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198 Invisible Pantheon Part One

 Xi Wei was a shut-in even if he really didn't want to admit it-the evidence was that he had only left his divine kingdom three times in a novel that's almost two hundred chapters long.

In fact, he was staying in his own domain even during the first time he slew another god, biding his time and waiting for his target to come to him and get killed.

After judging his behavior, Xi Wei eventually yielded and admitted that he was a shut-in even after he had transmigrated to another world and became a god.

"But there is a reason I shut myself in my home. This is how I'm connected to my believers in spirit, to accept their devout prayers in every moment, help them when they're in need and pave the way ahead for them!"

"And as long as I'm here in this divine kingdom, my believers would never stop. The Church of Games would never stop, and the path towards greater gods would keep extending!"

"So, you must understand, I'm staying inside my divine kingdom for my adorable believers!" Xi Wei declared generously. "It's not because 'I can be a shut-in therefore I am', but because I have to be a shut-in! That's the tragedy of being the God of Games, Aslan!"

Meanwhile, the Great Lion was wiping away the spit over his face and keeping impassive. "I mostly get what you're saying, but that's not a reason to refuse joining an exchange amongst the Invisible Pantheon."


Aslan had come looking for Xi Wei not too long after he put the finishing touches to the new Holy Lancer class, asking him to be a part of the Invisible Pantheon's meeting.

But Xi Wei, who had not met other gods (the contact with Luna was like a phone-call) aside from Aslan and was having a solo player complex naturally reacted with disgust and did not hesitate to refuse.

Still, the Great Lion Wasn't giving up.


Xi Wei started rolling around in his divine kingdom, quietly using a physical protest against the exchange.

That being said, it was not as if he had social anxiety-he simply found it too much of a hassle.

Compared to the gods' idle chatting and bootlicking, he would rather stay in his divine kingdom and entertain himself with the silly antics of the Players.

The life of the God of Games was truly so monotonous and boring.

"Even if I'm not concerned about formalities between us gods, aren't you being impolite here?" Aslan said in annoyance."

"You told me that the group is relaxed back when lured me to join the Invisible Pantheon, and had no compulsory activities!" Xi Wei did not hesitate to retort.

"That's what I'm saying: this isn't compulsory, but surely you have to meet your allies as a new member god, right?" Aslan sighed helplessly. "You should know after so many things had happened: one lone deity cannot solve the problem of their own church, but anything would be simpler if other gods that had the needed authority came to help. That's the reason this alliance was formed in the first place."

Xi Wei had nothing to offer against that.

It was true that he needed help from Stoff, God of Craftsmanship and Fine Wine during the Fishmen Island event, and he had also asked for a little aid from Luna, the Silver Moon Goddess just now.

And the reason he could ask them for help was mostly because they were allies of the Invisible Pantheon.

"Fine... Since you put it that way."

Xi Wei said unhappily, scratching his ball (himself). "I'll join."

The Great Lion nodded in satisfaction.


The meeting between the gods naturally wouldn't be held in the divine kingdom of any member of the Invisible Pantheon alliance.

Having reached the void coordinates the Great Lion had given him, Xi Wei realized that the venue was an abandoned divine kingdom!

"You don't need to be concerned. There are only too many gods that have fallen in this world, so there's no lack of abandoned divine kingdoms like this one." Aslan explained, able to see Xi Wei's shock. "Even if the owner deity would die, their power and influence over the world would only vanish after a long time, and that's naturally the same for their divine kingdom which existence depends on belief and its owner deity's presence. That said, it would be around a hundred years for such a vast divine kingdom to vanish completely."

At those words, Xi Wei remembered the divine kingdom of Rotten Bones which he had used as a dungeon.

It was true that it did not collapse even though Rotten Bones for some time, although Xi Wei had initially assumed that it was because he was awesome enough to maintain two divine kingdoms at once. Aslan's explanation only made him aware that he was not as awesome as he thought, but because all gods are awesome anyway...

And they weren't the first to arrive either-another deity was already within the divine kingdom.

It was a god that resembled a dwarf, having the humanoid race's signature beard, plump shortness and strong, tight, muscles, as well as a sharp gaze that rather differs from his simple and honest appearance.

Even if they had never met before, Xi Wei could guess that he was Stoff, the God of Craftmanship and Fine Wine who had helped him before!

But just as Xi Wei was about to thank Stoff, the dwarven deity appeared puzzled when he saw Xi Wei and spoke before he could.

"Aslan... didn't you say you were bringing our new ally? Why did you bring a ball... or is that an egg?"

"Your grandpa's a ball!" Xi Wei spat without hesitation.

"The egg can curse too!" Stoff was taken aback.

"Your grandpa's an egg!" Xi Wei cursed again.

"Enough. Stoff, this is Xi Wei, God of Games and the newest member of the Invisible Pantheon." Aslan quickly interrupted the exchange and explained, afraid that the two deities would get so annoyed the more they talk and start fighting.

Stoff stayed silent for a moment, but ultimately managing to smile with his weathered face. "Anyway, welcome!"

Xi Wei thought about it for a moment and extended a tentacle.

Stoff's face clearly stiffened then, and he turned to Aslan, who was giving him a 'what-are-you-looking-at-hurry-up-and-shake-hands' sign.

Then, even as Stoff's eyes kept twitching as he shook Xi Wei's slippery and icy tentacle, other gods had arrived at the dilapidated divine kingdom.