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167 The Lancaster Hideout Appeals for Help

 The Seeding Festival was just over when Leah the Warrior Princess suddenly visited the Unnamed Town.

"What? Hordes of swamp fishmen are appearing at Lancaster?"

Angora had assumed that she was come to look around and relax, which was why he wasn't quite cautious when he heard that from her.

"I've been to the Frogmen Village, but the elder said that nothing unusual was happening on Fishmen Island... as such, I hope you could send some Players from this town to aid Lancaster."

Princess Leah looked like she had gone through some difficult days, with her pretty face now appearing rather weary. "The Players based in Lancaster alone are barely holding up."

"It won't be a problem if rewards are handled over at your end." Angora made his decision after just a moment.

Although Angora wouldn't have gone so far as to not help at all if this had happened in the past, he would have bargained a little, or at least secure some profit before agreeing. After all, he had worked very hard to make his town the most stable base for the Players in various aspects.

However, after he had learned about his roots from Horan, his father and understanding that he was of Tierra royalty, he did not feel so distant from Princess Leah even if he had no intention of competing for power against her. From a certain point of view, that thinking in which he held blood relations in high regarded could be considered one of the few nobility perspectives that still affected Angora.

Of course, despite his cherishing of blood relations, he was not kind enough to splurge on saving the Lancaster Hideout, and certainly would set clear arrangements regarding resources and whatnot.

"Of course... Wonderful. Regardless, please allow me to thank you on behalf of Lancaster Hideout."

Princess Leah looked like he had a huge burden lifted off her shoulders since she did not really value that bit of resources. While she and her soldiers had been penniless when they were fleeing for their lives, now that things had calmed down and with old Vanke assuming leadership and diligently developing the Lancaster Hideout, they had managed to accumulate much resources thanks to being just a wall away from the city. In fact, they might have saved more resources than the Unnamed Town and the Frogmen Village put together.

That was also why Princess Leah was so pleased: she had thought that it would cost the Lancaster Hideout an arm and a leg to have Angora, a noble of the Valla Empire to relent. Therefore, she was caught by surprise because she simply did not expect that he would be so agreeable-especially given how cunning he had been before.

Could she have the wrong idea about him before? Leah found that she could have after some thought, since she knew a little about how Angora was cold-shouldered by his father and therefore placed in the Unnamed Town where not even the birds would fart... it was normal for children born under such circumstances to be cautious towards strangers.

If any opportunity should arise in the future, they could hold collaboration between the two Church of Games bases.

That was what Princess Leah thought guiltily, still unaware of her blood ties with Angora.


After getting Angora's approval, Princess Leah did not stay around in town and instead hurried back to the Lancaster Hideout.

From that alone, it was obvious that the fighting over there was serious.

"Is this really alright?" Vela asked Angora doubtfully after seeing Princess Leah off. "Won't we lose Players to the Lancaster Hideout?"

"I would be lying if I say we're completely alright." Angora shrugged.

In the Players' point of view, both locations were very much identical. However, although one was a bustling city, it held no important memories aside from daily quests, whereas the other was a town which they had only protected from their adversaries through violent, cruel war as they fought side-by-side with their comrades. Therefore, even if the Unnamed Town wasn't as beautiful as Lancaster, the Players' memories of their defense of the small town gave it greater weight in their minds than Lancaster.

"If Princess Leah wasn't lying and this is a tough battle, probably a third of the Players who go there as reinforcements would choose to stay in Lancaster," Angora added after explaining the suspension bridge effect for Vela.

"That's not good at all!" Vela exclaimed worriedly as she helped Angora put on his coat. "Wouldn't a lack of Players affect the town's development?"

"It's fine, Vela. You should look at this open-mindedly because the world isn't so narrowly defined as you would think." Angora appeared unworried at all, and was actually smiling nonchalantly. "The fact is that it is immeasurably vast and that we are merely living within a corner, and this town does not contain every last bit of tolerance and ability."


Vela had a confused look on her face that said 'Were we talking about that?'.

"But the God of Games is different. In a short time, I understood one thing: like the permanent quests of the Players would put it, his light would eventually shine upon the land." Angora continued. "That is why being nitpicking over tiny profit or loss of Players means nothing at all."

He adjusted his collar and turned to look at the thoughtful Vela, and took the tricorne she was holding to wear it. "Your eyes should look further ahead."

"Really? But I have the feeling that it's enough as long as my eyes could accommodate you, my lord." The girl said lightly.

Angora did a double take but soon smiled.

"That's true." He turned, completely missing Vela's point and headed for the door. "Leading everyone is my responsibility, and I would do all I can to take the right path, and you just have to stay right behind me."

With those words, he left the room.

Vela was puffing her cheeks, quietly cursing 'Idiot!' as she quickly followed him half a pace behind. "But I don't think we should simply let so many Players go..."

"It's fine, we could just think of something to pull them back later. Moreover, I have to visit Tunaya soon to join Dad's Seeding Festival as well-I won't have the time to mind the Players, and letting them vent with a good fight at Lancaster is fine too..."

The voices of master and retainer became even more distant before finally vanishing entirely from the room.