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105 Change of Faith

 Meanwhile, the players were having a fun time at the festival as their heartless deity was plotting on ways to scam them.

When they woke up from their hangovers the next day, they realized that not only did they not obtain any substantial rewards from this trip to the village, and even used up all their food and all of their potions...

Even if they wanted to get compensation from the village, the village itself didn't offer much in the way of rewards, and after obtaining drop items from the Barren Giant, the players naturally didn't bat an eye at the wooden spoons and cups. Finally, they could only leave the village cursing as they did.

The old village elder didn't understand the players' cursing ability that had been maxed out without a teacher, and only knew that the players left the village merrily, and that they were definitely satisfied with the festival from the earlier night. Thinking back to his rice bucket that had gone empty, he teared up happily...

Jom and Terry were about to leave with their dog, but as soon as they got to the entrance of the village, they were surrounded by a few buff men.

Jom only looked at Joey who seemed to be leading them. "What is it? I don't need an adoptive father."

Joey scratched at the back of his head sheepishly before looking at the other villagers and turning back to Jom and Terry. "We're going to leave this village."

Terry who was munching on a biscuit asked in confusion, "Why do you guys want to leave the village? The Mountain Bandits have already been defeated you know."

"We had been proud of our archery skills, and no one from the surrounding villagers were better than us, but we realized out weak we were when we were faced with the bandits..." Joey replied solemnly. "So we want to adventure together with you and become even stronger, so that we can protect the village in the future!"

"No, we're not playing around!" Jom refused immediately. "It's too dangerous for you lot to follow us."

Honestly speaking, it was somewhat weird for such a sentence to be said from a teenager towards a middle-aged man, but the hunters didn't think that this scene was strange at all.

They all saw the battles from the day before, and in front of the sheer, unimaginable strength of the Barren Giant, the players had still obtained the final victory. That confidence and morale that never wavered, and the flashy and eye-catching way in which they had fought gave these villagers culture shock.

Therefore, they wanted to become a member of the players, so that they could protect the village from ever being bullied.

The hunters all took out their hunting knives and slit their wrists at the same time.

This action made Jom frown-What were they doing? Were they all going to commit suicide after being refused? Or were they using this as a way to threaten them? Whichever way it was, wasn't it too stupid?!

"From this day forth, we renounce ourselves from the Garden of Grains!"Joey shouted in Jom's direction.

Jom thought that he was talking with him, but then he turned around and realized that their gazes were fixed on the statue behind him.

"We have no way to repay the graces we have been given, because the grains we harvested have been turned into our flesh and blood, so now we sacrifice our blood to repay you, Great Marcolo! May we become of faithless blood and flesh once again!"

As he said this, he suddenly became ghastly pale, and his hair turned a shade of white, as if he had become older in a split second.

Not only was his blood being extracted, but something that couldn't be described was taken away from him as well.

The other hunters weren't any better off, most of them staggering and struggling to stay standing upright.

If Jom and Terry could see the HP bars of neutral units, they would be able to see that those of the hunters all dropped down to around a fifth of their original health.

"Fine, fine, I accept okay? Get yourself healed up, quickly!" Seeing a few of them even start showing signs of passing away from loss of blood, Jom immediately took out Coca Cola and fed it to them. "Terry, feed them all of your health potions too! These guys are crazy!"

Terry quickly finished his biscuit and fed Coca Cola to the hunters too.

Actually, regular bandages and tourniquets would have been useful for their current situation, but the players hadn't brought any of those things because they had the blessing of the system. Without an inventory space to keep things in, a roll of bandage took up quite a bit of space.

"Thank you for accepting us..." Joey smiled weakly.

"Bull, if I didn't speak up, you lot were going to die on me!" Jom replied angrily, and looked at their names on their heads.

The names were still yellow, meaning that they hadn't become players.

It was at this point that Jom remembered that he had never told them that the players were from the church of the God of Games...

"So what do we do now?" Joey didn't care about Jom's grumbles, and asked with a smile, "Do we go to Trinia Forest with you guys? I heard you people say that you were going there at the festival..."

"Now, huh? Lemme think..." Jom rubbed his chin slightly, internally rejoicing that his weekly quest [The Lord's Light Illuminates the Land] should be complete. "Basically, what we have to do now is go to the small town outside the Valley of the Tragic Dead and start doing chores."

Joey: ????