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129 Quest Reward

 "What? You don't want to take over the dukedom yet?"

The old duke could not help looking surprised as Angora declined inheriting the title.

After all, it was becoming a duke! A dukedom is basically no different from owning one's own territory to do what everyone wished! It also held the highest authority in the North next to the Valla Imperial Family, and the status of the Silver Eagle Duke was the same as an archbishop of the Divine Fathers' church!

"Now that things have come to this, I won't lie to you: I had long since given up my faith in the God of War, having converted to the God of Games."

Angora had thought things through: his father's support was necessary if he wanted to develop well, which was the reason he decided to be frank and open-minded.

"The God of Games..." Horan was in shock and disbelief, but soon smiled bitterly. "To think that it would be no other than Tierra's God of Games. Could this be fate as well...?"

Clearly, Angora wasn't aware of his mother's Tierra royal lineage, and yet he had somehow converted to the deity who indirectly led to Tierra's fall. It really was too much of a coincidence that Horan could not help putting his finger on fate.

"Fate? No, our doctrine doesn't pay attention to any of that." Somehow, Angora appeared pleased about it. "Our Lord grants us a foundation to grow stronger, but our own hard work (and guts) are what it takes to become powerful. He had undoubtedly imparted a teaching to us that humans could change their fate by their own effort, and that is the reason why we respect our Lord so much."

"Is that so..."

Horan was puzzled. Why did the God of Games sound different from the one in his knowledge?

"But our church is still a little vulnerable and we wouldn't dare to present ourselves in the open. Therefore, it is my wish that you could keep holding your dukedom for some time since I have important things waiting." Angora continued to explain.

The lion guardian spirit landed on the ground slowly then, and faded away as the summon period ended, leaving Angora and Horan, the Silver Eagle Duke who was still sprawled over his back.

"Put me down. I feel a lot better now."

Angora lowered his father as told, glancing at his HP bar to find that it was still missing a third-it seemed that one bottle of cola alone was not enough to fully restore him.

Be that as it may, the old man was reluctant to stay over his son's back-perhaps because of a father's tiny stubbornness.

He watched Angora, who was a little shorter than he was and mildly patted his head albeit worriedly.

"I understand that you have a divine being's favor." The old man spoke while he stared at the wand in Angora's hand. "But you should also be aware that there are covert organizations in the Valla Empire serving the emperor that are bent on hunting down every Tierra remnant even though so many years have passed. Believers of the God of Games are also amongst their primary targets, and to tell the truth, I can't think well of your church as a father."

His words left Angora killing the thought he had to convert his father as well.

Angora himself knew very well the reason that his old man could steadily hold the position of duke and maintain stability within the Silver Eagle Dukedom was because he pursued practical things over ideal dreams of the future.

In fact, Horan was assuredly dependable in handling various affairs, even possibly having plans in place for potential problems. Only a fool like Cecil who couldn't face things with reason could mess up the old man's plans, and forced him into a dire situation as he was caught off guard.

Moreover, Cecil was an old-fashioned believer of the God of War who had cultivated Qi at a young age, and Angora alone would never have been able to convert him.

Indeed, Cecil might in turn convert Angora and have him leave the God of Game's church.

"I know very well that my religion is in a difficult spot at the moment." Angora naturally had a better view of the big picture when compared to most of the other idiotic Players. "But that is also exactly why I would have the space to unleash my talent. My God had given me a hope and blessing that represents the future, and I would never desert Him."

The old man could not help feeling awkward as Angora declared his position, unsure how he should start advising him.

Meanwhile, Angora's thoughts had shifted to other things.

Edward and the others were no longer in sight by the stairs, and the rampaging Lemures were all reduced to corpses. Still, Angora could see that the lethal wound on the Lemure Warchief's head was made by a meteor hammer...

That was when the roar of a magical beast echoed outside.

Angora could not help but frown. There were not supposed to be any magical beast in Tunaya!

"It's the golems! Cecil has awakened the four fountain golems!" Horan identified the roaring immediately with a serious look. "Your retainers are never going to win against them. Hurry off, get help from the Temple of Glory!"

However, Angora was immediately relieved when he learned that it was the four golems.

Sure, they were tough opponents for normal people given that they were crafted from some unknown sturdy rock material which made normal attacks less effective. To Players, however, they were merely Level 26 monsters with rather high defense at best.

Fighting them alone might prove challenging, but it wouldn't trouble the players once they group up.

Then, Angora suddenly got an idea when he says his old man's worried look.

"Dad, let's play a game." With a twitch of his hand, Angora drew a small leather cape out of nowhere and swung it over his back.

"A game? Right now?" The old man gaped at his last son, thinking inwardly that his only remaining child had gone nuts no thanks to his faith in the God of Games.

Still, he also felt for some reason that Angora was all fired up just then and did not really look out of his mind, and as such actually had a hard time declining his invitation.

"I call it a game, but it's a gamble to be precise..." Angora snapped his fingers. "Let's bet one whether my retainers could beat those golems. Naturally, I would bet a yes."

"Would that mean a thing?" The old man wrinkled his brow, confused as to why Angora would say such a thing right now.

"If I win, you would have to acknowledge my indoctrination into the God of Game's church, and aid us to a certain extent. I would show restraint over that 'extent' as well, so that I won't put you in a difficult spot." Angora smiled.

"But if I win, you will take over the dukedom tomorrow, and spend at least two hours every day over a year to learn my knowledge as a duke." The old man agreed to the bet, and then pointed at Angora's wand. "And you are not allowed to help them with that power of yours."

"No problem. It's a bet!" Angora gave him a thumb's up.

The old man gave a cold snort and headed for the outside of the keep. "There's no way your retainers are as divinely blessed as you are..."

[Dragon Proud Sky's Mini Cape (Golden Legendary)]

[Basic stat: Defense +1]

[Main Character Halo: When you are attempting to convince, negotiate, advise or cheat, the IQ of non-ally targets you picked would decrease by 20%. This effect is considered a skill (effect weakens with divinity and rule resistances)]

[Kingly Charisma: Prestige+10, immunity from most mental debuffs]

[Note: 'See this cape? Wear it and you will become the main character.'-the God of Games]