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87 Who Goes There!

 Who goes there!

That was what Xi Wei wanted to shout to the heavens, but for the sake of his safety, he wasn't going to simply come into contact with the other.

In reality, he didn't even dare move.

The Skull God and the Ocean God-those were the only two Xi Wei could think of who would waltz in unannounced.

Sadly, our main protagonist couldn't fight off either one.

If we had to compare, he could probably take one or two hits from the Skull God, but he would be immediately obliterated by the Ocean God...

Looks like he would have to rely on his transmigration to hide out in the lower realm for now.

Luckily, his visitor didn't seem to want to bust down his front door. This gave Xi Wei some time to quickly pack up his essentials.

He was just about to get the rotten bones out of his juicer when he felt a feeling of kindness being sent from outside his Divine Kingdom, with its origins being the outsider deity.

Now Xi Wei was confused, what kind of power move was this? Were they trying to trick him into going out, and then one-shot him? It felt kinda pointless, even if they didn't go through all this hassle, he'd still be no match for them...

Could it be that it wasn't the Skull God or the Ocean God?

Xi Wei thought it over a bit, deciding to leave the rotten bones in their little home and started to prepare for his transmigration. After carefully crossing over the Divine Kingdom's barrier, he came face to face with his unexpected guest.

The first thing that came to his mind was, 'Wow those are some pale thighs'.

That's right.

His guest was a large snow-white lion.

And he had a full, thick mane encircling his neck-it was a male lion.

"Good day, young deity."

The lion had a voice quite fitting for his appearance, a deep voice of a male in his late 40s, his words were filled with authority.

"Why is there a lion outside my Divine Kingdom..."

The scene was just too fantastical, short-wiring the circuits in Xi Wei's brain due to the overwhelming shock.

"A god's appearance didn't matter too much, as long as you're frugal with your divine power, you can easily become anything you'd like... You're just a ball as well, no?" The other replied.

After his brain rebooted itself, Xi Wei scanned through the memory bank of his divinity-because he received a portion of the Aquatic Lord's memory, his memory bank now was quite a bit bigger than before-and found that he indeed had a memory of this guy.

"Are you the legendary Lion King of Justice?"

Xi Wei was taken aback.

The Lion King went by Aslan. In reality, he was the God of Justice. He originally had a human form, but according to legends he had previously made a bet with his believers, and subsequently lost. Thus, to uphold the terms of the bet, he has maintained the form of a lion to this day.

"Yours truly." Aslan dipped his giant, white lion head, a proud smirk crossing the lion's face.

"The Aslan that, due to teachings that were too strict, forced a lot of his believers to break the rules and betray the Church of Justice, thus bearing the title of 'Deity With the Most Betrayers' for over a thousand years? That Aslan?"

"Ahem, I have since tweaked my teachings to fit mortal standards, there aren't as many betrayers now," the lion said between subtle coughs, switching the topic immediately, "If you don't mind, can we have a chat in your Divine Kingdom? Even deities find it hard to stay in the void this long."

His words caused Xi Wei to hesitate.

This lion head's reputation was amazing among other deities, if given the chance to form an alliance with any deity, there were sure to be countless lawful gods who chose Aslan as their first choice.

The problem was that the guy was definitely a Lawful Good in the D\u0026D alignment charts, but his justice felt suffocating at times. If he were to enter Xi Wei's Divine Kingdom, he might just lose it at the sight of the remains of the Rotten Bones God stuffed into his juicer...

As the God of Justice, Aslan was the bane of many evil deities, but even so, the Lion King was always active on their servers, with a sense of "I know you don't like me, but you don't have it takes to get rid of me" surrounding him 24/7. It was evident that he was an immensely powerful being.

Even deities like the Skull God would most likely just become a toothpick for the God of Justice...

"Don't worry, I've paid some attention to the actions of your believers recently, I know that you've gotten rid of that Rotten Bones fella. In doing so, his corpse and divinity are your spoils of war. As long as you don't become an evil deity, I will do you no harm."

The lion could see Xi Wei's visible worry, assuring him kindly.

Well, since his guest basically insisted, Xi Wei could only welcome him into his kingdom.

As expected, the lion frowned slightly at the sight of the Rotten Bones God's corpse in the juicer, but didn't say anything besides that.

"Hey uhhh... Why are you here?" Xi Wei used his tendrils to pass Aslan a bottle of Coke.

His guest downed the whole bottle, literally, in one gulp, letting out a belch before answering. "As I've previously mentioned, I have been paying some attention to the actions of your believers, and I have noticed that your actions, be it storming the Rotten Bones Church, clearing out the dangers in the underground sewers, culling the revenants in the Valley of the Tragic Dead, or simply helping out weaker tribes fend off bandits, have all displayed a great sense of justice."

"You're not going to ask me to become one of your subordinates, right?" A wrinkle formed on the surface of his sphere.

Even though he couldn't best the other in a fight, Xi Wei wasn't going to become someone's little follower. Becoming a sub-deity of another deity had too many restrictions attached, and his unique ability of transmigration could easily be exposed.

"I, Aslan, have never sought a sub-deity!" The lion roared proudly before continuing in a softer voice, "I am here to seek an alliance."

"An alliance?" Xi Wei was stunned.

"Correct, for lower-middle tier deities like ourselves, further advancement is an incredibly difficult prospect, recruiting new believers can also lead to unwanted altercations with other deities. Plus, the world of the gods has seen more peaceful days, this has led to many alliances being formed among deities," Aslan started slowly, "Our alliance is the 'Invisible Pantheon' and doesn't have many strict rules to follow. Each member of the alliance has agreed to peace among each other, at times when a strong evil deity is discovered, we will allow our believers to fight side by side, and then split the divinity among us or something-you must understand that times have been difficult, we can only live off of these evil deities. The feats of justice your believers have shown have moved me, thus I wish you will accept my invitation to join the Invisible Pantheon and become one of us."

Xi Wei mulled it over in his head. "What happens if one of your members are attacked by another deity?"

"Unless it is one of the Seven Divine Fathers, we will definitely lend a hand in protecting one of our members under siege!" Aslan shook his magnificent mane, reassuring Xi Wei.

"Then it's settled, from now on you will be my emergency plan!"

The surface of Xi Wei's spherical body shimmered, his tentacle wrapping around the lion's paw and shaking it up and down, quite the weird scene.

"Emergency plan?"

"Just weird pronunciation, don't worry about it~"