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107 Messenger From Faus

 Lately, Angora felt that things were going his way.

The Unnamed Town was thriving-Even though the residents didn't increase by much, it developed quite well. He duly ignored the recommended name of 'Starter Village' given by the system, and started pondering on a good name for his land.

That being said, he wasn't all that rushed about it. This sort of trivial thing could be dealt with later.

Actually in the past while, the development of the town had inevitably been affected as the players started doing chores for the Underground Hideout of Lancaster and the Frogman Village.

This was until he finally caved in to Vela's requests to build the system building called Open-Air Hot Springs. The young lady had asked him which buildings he could build earlier, and as soon as she knew that there was a building that could relieve and heal fatigue, as well as grant buffs such as 'Skin Moisture UP', 'Skin Exquisiteness UP' and 'Skin Smoothness UP', she had been pestering Angora about it nonstop.

Out of his expectations, these hot springs became extremely popular.

As soon as the female players knew of this building from the forum, they all immediately flooded back to the Unnamed Town. Even Princess Leah who looked cute and down to earth, but had the pride of a royal would come back to the town at every chance she could, with the grand excuse of 'discussing the expansion of the church with the other lords of the church'... Lady, you already gave your rights to Registrar Vanke!

At the same time, perhaps it was the 'fixed rates of attracting perverts' stat of the hot springs, but many male players came back too. In a couple of days, the Unnamed Town became the most popular converging point of players once again.

He didn't worry that the two other lords would build a similar building in their lands, would players choose to bathe in hot springs in the sewers or the sea?

By the way, there was a mixed bath option in the Open-Air Hot Springs, but quite unfortunately, there weren't any females that appeared in that hot spring. The only ones that were left in there were the sad male players and a few monkeys that were attracted by the hot springs too, and the two parties looked at each other wordlessly...

"What are you laughing at?"

As Angora was basking in the glow of victory, his assistant Vela pulled him back to reality.

The young man smelled a sweet scent wafting off his only NPC subordinate, and if he weren't mistaken, this was the scent of a certain type of shower gel that players could buy at the hot springs.

This scent was quite effective against this young man that was still at puberty.

That being said, Angora was still a noble, so he quickly hid his emotions and replied seriously, "I was thinking of which player I should ask to be an NPC..."

"Ah, is that so." The young lady's voice sounded quite cold.

"Yeah, because I thought that you were too busy with all these matters, so I wanted to relieve you of that burden lest you work yourself ragged." Angora continued without any hesitation. "After all, you're the only person I can count on."

The young lady blushed slightly and nodded. "It's alright, I can keep up fine."

"Ah right, were you going to say something?" Angora asked curiously.

Before the forum appeared, Vela was the main bridge through which Angora communicated with the players. The type of system he had was completely different from them so it was hard to communicate with them, and Vela wouldn't usually come to the study at this time.

"I forgot, a messenger came to the town, saying that he was sent by the Faust family to send a letter to you from your father."

Vela remembered her original objective for coming here after being prompted by Angora. It was honestly because she was shocked by Angora laughing to himself like an evil villain in his study.

"A letter from Father...?" Angora didn't know what to do with this information.

"Do I need to drive him away?" Vela asked with a little hesitation.

"Why would I want to drive him away?" Angora was quite confused by her sudden suggestion.

"Because, uhm...I know it's bad for me to say this, but you know the state of our town in the beginning...If it weren't for the blessing of the God of Games, perhaps your life here would even be worse than those commoners in the capitals."

The young lady picked her words carefully, not wanting to cause any negative emotions in Angora.

Angora immediately understood what Vela was trying to get at. Vela must have thought that he wasn't favored back at the Faust family, so he was sent to this barren village. This was also why she didn't have good feelings towards the messenger sent by his father.

In response to her worries, Angora only wanted to say.

Not only was he not favored, but he had almost been assassinated on his way here okay...

Of course, Angora knew that his father didn't have anything to do with this assassination. If he wanted to kill him, he had many ways to do so easily, and he didn't have to go through the trouble of getting him a noble rank.

At first, Angora thought that it was his second older brother that had joined the Society of the Secret Eye that wanted to kill him. The video that Edward sent him also seemed to confirm this as fact, but he felt as if something was off.

If his brother was so powerful as to be able to utilize resources from the Society of the Secret Eye to do such a thing, then why would he be killed by Black Whip so easily? In theory, Black Whip would have no reason to try and kill Angora after that, but judging from how he was planning to attack the town later on, something wasn't right...

Because he had been quite free lately, Angora suddenly thought of the possibility that the one that wanted to kill him was another person, and that his second brother was subordinate to this mysterious person, then everything would be more rational.

Because his second brother was only a lackey, so he was quickly offed by Black Whip, but because Black Whip knew that the order to kill Angora came from the person his brother worked under, he still had to continue his mission to kill Angora after his second brother died...

"Wait, won't you be exposed once this messenger gets back?!" Vela's eyes glinted dangerously, reminding Angora that this young lady wasn't as demure as she seemed. "Do I need to kill him?"

"No need, I'll send a letter back to my father and expose the fact that I'm still alive to the perpetrator!" Angora smiled and comforted Vela. "After all, it's too much trouble to deal with someone who is still in hiding, so why not I give them the chance to meddle, before catching them in the act and dealing with them?"

"But..." Vela wasn't quite convinced, more worried about his safety than anything.

"Don't worry, the enemy wanted to kill me, but even in the greatest attack by them it was only a covert operation by the Society of the Secret Eye, and since they're restricted in such a way, they would definitely be no match for the players!" Angora seemed quite confident in his plans, and walked slowly to the window. Looking outside, he saw the players dancing Gokuraku Jodo on the bustling streets for whatever reason, and continued in an unsure tone.