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141 Fishmen Island Does Not Have Much Time Left!

 "Finally done..."

Xi Wei stared at the tattered little boat in front of him while wiping off nonexistent sweat with his tentacles, looking like he lost a weight off his shoulders.

That was the 'simple boat' he mentioned in the event information before.

Actually, he could have directly created it in a short time with divine power since divine power is quite omnipotent, even creating a computer-in fact, a Gundam might be possible too.

Indeed, Xi Wei is confident that the Gundam idea was possible, although he also conceded that he was still too weak at the moment and couldn't make one...

Still, that would cost too much divine power, and any god might even incur loss of divine power despite gaining a major event's worth. That was why the gods did not take sacrificial offerings save for the evil gods that had certain correlated authority: Xi Wei's transmigrated authority kept him tax free despite the considerable divine energy he had earned through the thousands of fishmen corpses, whereas it would cost other gods even their underwear from the enormous cost.

Secondly, the rubbish sent to Xi Wei's divine kingdom from his believers were starting to pile. As such, he used this opportunity and applied just a small amount of divine energy to mold some of those rubbish into the shape of a boat in an effort to significantly reduce the rubbish.

"Direct molding is too troublesome... but thanks to my foresight I had named it a simple boat. If I had tried to make a luxury liner, 'My Heart Will Go On' would start playing halfway through the journey."

Xi Wei would cry a river if all the Players were wiped out at such a place.

"As for Fishmen Island..."

Xi Wei opened his Divine Eye again to attempt spying on fishfolk island-only to be blocked by the Ocean Goddess' power just like every attempt before and see a blurred image.

"Tsk. I guess I can only rely on the Players as my viewing lens."

That being said, Xi Wei wasn't actually worried as it had only been five days since the event had started, with the Players already accomplishing a horrific feat of killing almost ten thousand fishmen-not even the border war between coastal nations and the fishmen could see such an outcome.

And now, making those simple boats out of rubbish was much simpler.

"Although there's no telling what the Ocean Goddess is doing, it's better to be careful..."

Things might blow up in his face if he was being careless, which was why Xi Wei decided to pay up a little to motivate the Players-when they explore the Fishmen Island, at least.

Soon, the Players in the mortal realm received the System notification that the event now enters the second phase.

Aside from unlocking the quest item Simple Boat, Players would be revived at the Lifestone in the Frogmen Village an hour after death if there was no Cleric at hand to raise them from the dead. Naturally, there would be a 30% EXP deduction off their current level.

That way, the Players would be able to keep heading to Fishmen Island in droves even if the Ocean Goddess had set up some trap, and to remove any obstacles through the experiences they gained before dying.

To put it in Xi Wei's words, it was to 'have the fishfolk experience the horror of human wave attack'...

And with the confidence of quick revival, the Players who had been upset with the scarcity of items drops all began exchanging boats, intent on getting to Fishmen Island for a good fight... since their strengthening stones were simply not enough. Naturally, Players who had their items improved to high levels would also want to hoard some buffer stones.


"Your Highness, it's too dangerous to head to Fishmen Island. Why not stay at Frogmen Village and wait for the fishfolk to come?" Boris the guardsman was trying his best to dissuade his princess.

"Boris, you're being naïve!" Leah Yakaran the warrior princess had no intention of skipping the event, however. "Our god has even told us that the war against the fishfolk is at the second phase. It's time to retaliate!"

"But I have promised Lord Vanke to take good care of you and not let you put yourself in danger..." Boris said, troubled.

"Fishmen Island is not dangerous; it's a little target at best." Leah's gaze was full of confidence. "And do you think any fishman would be coming when other Players start landing on the island?"

Boris did a double-take at her question, realizing that he had said something stupid.

He was naturally aware of what the Players were up to: they were definitely going to turn Fishmen Island upside down if so many of them head there at once. And if that's the case, would the fishfolk have the leisure to make trouble at the coasts? After all, those simple-minded vermin would never use swapping the enemy's bases for theirs as a strategy...

"Moreover, this is a good chance. Gather the other guardsmen as soon as you can-we'll get a boat and take down the Boss in the shortest time possible to get the Sea Sapphire, the second-phase event item!" Leah added.

"Good chance?" Boris asked, confused.

"The Players are recently sticking to the Unnamed Town and barely any are coming to the hideout in Lancaster... we have to make ourselves known once again to get more Players to come." Leah said seriously.

"But aren't all Players the God of Games' believers, whether it's the town or the hideout?" Boris could not quite get the point of the question.

"It's different, Boris. This is different." The girl explained sincerely. "I am a member of Tierra's royal family, and our goal is a revival. Even though Lord Angora is a believer of the God of Games and has helped us much, he remains a noble of the Valla Empire and his path diverges from ours. It would already be the best scenario if he stays neutral when we really decide to restore the kingdom."

Boris finally looked as if he gained epiphany.

Although the Players were not quite self-aware, most of them had divided themselves into several major groups when the Fishmen Island event started because of the area where they operated. Naturally, Edward's group and Marni were the exception since they were famous and were often away.

Still, that grouping was not assured and still fragile, and that was why recruiting Players to their side right now would help a lot if Leah's group could make a name of themselves right now.

And clearly, the best promotion of themselves at the moment was to defeat the Boss and secure the Sea Sapphire.

"I see... I understand now!"

"Hurry up if you do. There's not much time left!" Princess Leah said commandingly.

Hence, Boris completely forgot about old Vanke's warnings, and scampered off to gather the other guardsmen...