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116 You Have Bigger Breasts, You Go Firs

 There weren't any decent carriages in the town.

Marni had borrowed a carriage to the players in the past, but it had been destroyed and turned into a bunch of scrap metal. This was the reason why the merchant didn't bring his carriage back to the town anymore, and always chose to leave it near Lancaster...

Thankfully, there were still some carpenters in the town, so they still made two snow sled carriages that could somehow be used.

The problem was the beast that was used to pull the carriage.

Once Xi Wei had released the pet and mount system, many players set out to tame beasts near the town. Granted, only a tenth of the beasts were successfully tamed, but considering how many people did so, there were actually a lot of beasts that were in the small town.

Perhaps it was because these beasts lived near the Valley of the Tragic Dead, but all of them were so affected that they appeared like creatures that would be featured in a horror film.

"Hey, do you players have something wrong with your aesthetics?" Angora couldn't help but ask Edward after picking around the ones that were available.

"About that, you can look at the post I wrote on the forum yesterday." Gou Dan who had been obsessed with writing strategy posts on the forum told Angora. "The title is [About the change in aesthetics and rationality of the Abomination branch of the Aquatic Angel class.] I even took many pictures as proof!"

"I feel like my rationality will be changed if I read the post, so just give me a summary." Angora hesitated for a bit before choosing not to click open the post, choosing to ask him directly instead.

"Basically, the beauty standards of the Abominable branch players would become stranger and stranger the more they summon tentacles and other meat clumps in battle, and it becomes harder for them to control their thoughts. Because of these traits, they will become more brash and odd, and I call this state of theirs Cthulhu." Gou Dan talked about the results of his research. "The teammates of these Aquatic Angels would also be affected by them too, but don't worry, this won't cause a lot of trouble. Also, don't you think these beasts look kinda cool once you look at them long enough?"

Angora who didn't think that the beasts were cool in the least, but finally picked two deer that looked like they had hyperostosis. Even though these deer were also quite ugly, but it was much better than the other ones.

The ones that accepted the escort quest in the end were Edward's party and the chubby and skinny duo who Angora had remembered from earlier as having decent luck.

While the two deer were pulling the sled in the snowy plains, Edward went to Eleena and asked her curiously, "How did he convince you to accept the quest?"

"He said..." Eleena's expression was serious, and Edward listened attentively to hear how exactly the lord used wit and sentimentality to convince the young girl, before she said, "There will be a banquet, with all you can eat milk pudding."

Edward: "..."

'Ms. Saintess-in-training, aren't you too easy to scam...?'

Silver Eagle Duchy, Tunaya City.

This was the capital of the Silver Eagle Duchy, and the Silver Eagle Castle was built right in the center of the city.

The entire city was built spreading out from the Silver Eagle Castle, the wide Arabe River flowing through the center of the city and creating a natural moat around the castle, looking like a majestic eagle in flight when looked at from above.

According to history, the center of Tunaya was a small hill, but as a reward for the ancestors of the Silver Eagle Duke, the first emperor of the Valla Empire sent workers to flatten the hill and build the masterpiece that was the Silver Eagle Castle. This land then became the ancestral land of the Faust family, passed down the generations.

"Only when I see this sort of castle do I remember that you're a real noble, my lord..."

Edward couldn't help but exclaim as he looked at the majestic castle that could even be seen from the distance outside the city.

"So you never thought of me as a real noble before?" Angora grumbled in dissatisfaction.

"I was only the son of a village chief before, so the greatest nobles I ever saw was a powerless baron that collected the taxes from us, and even that guy looked at us with his nostrils." Edward shrugged and continued, "To me, the nobles that were higher on the social ladder probably looked at people with their belly buttons. In contrast, you always check on the development of the town yourself and get along well with us players without putting on airs."

"I think you have the wrong idea about nobles..." Angora refuted immediately. "There are good nobles too, and what are you talking about, looking at people with their belly buttons? Are they some sort of monsters?"

Angora had wanted to find more examples to prove his point, but at the moment all he could think about were the nobles that used their position to exploit the commoners, so he didn't speak any further.

After that, Angora suddenly realized how his mentality had changed. If he maintained his original way of thinking, he wouldn't even have thought that the actions of the nobles that collected more taxes to satisfy their indulgent lives and the ones that killed refugees on a whim were doing the wrong thing. Perhaps it was how he had interacted with the players that were mostly from the lower end of the pyramid that his way of thinking had changed...No, more precisely, it had become more subjective.

Before Angora could ponder completely over this matter, a commotion broke out outside the carriage.

"What is it?" He raised his head and asked.

"Another batch of carriages have arrived at the city at the same time as us." Vela crawled out of the carriage and asked, before elucidating Angora on the current situation. "They seem to want to go in before us."

Angora furrowed his brow and walked out the carriage, but before he could see who the other party was, all he saw was Joe who was carrying the Giant's Toe blocking the other coachman. His toned chest was wiggling alternately in some sort of weird demonstration of power, to the point where it made the sword on his back bounce along with his movements.

As a warrior-type class, Joe wasn't all that susceptible to the cold, so the clothes he wore were thinner than the others in the party. In turn, this further accentuated the impact of this action of his, and the coachman's mind went completely blank.

Finally, a teenage girl that seemed to be the owner of the coach looked out from the coach and looked at the scene, before expressionlessly telling Joe, "You have bigger breasts, so you go first,", thus ending the meaningless quarrel right away.

As Angora saw the other party, he immediately started to slink back into the carriage.

"She's here? How troublesome..."