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113 Lion Brand Power Bank

 When Xi Wei returned to his divine kingdom, Aslan was waiting for him with a somewhat miffed expression.

"How is it?"

Upon seeing Xi Wei return, the lion god asked immediately.

Because of the interference of the Demonic Roe and the divine energy emanating off of Xi Wei, Aslan's perception was completely masked, and he didn't know what happened down in the mortal realm.

"Problem solved." Xi Wei showed him something that looked like a crystal sphere that he was holding in his tentacles.

"Damn, did you intercept that swordsman's soul from passing on...?" The lion god was quite surprised. "Is this useful for you?"

"I'm interested in his swords skills, you see." Xi Wei replied nonchalantly. "Even though it cost me quite a lot of divine energy, I think it's not a bad deal."

Aslan only stared at him as if he had gone crazy.

"First the Ocean God, then the Lord of the Peaks, and now even Lord Hades? Why do you get into trouble so easily... Are you going to challenge the Trinity of Creation next?"

"Don't fret, it's just a single soul. He won't even notice that it's missing!"

Xi Wei smiled and reassured Aslan-After all, he couldn't lose such an ally and have to deal with everything by himself, he was just a glowing sphere!

"The matter with the Ocean God and the Lord of the Peaks is just a misunderstanding, and I'm sure it'll all be cleared up once I get strong enough to beat them up!"

"Don't even think of it!" Aslan glared at him angrily, like a father fed up with a problematic son.

In response, Xi Wei only started flashing and blinking like a disco light.

"Stop flashing, I'm not really angry..." Aslan sighed, and continued, "In any case, I owe you one for this, so I'll help you out if you get into any trouble."

He didn't know that Xi Wei was a transmigrator, so it didn't cost anything for him to jump between realms without any repercussions. Therefore, he had naturally assumed that Xi Wei had damaged his divinity by going down to the mortal realm through astral projection, and was quite guilty about it.

After all, descending through oracles didn't allow a deity to fight, lest with the Tsujigiri Zod, and Xi Wei didn't have any followers that allowed for him to descend through possession. In Aslan's perception, Xi Wei had descended personally without caring about his divinity that had barely just been repaired, and killed the Tsujigiri for his sake.

At this moment, the lion god was satisfied with his taste in allies, and felt greatly grateful to him, even starting to consider him his brother.

"Alright, then sponsor me some divine power please?" Xi Wei took out the skull of the Rotten Bones God from the Mound of the Bound Creator and handed it to Aslan respectfully. "Just store it in here."

Divine power was a type of energy that was hard to be stored in the regular container, and a vast majority of the materials that could stand divine power also absorbed it greatly. As a result, these materials would become of higher quality, but didn't work so well to store the divine power itself, and so it defeated the purpose of being a container for divine power.

As an example, it was like if someone invented a phone battery, and once you charged it for half a day, the inventor told you that the battery leveled up to Level 2 once it absorbed the electric energy, becoming harder and could even deflect bullets...What? What about the battery level? Sorry, it's still at zero...And so, you can only hold your Nokia that had shut down and reflect on life itself...

The body of a deity was definitely the best material to store divine power, granted the deity that was storing their divine power could surpass the psychological hurdle of doing so.

At the moment, the lion god was staring dumbly into the hollow sockets of the skeleton head in front of him, and started to question whether this ally of his was going to turn into an evil deity...

That being said, he still charged the skeleton head full with divine power, and so Xi Wei watched as the skeleton turned into the skeleton of a lion.

To this, Xi Wei could only muse internally about the malleability of the body of a deity.

"I'm going to go back now, remember to keep in contact if anything happens..." Aslan fixed Xi Wei with a complicated gaze, flitting between the glowing sphere and the lion skeleton that was wrapped snugly in a bunch of tentacles, as if he didn't want anything more than to leave as quickly as he could. As his body disappeared from view, he said, "Ah right, demons have started to become more active in the mortal realm, so you better warn your believers to be more careful..."

Angora moved his gaze away from a post on the forum that was titled [I died out of nowhere!]

The player that posted it seemed to have been eating at a random tavern in the middle of nowhere, and the patrons started to fight, then he got killed without even processing what had happened.

Because there weren't any cleric players around when he died, he was stuck in the intermediate space between life and death for three days. While he was still stuck in the small dark cell, he realized that the quest called [Find the Tsujigiri] that he had accepted from Angora was completed for whatever reason. As a result, he obtained a great amount of EXP, not only reimbursing his losses, but even giving him a great amount of game coins.

The other players quickly called this player's post into question, replying with messages like 'The God of Games won't issue a must-die mission', 'If you level up every time you die, wouldn't Mr. Marni be overpowered?', 'Where did you die? I want to go loot your corpse!'.

Of course, Angora himself could confirm that the player was speaking the truth.

Not long before this had been posted, Angora had already accepted a system notification that the quest was completed, and even the rewards were already given to him.

Thinking of this, Angora took out the Hitman Spirit Wand from the system warehouse.

The wand was quite aesthetically pleasing but simple wooden wand that was about eleven inches long, with beautiful phoenix feathers carved on it.

[Item: Hitman Spirit Wand (Grade A)]

[Description: A wand! Point it at an enemy that you want to kill, and shout out 'Divine Guardian!' to summon our hardworking hitman-A guardian spirit in the shape of a lion! The guardian spirit that you summon can last for a minute, and you can use this spell (3/3) times.]

[Note: Even though the guardian spirit is strong, it still isn't as strong as the Hitman Genie (This is why it is only Grade A even though it can be used thrice). It's somewhat on the dumb side, so the way you summon it is important!]

S: Even though this wand is quite cool looking, unfortunately, you can't use it to cast any other spells.]

Suppressing the urge to summon the guardian spirit, Angora called Vela in.

"You can go find that messenger of my father's," Angora commanded confidently. "Tell him that we will start the journey to the Silver Eagle Duchy tomorrow."