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93 The First Pos

 [Save the Children, We Need Help!]

Xi Wei almost laughed out loud when he saw the title.

Although he didn't abuse his powers as a deity to watch his players' every move, almost all of each players' actions are recorded in the Pantheon Computer, so he could check on them whenever he wanted to.

He didn't expect that the first post in the new forum he created (excluding his original post) would use so many buzzwords already...

"Hello everyone, I'm Jom, I'm sure a lot of people without set raid teams will know me, that's right, I'm the melee Cleric that knows Skyward Slash! The winds blow gently on this snowy day, clouds cover the sky for miles, blablabla..."

The start of the post felt incredibly stiff, it was like someone trying to write a letter for the first time. It was obvious that the young player who had written the post put a lot of thought into it, the wording was quite weird.

"Long story short, while my friend Terry and I were off exploring new regions of the map, we were attacked by enemies called "Mountain Bandits".

They are a group of low-level enemies who were extremely cumbersome to deal with!

To protect an innocent village, we had no other choice but to engage in a vicious battle with the enemy, and in the process, my best friend Terry fell victim to countless inhumane acts!

It's sort of like [Click to view image], and [Click to view image], and also [Click to view image]."

Xi Wei's mood was instantly lifted by those photos.

Was this Yamcha... (T/N Yamcha dying in a pit is a meme in China)

"According to the information we have gathered, the enemy will once again attack this village, there might even be a giant among the enemy forces! I hope players who are free can come assist us in defending this poor village, as a reward, the village elder has said that, after all is done, we are free to take anything we want from the village!"

Xi Wei looked at the history records and found that the village's elder said that they were moving, so the items in the village would've been free game anyways.

"The location is a village in a small valley about fifteen to twenty kilometers north of the town... I hope everyone can come lend a hand!"

Jom put a lot of effort into composing the post, so Xi Wei wasn't planning on exposing that fact.

Actually, he had decided to stay completely out of the situation, he wanted to see how players would react to a quest that wasn't given out by him.

Not long after Xi Wei read the post, many players started replying.

[Marni: Does the village have any unique items? If there are I'll consider helping.]

[Edward: I need some valley specific items, do I just go north from the town?]

[Eleena: Rua--!]

[Ivan: I haven't seen you in a few days, and you guys got all the way there, you sure have a lot of movement speed...]

[Leah: The God of Game's light illuminates the land!]

[Doug Ag: Do you have to praise the God of Games in these posts too?]

[Ivan: The God of Games is really Than Than!]

[System Notice-Player Ivan has been muted for 60 minutes due to inappropriate language.]

[Marni: I've told you that that phrase didn't mean anything good, you didn't learn when your account got banned. These two reactions from the Divine Deity clearly show that this phrase has negative implications, that's why you need to add a negative in front of it to make it positive again.]

[Marni: For example 'The God of Games is NOT Than Than', like that.]

[System Notice-Player Marni has been muted for twenty-four hours due to vulgar language.]

[Leah: ... ]

[Edward: ... ]

[Joe: ... ]

[Gou Dan: Oh, you can change your name in the forum?]

[Wow You Really Can: Let me try.]

[I Wanna See Just How Long My Name Can Get: Same.]

[War Princess: You two better watch it... ]

[System Notice-Name changes now require the use of the 'Name Change Card' item, the item can be purchased from Angora Faust, Vanke Noreki, and the Frogman Elder. Players can make a purchase every 24 hours.]

[Angora: Congratulations, you've made a complete fool of yourselves in front of the great deity :Frogmen Clap: ]

While Xi Wei was still testing and perfecting the various functions of the forum, the Lion King of Justice Aslan had already reached another Divine Kingdom.

"Welcome, Aslan. It's been quite a while since you've come here." The kingdom's ruler was a dwarf sporting a large moustache, a flask hung on the left of his belt, a hammer hung on his right.

It was different from Xi Wei's messy kingdom, the dwarf's kingdom was very interesting. Half of it was a forge filled with molten lava, while the other half was decorated with various types of alcohol and alcohol mixing tools, it felt like a nice little bar.

The atmosphere, brightness, and even temperature of the two halves was strikingly different, they were two completely different worlds.

The dwarf was called Stoff, the God of Craftsmanship and Fine Wine, and was also one of the members of the Invisible Pantheon.

"Would you like anything to drink?" Stoff asked.

"No need, in fact, I've got you an interesting little something that I'd like you to have a taste of."

Aslan shook his thick mane-a bottle of Coca-Cola fell out.


"No, a beverage."

"Okay, I trust you," Stoff muttered as he took the soda can, he ripped off the tab and started chugging it down, finishing the whole thing in one go before letting out a long satisfied belch.

"That hit the spot! Drinking this while crafting might be even better than draught!" Stoff exclaimed.

"As long as you like it." Aslan lay on the countertop. "I got it from the God of Games."

"That new generation deity? What do you see in him? I think there are already plenty of deities in the Invisible Pantheon..."

The dwarf started nagging.

"Times have changed Stoff. I smell danger. More and more gods are being brought to this land, they wage wars against each other, stealing each other's divinity to become stronger... It's exactly the same as what happened a thousand years ago, right before the Divine War. We need some 'insurance'."

"But your insurance still isn't as strong as my hammer... Heck, even Luna might be able to beat him," Stoff said nonchalantly, "Plus, looking purely at battle strength, your the strongest mid-tier deity could come toe to toe with top-tier deities."

"Battle strength wasn't all that important, you should know, Stoff, my ranking is continuously dropping. But him, maybe he's not all that strong right now, but I believe that he has immeasurable potential... Tell me, what do you think of the 'revival' of his believers?" Aslan suddenly asked.

The dwarf shook the empty bottle in his hand and the sugary liquid refilled it. He took a long swig before answering, "There's no way that that's true revival. We all know, Lord Hades has complete control over death, whilst the Gospel of Life controls matters of life... But even the Gospel of Life may not use her Divine Miracle of "resurrection" every year. Trying to swindle some control over life and death from those two is virtually impossible."

"Then what if, and I'm saying what if..." The lion's eyes shone a dazzling light. "That new deity created a way to revive his players good as new without technically infringing on the domains of either life or death?"

Stoff was speechless.

"If that's so, he could possibly bend the very fibers of reality to his will, and watch down over all of existence with the Trinity of Creation themselves."