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111 Arrival

 Anurad, at a small tavern near the Unnamed Town.

In actuality, it was also quite inaccurate to just call it tavern, mainly because no person would choose to set up a regular tavern here in the middle of nowhere, where even the nearest city was more than ten kilometers away.

If it were to be compared with the novel Water Margin, this sort of place was definitely the type of shady place to serve its patrons human meat buns and dubious drinks made from unknown materials.

At this moment, this tavern was filled with people, and seemed quite lively.

Suddenly, the door was opened, letting in the snow and freezing winds that seemed too out of place in the warm tavern.

Entering the tavern together with the snow was a man in a thick trench coat, its high collar not only covering his neck but also half of his face too.

Hanging at his hip was a sword that was the color of blood, and he wore a leather hat on his head, making him look like a regular mercenary. Under the shadow cast by his hat, however, weren't the cloudy and unfocused eyes of a mercenary, but were instead a pair of piercing eyes that were so bright that they were blinding.

The barkeep who was wiping a cup only met with his gaze for a moment before he felt as if he was being stabbed with swords, making him lower his head immediately and avoid the other man.

"This tavern of yours is quite special, isn't it?" The man sat down by the bar, glancing over at the silver statue of a lion that was placed on the far right side of the counter. "Aren't you supposed to place the statue of the Goddess of Prosperity over there?"

"The boss likes this one better." The barkeep replied with a courteous smile, before continuing, "What can I get you?"

"The beef steak set," the man replied coldly.

The barkeep's motions of wiping the cup stopped. "How do you want it?"

"Medium rare on a slow roast." The man continued.

A drop of sweat trailed down the barkeep's forehead, before squeezing out a somewhat forced smile and continuing, "Alright, coming right up..."

"No no no, that's not the correct answer!" The man laughed, and continued in a familiar tone as if he were a teacher talking to his student, "Now, you should say, 'My heart and my soul are as clean and polished as a mirror,' and I should reply with, 'All my actions are according to justice, and crystal clear.' Then, you should let me see the list of judgement, no?"

Seeing that the man already knew his true identity, the barkeep didn't bother putting up the facade anymore, immediately taking out a battleaxe from under the counter, before shouting, "Judgement!" and swinging his axe in the direction of the man.

This shout of the barkeep seemed to be a signal, and the next moment almost all of the patrons of the tavern all stood up from their seats and flashed their weapons, shouting, "Judgement!" before all attacking the man!

The reason why the word 'almost' was used was because in a corner there was a player with a white name above his head that was really just a customer of the tavern. As everyone in the tavern stood up all of a sudden, he could only watch with a dumbfounded expression at all of the others, the words 'What is happening?''Why am I here?'"Who am I?' practically written on his face.

In response to the attacks that came like an oppressive wave, the man only smiled and stood up, before reaching for his sword as if he had done so tens of thousands of times before.

A split second later, a bright scarlet flash bloomed in the room.

In a single moment, a pause button seemed to have been pressed in the room, and all of the attacks stopped abruptly.

Then, blood spurted out of all of their bodies, and all of them dropped dead to the ground without any resistance, their expressions frozen in mid shout, as if they hadn't even registered that they were already dead.

As for the player that was completely taken off guard by the entire matter, he looked at his fork that was slashed into two as he blacked out with a dumbfounded expression...

After killing all of the followers of the God of Justice (along with an innocent player), the man sat back down on his seat. He glanced at the barkeep that had his head cut off, and as if nothing had happened, he reached for a bottle of wine and poured it into his cup.

Then, he found two pieces of bread and smoked beef from the bar counter, and so he pulled down his collar in the tavern that was littered with corpses and reeking of rust, revealing the lower half of his face that had red, blood vessel-like marks, and started eating quickly.

Suddenly, his movements stopped and his gaze trailed over to the silver lion statue on the bar counter.

The next moment, the silver lion statue came to life and roared loudly, jumping down from the counter and becoming a majestic lion that was taller than the man!

'You demon, how dare you kill so many of my followers!"

"Hmph, how droll. What was I supposed to do? Let them kill me on the spot?" The man scoffed, and not only was he not scared in the slightest, he even seemed to be strangely excited for what was about to come. "Thank goodness I finally drew you out! The Goddess Luna was too much of a chicken to come out and face me, and it was useless no matter how many believers of hers I killed! Thank goodness your so-called justice is truly simple to provoke...."

"You..." The lion with white fur squinted slightly, before his expression became one of disbelief. "You are planning to kill a god? No, you're not a demon, could it be that..."

"Demon? Oh, you mean that thing on this sword?" The man grinned mockingly, before continuing, "That thing wanted to take over my body, so of course I offed it! I didn't need any of those empty promises of strength and power! If it weren't for the fact that this sword could extend my life so that I can spend more time discovering the secrets of the art of swordsmanship, and to let me experience the euphoria of killing, I wouldn't even bother using it!"

"I see, you have a Heaven-Cursed Body that can only live for twenty years..." Aslan was a deity after all, so he quickly ignored the influence of the demonic sword and saw through the very nature of the man before him, but upon closer scrutiny, he was even more surprised. "To be able to suppress the demonic infestation without any help...How could such a human exist..."

"No more small talk! I will kill you right here and complete my final swordsmanship!" The man held up his sword towards the lion and shouted.

"Even with the help of the Demonic Roe, you won't be able to extend your lifespan by much longer... So that's why you are so insistent on killing? If that's the case, then I shall give you judgement as the God of Justice!"

"Justice? What bullsh*t! Look at this chaotic world, does your so-called justice make it any better? I don't have any interest in this justice that only preys on the weak and fears the strong, so die!"

Without any hesitation, the man shouted with conviction, before swinging his sword towards the god.