances-two hundred, if Xi Wei didn't keep them on a leash!

Moreover, Xi Wei had created a series of Exploit quests for the Players. And if they could accomplish those, what harm was there letting live more than a hundred years?

On the other hand, despite the elves' alleged longevity and how they could live more than three thousand years old, the oldest elf alive right now was just around a thousand years aside from several ancients-since the War of Gods and Demons was waged a thousand years ago! The wood elves who survived it were all ancients now, with a few youths who were born as this current age began.

Therefore, as long as Jessica live up to two hundred years (which was not short for the elves) unlike what the wood elves was assumed to be around fifty years, Sefarim would remain in her possession.

"Ahem. We'll certainly agree since Your Majesty has asked." Edward responded solemnly to the Elven Queen while gesturing for his friends not to let the cat out of the bag.

Even beside them, Brom had the nagging feeling that these unusual humans had weird looks on their faces. It was just that his usual disdain for their kind kept him from dwelling further on it, and he simply felt that they were unpleasant to look at.

"With that settled, let's move on." The Elven Queen turned away from Sefarim and Jessica, leveling her eyes on Edward, the leader. "I have just received an oracle form the Silver Moon Goddess... Mistress Luna seemed to have decided to side herself with your god. From this day forth, the wood elves, devotees of the Silver Moon are now your allies.

"Eh? Oh..." Edward did a double-take before nodding dumbly.

He did not find the idea of becoming allies realistic.

After all, the System had indicated that the Temple of Justice were their allies.

Many Players were very excited then, on the look of those so-called allies and enforce justice in the name of the heavens.

Be that as it may, the Players had already taken down the Barren Giant, slain the Marsh Drake while Jessica herself blew up a Drake with a single blast. Those were powerful monsters that mortals would not encounter over the course of their lives, and the Players had defeated one after another-and another once did the Temple of Justice showed up!

'Tsk, is the Justice of this world so well hidden?!'

"It might be late to say this, but I am very grateful for your aid in slaying Tigrex the Drake, a great threat to the safety of Trinia." The Elven Queen then added. "As expected of heroes chosen by the God of Games who had come as our allies."

Edward smiled awkwardly in return but with no lack of politeness.

No, we're actually here to collect wild herbs...

"As allies, I can reward you... speak, what is it you wish for?"

The Elven Queen smiled. "Though I couldn't afford anything that exceeds my authority, I'm confident I could satisfy most of your wishes."

Edward's party shared a glance just before Joe spoke out. "Should we claim our quest rewards first?"

The others all thought that it was a good idea, and each of them turned on their System right in front of the Eleven Queen. They would first see what rewards they would get from their quest, and from there decide what they would ask the queen for.

From the Elven Queen's perspective, however, it was as if Edward's group had emptied their minds as their gazes lost focus.

'What is that reaction? I would understand if you huddle up in a circle whispering away... but what are you attempting without saying a word, and acting as if your soul has flown away?'

If one had to describe it, it was the same as an employer asking his employees how much bonus they want, and having his employees mumbling away, and then all simultaneously lowering their head to fiddle with their mobile phones.

How bewildering.

Therefore, the Elven Queen's first impression of the Players changed slightly from 'valiant, sincere and capable'.

And after a moment, Edward looked up again and spoke with great conviction. "Rewards don't actually matter to us. However, I believe we should build something in commemoration of our friendship!"

The other Players all nodded in agreement.

There was a simple reason for that too. After getting their quest rewards, they received the last quest in [The Greatest Treasure of The Elves] quest chain.

It was a simple task, too: convince the Elven Queen and place a Lifestone in Trinia.

The Elven Queen naturally granted permission and nodded-in her oracle, Luna the Silver Moon Goddess had mentioned something similar, to permit the believers of the God of Games to build something called a Wonder Rock.

"That won't be a problem. I agree to your request in Luna's name. However, only one-third of Trinia's population are pure believers of Luna. Another third are pure believers of the Nature Goddess, whereas the rest are believers of both goddesses or other gods. Therefore, you may only build in the territory of Luna's believers."

"No problem." Edward naturally agreed as if solemnly vowing.

"Very well. When would you be able to finish construction?" The Elven Queen asked.

"Today." Edward did not hesitate in his reply.



Xi Wei-brand blueprints, building anyplace unoccupied-your liege won't have to worry about providing facilities!


Hence, Edward and the others placed the quest item in the largest square along the streets that the believers of Luna owned.

Then, as the elves gaped, the matured wonder that was the Lifestone started constructing itself.

One must mention here that the Lifestone was the most beautiful structure in Xi Wei's series of blueprints-even the elves were content with having that half-transparent crystalline stone that hovered in the air.[1]


Upon arriving at the square, the Elven Queen was about to speak a few words to encourage the elves in working with their new allies since most elves could not accept humans yet, but in that split second, the Lifestone was spitting out a horde of Players as if it was having diarrhea.

After all, Gou Dan had been livestreaming their tour of the elven capital, and many Players already couldn't wait to visit this place.

As such, they were all rushing there in tour groups.

"This the elves' capital? It feels so cool!"

"Why are the buildings all white? Won't their eyes go blur?"

"All these people around us must be wood elves... so beautiful?"

"Yo, you're here too, Marni? Did you bring my AWM?"

"I did. Cash upon delivery."

"Deliver first. Or are you afraid I won't pay up!?"

"The last person who said that to me con me off dozens of thousands Rions and ran away with his mistress."


"This square is huuuge. Can I put up a stall here? Bone Powder Chest Plate, blue item, fifty game coins, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back-"

"Conman! Return my hard-earned money!"

As the square erupted into a pandemonium, the Elven Queen felt her blood pressure shoot up immediately. In fact, she might have blown all those people away if not for her constant mental and spiritual development and fine upkeep.

'Heroes?! These people from the Church of Games are all maniacs!'

Even as the Elven Queen inadvertently stumbled on the truth about the Players in her mind, she did not know that she herself had parted the curtains for them as they progressed into a new era.

[1] it's definitely the Aetheryte