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 After Xi Wei agreed to join the Invisible Pantheon, Lion King Aslan turned tail to leave.

"That's it? I don't need to sign a contract or anything?" Xi Wei asked curiously.

"Unless you can get one of the Trinity of Creation to act as an officiator, contracts don't have much control over our actions." Aslan shook his large white mane. "And as I've previously stated, the details of our alliance is much more lax than most others, a black and white contract stating the rules would go against that philosophy, you can just treat it as an exclusive club of sorts."

"Then how can I contact you guys?" Xi Wei asked hurriedly.

Was he going to have to roam the void to find one of their allied deity's kingdom whenever he needed help... This would put a dent into his emergency plan, cough, I mean alliance, wouldn't it?

When his enemies knocked on his front door, they sure weren't going to give him time to look for reinforcements...

"Don't rush, I was just about to tell you."

Aslan sat on the floor like an oversized cat and ruffled his mane with his claw.

And then something tiny fell out from the thick fur.

At first, Xi Wei thought it was body lice, but after thinking it through, unless it was a Lice God, there probably wasn't any lice that could live on Aslan's body. Scanning the object with his Divination ability, Xi Wei realized that it was a small bunch of Aslan's hair, carrying Aslan's deific properties as well.

Even something as small as hair was once part of a deity's being, so it's no surprise it could become the carrier of deific properties.

The lion used his divine power to pass the clump of fur to Xi Wei who had a disgusted expression-thankfully he didn't have a face, if not the lion would probably be quite offended.

"This is a new Glamour that's been gaining popularity among deities, it makes communication quite convenient. This furball carries my deific properties, whenever you want to find me, just imbue it with some divine power," the Lion King explained cheerfully, completely oblivious to Xi Wei's inner thoughts.

After that, the God of Justice Aslan left Xi Wei's Divine Kingdom and returned to his own territory.

Once he was alone, Xi Wei started to study the furball more closely.

"Oh ho, it's this sort of Glamour eh..."

Glamours were basically conduits of energy, you needed to imbue them with supernatural energy (divine energy, demonic energy, and the likes) for them to be activated.

As mortals have a much lower affinity for these sorts of powers, they were unable to fully comprehend a large majority of Glamours, needing years and years of research and determination to even begin to understand these divine practices. But for high-level beings such as deities, they could easily grasp what the humans could not.

Using a less appropriate, but more straight-forward metaphor, it's like how for a single dot on a piece of paper, it's difficult to know if the "wall" in front of itself was a triangle or a square, but for humans living in three spacial dimensions, finding out would be as simple as looking at the paper.

The furball in Xi Wei's hand encompassed spectacular and intricate Glamour, it used a divine index of different deities to connect Divine Kingdoms throughout the void regardless of distance. The knowledge of how this worked was far out of the league of mere mortals, it was basically impossible to understand and learn, only deities like Xi Wei and the others possessed the ability to use it.

But this contraption did lead Xi Wei to an epiphany.

"Communication across time and space... Come to think of it, players usually just yell at each other to communicate..."

Xi Wei extended his tentacle to rub at what was presumably his chin.

He had thought about the problem before, his original solution was to make a sort of emailing system for his players, allowing them to communicate with each other one-on-one, he wouldn't even have to cross the spatial barrier, since Xi Wei fully planned on becoming an operator to help redirect players' calls. It wasn't that there weren't better communication systems that could be implemented through the Path of Faith, but they all expended far too much...

But with reference to this new and improved technique, he could save himself quite a bit of divine power. He didn't want to think about other details, but at least the power he currently had was definitely enough, Xi Wei felt a new thought emerge in his spherical head (Body? Who knows).

"Should I create a public chat, and then subsequent clan chats, team chats, and private chats? No, it'll be fine right now with not that many players, but once more and more players join, the public chat will be constantly updating and a lot of important messages might get missed. But if there isn't a public chat, socializing among players will become quite limited..."

After some deep thought, Xi Wei decided to create a player communication platform in a forum style.

To build a forum, he would first need a server.

Xi Wei's gaze fell on the hardworking Pantheon Computer XP, a smirk crossed his spherical face, 'I choose you, XP!'

Thus, Xi Wei added even more functions to the diligent little XP.

Since there weren't too many players currently, the little computer should be able to handle it, after the number of active players increases, our XP would surely have upgraded to a Sunway Taihulight[1].

After finishing up, Xi Wei typed out a system message to alert all players.

[Ding! Game System V 0.21 has been fully upgraded, the 'Player Forum' page has been added, now you can discuss anything you want there]

As the Forum Page had only just been opened, its contents were still completely empty, only having Xi Wei's introduction to the page showing on the top.

In the message, he briefly described what the forum was, what functions it had, and also listed the rules of the forum, banning certain inappropriate behavior and writing out the corresponding punishments.

Originally Xi Wei had thought that with how rowdy his believers were, all he had to do was wait a couple of minutes before the forum became filled with random, weird, and funny posts.

But Xi Wei waited over an hour and the only message in the forum was his, sitting all alone at the top.

After another hour, a new post finally appeared, the poster was Warrior Princess Leah. She pretty much just sung praise for the 'God of Games' in her post, with many players following her lead in the comments, even Xi Wei was cringing at their obviously faked enthusiasm.

The situation weirded Xi Wei out, since when did his group of players become so civilized?

But he quickly figured out the cause.

As the moderator of the forum, Xi Wei used very "official" language in his introductory post, plus a lot of the rules he set had the unmistakable underlying tone of "I'm your father", players had most likely guessed that the creator of the forum was the one and only deity himself.

No matter how rowdy they were, they were still first and foremost believers of Xi Wei. Since they were given this system, they obviously had a decent amount of respect and admiration towards Xi Wei as a deity, they couldn't just show their roughest sides to the deity right away.

That's why Leah, the only person who had come face-to-face with the deity, could muster up the strength to post about how amazing Xi Wei was...

"Do you guys really think I don't know how you are usually...?" Xi Wei couldn't help but diss his little believers.

But he wasn't worried that the forum would continue being as quiet as it was, as long as he didn't speak and break his cover, most players would naturally relax in the forum and start showing their true colors.

Just as Xi Wei was thinking this, a new post suddenly appeared in the forum.

[Save the children! We need help!]

[1] A Chinese supercomputer