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199 Invisible Pantheon Part Two

 From certain perspective, the Invisible Pantheon could be considered a dated alliance of the gods, but aside from Aslan the Great Lion, the founding members had all retired in the War of Gods and Demons.

While Xi Wei had learnt from Aslan's conversations that the Invisible Pantheon had seven members at the moment, aside from himself, the Great Lion, Stoff the God of Craftmanship and Fine Wine and Luna the Silver Moon Goddess, he didn't know which of the other three gods.

And now, another goddess had arrived. She was dressed entirely in white, wearing a laurel wreath tiara and held a silver scepter, the tip of which had a whirling ball of light that was no different from Xi Wei.

She passed through the barrier of the abandoned divine kingdom, landing elegantly and primly while smiling at the sight before her.

Then, she asked.

"Why is there a squid here?"

Xi Wei: ...

'I'm just a ball with a few tentacles! Does squid look like this where you came from?!'

Meanwhile, Stoff solemnly withdrew the hand he was shaking Xi Wei's tentacle with, turned a side and burst into laughter while holding his stomach, sprawling on the floor and punching it.

He looked just like two hundred-pound dwarf who had some fake wine.

Xi Wei: ...

'Are you people really gods? Won't the faith of your believers collapse immediately at this sight?'

"Enough. Xi Wei's appearance is of his own choosing-do not shame him because of his aesthetic values."

Aslan mediated with a serious look, but Xi Wei had a feeling that he was shaming his aesthetic values with a serious look.

"Where is Scarlet, Luna?" Aslan asked the goddess who just arrived, unconcerned about Xi Wei's aesthetic values.

"She said that the moon is not looking beautiful tonight, and would not be joining us." The Silver Moon Goddess smiled.

"I see. Well, there's no helping it then." Aslan nodded as if it made sense.

"Hold on, hold on. I say, isn't that excuse too lame?" Xi Wei could not help retorting. "I clearly refused so passionately but you insisted on having me come. And now that one called Scarlet is clearly giving you the cold-shoulder, and you're letting this go?"

"As a deity, I have my own measure about what I ought and ought not do," Aslan told the ball of light that was throwing a fit with solemnly. "This is my principle as a god!"

"You might sound meaningful, but the relationship you're showing here is terrible!"

'And what is this supposed to be? Freshman bullying?!'

That was when another god came through the world barrier, and did a double-take when he noticed Xi Wei whirling around on the ground.

"Why is there a spinning top here?"

Xi Wei: ...


In the end, only five out of the seven gods of the alliance arrived.

The last to arrive at the exchange was Gurus, God of the Hunt.

Aside from Scarlet-whose divine order was unknown, Aslan had explained that the other absent god was Flintman the Flamestealer. Since he was on the run from the God of Flame's murderous pursuit, he probably didn't have the time to join the exchange.

At first, Xi Wei had assumed the exchange between gods to be a little profound. He didn't expect to find them chatting away about their respective churches like some ordinary citizens upon meeting each other, most of their topics having to do with 'That believer of yours is not bad', 'Your believer is raw in skill but the talent is there', 'Let me have a look at that Chosen One you recently got'.

If he didn't know better, someone would probably think that they were in the middle of a major offline meetup.

Eventually, Xi Wei couldn't stop himself from speaking out.

"I say, can't you guys have a little more theatricality for a change?"

"Theatricality?" The pure Silver Moon Goddess asked in curiosity.

"Style! Get it?"

Xi Wei leaped off his seat and connected his divine power to the abandoned divine kingdom. "Big lion, give me the control of this divine kingdom for a bit."

Aslan did so without refuse, interestedly observing what Xi Wei was about to do.

The first thing he did was turn off the lights.

Having lights or not did not have much difference to the gods, but for some reason, the divine kingdom of most gods was eternally bright aside from Evil Gods and certain deities who had an affinity for darkness. Xi Wei was no different, but that was the divine kingdom he lived in and a matter of convenience-and this was a gathering of gods at the moment!

As masterminds controlling the world itself, how could the gods meet under sunlight?!

Then, he conjured a long rectangular table and seated everyone according to their ranking, with the Great Lion naturally taking the leader's seat.

"Turn off your own light and sound effects too!" Xi Wei demanded.

The other gods were puzzled, but the Invisible Pantheon members present today were in a good mood and followed he instructions to turn off the divine light behind their heads and pocketed their radiant treasures, even dulling their luminous selves.

When that was all done, they realized that numbers and unusual symbols were now shining in front of them.

"Alright, now let us discuss the future of this world." Xi Wei said in a deliberately deep voice while floating to his seat, having concealed his own light as well.

"But the future of the world has nothing to do with us," Gurus said. "The path this world goes could not be controlled by our powers alone."

Though the other gods found the new style fresh and that it felt better hiding in the dark and having only numbers or weird symbols representing themselves, all of them agreed with Gurus.

After all, there were no greater gods in the Invisible Pantheon alliance and they could hardly stand against the more powerful deities, let alone change the direction the world is going.

"That's the past." Although Xi Wei had put on this show partially out of personal eccentricity, he also intended to ascend his stature and authority. After all, his first impression was perplexing, and when his appearance is out in the open, a smooth ball was not going to be too persuasive.

And hiding in the darkness like he did now make his words much more powerful, adding an indescribable convincing sensation to it even though the other gods would have no idea what he was talking about-such was putting on a show at work!

"I believe everyone must have sensed that this world is changing, that there are gods who were no longer content like before... The times have changed! This is a crisis as undoubtedly as it is an opportunity, and there is only one thing that we, the Invisible Pantheon should do-seize this moment to stand above the vent of changing eras!"

Xi Wei spoke solemnly.

When the winds are strong enough, even pigs could fly if they could stand above a vent!