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133 The Ocean Gods Trial

 In reality, Xi Wei had run into some trouble when the tsunami happened.

He even had to contact the Great Lion on his own volition and ask for his help.

"You're saying that this blue light pierced your Divine Kingdom right in front of your face?" The Great Lion asked as he stared at the seemingly solid radiance that resembled a sky-blue spear stabbed into the ground.

"That's right. It was so scary..." Xi Wei was still fearful after the fact.

That being said, his Divine Kingdom was not actually being invaded-the last guy who attempted to do that was still in the blender being squeezed for more juice. But whatever this thing was, it was at once so invasive and devastating that Xi Wei did not dare to examine for himself what it actually was.

It was fortunate that the Great Lion had seen and known much, and he had a look that said 'I see' after his snow-white tail poked at the solid radiance just once.

"What is that thing?" Xi Wei quickly asked.

"This thing is the divine power of the Ocean God. You've really made her mad..."[1]

"Oh no, save me!" Xi Wei pleaded for the Great Lion's aid.

"No saving. Just die. Goodbye!" The Great Lion was intending to leave at that, but Xi Wei managed to catch him in the end.

"Fine. This divine light is basically an olive branch... uh, that's not quite right." The Great Lion seemed to hesitate how he should go about explaining things, and hung his head to think for half a day before simply telling it as it is. "To put it in a nutshell, she has used his divine power to send a letter of challenge. She would have you go through the Three Trials, and if you do not pass, she would personally kill you even if you survive."

"Well, does that mean our grievances would be cleared if I passed the trails?" Xi Wei's spherical form brightened as if catching sight of hope.

"No way. She would probably take you in as a sub-deity... if you pass the trials, that is." The Great Lion did not hesitate to reply.

"Why don't she just come over and beat me up."

Xi Wei stubbornly insisted that it was impossible for him to become a sub-deity. Not in this life.

"According to my sources, the Church of Earth is having some landfill project or whatnot, to the point that the Ocean God is directing most of her strength to a standoff against the Earthweaver. That's why she doesn't have time to care about a weakling god like you."

The Great Lion answered, "Anyway, the Three Trials would present themselves in a sequence, and this divine power records the content for one of those trials. Your believers would go through the first one: she had left one Fishmen Island near your Church."

"F-Fishmen Island?"

Xi Wei could not help thinking of that little isle ten thousand leagues beneath the sea in One Piece.

Still, he recovered soon enough: although this world does indeed have fishmen that were similar to mermaids, those were rarer even when compared to the frogmen.

Moreover, generally speaking, fishmen were more similar to the Murloc monsters that had four limbs, a fish head, and walked upright as depicted in World of Warcraft.

They were a completely different civilization from those living on land, wielding coral-made weapons and possessing their own language and faith, not to mention their vicious, barbaric nature.

That was why ninety percent of the seas were a forbidden zone for humans at the moment. Aside from the innumerable sea monsters, the greater reason was the fishmen that were even more fearsome than pirates.

As a matter of fact, coastal zones were often attacked by fishmen, and until now, humans had no solution for these things that were dangerous and annoying, next to goblins.

"That's right. Besides, in the heart of the Fishmen Island is an Ocean Eye which would teleport fishmen from their homes in the depths of the seas to the island itself without end... it is only by finding the seven Sea Sapphires hidden in the Fishmen Island, defeating their guardians and the gems that the Ocean Eye could be closed completely." The Great Lion explained the information embedded in the Ocean God's divine power for Xi Wei as best as he could. "The first trial is passed if your believers succeed, and failed should your Church fall. Moreover, you are not allowed to aid them personally because it is a trial for Believers."

"Hold on. You just said 'without end', right?" Xi Wei brightened just then.

"That's right. The fishmen is the most annoying race there is: massive population, insatiable appetite, and ever-hungry, not to mention that they would keep going on land to destroy any building they could reach. It would be best for you to gather every believer you have for this trial."

"Let me confirm this." Xi Wei knew that the Great Lion was being kind, but he wasn't in a hurry to indicate where he stood, and asked another question instead. "If this trial doesn't end, the next one wouldn't begin. Correct?"

"In theory, yes. Why?" The Great Lion asked, puzzled.

Wonderful. With infinite monsters spawning, the battlefield for the players to farm repeatedly was here.

And unlike other dungeons, this one was never going to consume Xi Wei's divine power.

Moreover, while the fishmen were not a rich bunch, they would still drop items such as corals, pearls, or turtle shells that were common undersea but preciously rare on land. The Players could gather them as specialty items and trade them with merchants from other places!

Oh, please. Why bother with finding the Sea Sapphires then? The Fishmen Island was basically a treasure trove, and the Players should protect the Sea Sapphires and prevent the fishmen from destroying them instead!

"What are you doing?" The Great Lion then stared in surprise as Xi Wei's tentacle coiled around the blue pillar of divine light.

"Well, I definitely have to collect some interest since the Ocean God came looking for trouble..." Xi Wei nonchalantly pulled the divine light pillar out of his Divine Kingdom.

"You're not thinking about absorbing her divine power, are you? I would advise you not to because her standing is much higher, and you would blow up instead." The Great Lion immediately warned him solemnly.

"I get it, I get it."

Xi Wei certainly would not be suicidal. He simply drew out the skull of Rotten Bones and stuffed the Ocean God's divine light pillar up its brain. "I just thought that I shouldn't waste the good stuff."

In no time at all, the skull began to shake with a series of clear cracking sounds, and hairline fractures began to appear over it like porcelain cracks.

It was fortunate that the skull of Rotten Bones no longer had its own divinity or deific aspects, or it would have definitely burst apart. Be that as it may, blue fluids were flowing out of its eye sockets as if it was crying, making it appear especially miserable and sad...

[1] It was only at this point that this Ocean God is a female. Not sure why the author continues writing it as God instead of Goddess but future chapters will be translated as goddess