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86 Rules of the System

 Collectibles was one of the ways Xi Wei motivated his players to complete their daily quests, among these collectibles were things like dances, various accessories that didn't take up an equipment slot, and some other fun tools that didn't have much practical use.

He believed that the players who had gotten bored due to the recent peacefulness would start grinding through their daily tasks again.

Of course, Xi Wei wasn't spending his time in the Divine Kingdom conjuring up ways to get players addicted, aside from digesting the remaining bits of the Aquatic Lord's divinity still sitting in his stomach, he was wondering how he could improve his players' skills.

After all, the enemies his players faced before weren't really deities like him, they were more like lesser gods that didn't have any godly blessing.

But as his players' territory expanded, it was inevitable that they were going to face believers of much more powerful deities sooner or later.

Other deities didn't have the power to transmigrate like Xi Wei could, Xi Wei could give blessings to players simply through the Path of Faith (in other words, without a Path of Faith he would have to do an honest job of creating miracles like the other deities), but other deities had to first get through the World Barrier before giving their blessings, the larger the blessing or secret item being passed down, the more divine power it took to cross the World Barrier, it was a hard limit on how much they could help their believers.

This forced other deities to mainly train their believers to build into the elite routes. Other than Saints, Saintesses, and Chosen Ones, the players who could receive great blessings were either players who went through countless hurdles to get a high rank in the church, or players who have proven their faith in the deity and have ascended to the rank of Devout Believer. Other believers could only receive Divine Graces equal to their rank's 'Sacred Arts' limit.

It was much easier for Xi Wei, he could bypass all this struggle by dropping down into the mortal realm himself, they could eat food together, fight monsters together, and become stronger together. Once he had enough believers, at least a few of them were going to be immensely skilled players, it was simple logic...

But Xi Wei had a couple things going against him as well, he had only just become a god not too long ago, he didn't have a stable presence in the minds of the players. Time and his number of believers were his two main deficits. Even his two strongest players, the Saintess-in-training Eleena and the Warrior Princess Leah, couldn't compare with the high-level believers of other churches.

That's why he needed to find a way for his players to become stronger.

Raising the level limit for his players was the most straightforward method, but he had already done so twice before, and his players had a ways to go before reaching the limit of 60, so raising it even higher wouldn't do much right now, he might as well save his divine power to do other things.

"If I fully digest the remaining divinity of the Aquatic Lord, I'll probably have enough energy left over to upgrade the system, maybe add a new function or something..."

If that was the case, should he make Specializations?

That could visibly increase his players' power.

But after weighing up the pros and cons, Xi Wei decided to give up the Specialization system.

For one, the thing would require Xi Wei to make a completely new skill tree, that would take too much divine power, Xi Wei wasn't sure he could take it right now. It would be quite a mess if he ran himself dry and still couldn't create a fully functioning Specialization system.

Secondly, the current Class system was pretty crap. Each class had only one reclassing option, so even if Specializations were included in the game, it would probably just cause players to focus too heavily on single aspects of the game and affect the decision of experienced players to join his church. In the end, a huge group of players could end up with weird classes and skill trees, Xi Wei would have to then use up more of his divine power to create a Skill Point Reset Potion, it just felt like a waste...

Xi Wei decided he had best leave Specializations until after players got a full grasp of their classes.

"Then what about Professions?" Xi Wei thought to himself.

What Xi Wei had in mind for Professions, other than increasing production efficiency, was to create secondary classes to give players stat increases or abilities to buff their main combat classes.

For example, players who chose the Blacksmith class could have an increase in their Strength. Those who chose the Farmer class would deal increased damage with pole weapons like scythes and spears; Reporter class players could have improved movement speed and so on...

Plus, he could make it so that when players that choose Butcher prepares meat, the remaining carcasses wouldn't be automatically sent to the Divine Kingdom (thus not being able to gain experience). It could solve the ever-increasing storage problem in the Divine Kingdom, as well as make it so players didn't always have to go to Lancaster to import meat.

To add onto, and to save divine power, Xi Wei could make it so Profession skills couldn't be upgraded with skill points, instead requiring proficiency...

In doing so, he could not only make his players' lives in-game more than just daily quests, but also improve his players' combat capabilities, it was the perfect plan!

And besides, this would help players who weren't that into battling show off their talents in other areas, wouldn't that be great?

After thinking it through, implementing the Professions system seemed to have the biggest turnover.

"So now comes the question of... with my divine power, will I be able to finish this before I become a godly raisin?" Xi Wei hesitantly wrapped his tendrils around the ball.

According to the units of measurement he set in Chapter 1, Xi Wei's divine energy was barely over 50 units... as for how many he originally had, somewhere around 100, but after introducing two new classes and the Follower System, he didn't have much left.

Some of you may be wondering, "But couldn't Xi Wei completely control the game's system even before his divinity stabilized? Back then he was just a kid... Oh, I mean he only had ten units of divine energy!"

The reasoning for that was simple, the original system was extremely basic. Even things like Class specific skills and abilities were simply set up by Xi Wei, the Class system in place now had already been secretly updated by Xi Wei. Plus, there were only five people who had access to the system then, now there were over a hundred users, all waiting for their systems to be upgraded...

Not to mention, Xi Wei was at a dead end. He felt like sitting around all day wouldn't do him any good, so he decided, "What's the worst that could happen?" and gambled up all of his remaining divine power. Even though he wasn't a mega-powerful deity or anything, there were still so many believers that relied on him now, he couldn't be as irresponsible or reckless as he was before.

"I'm probably the only deity in the world that's this responsible..."

Xi Wei muttered to himself, deciding that perhaps he should take a break and accumulate a tad more divine energy before building Professions.

Just as he was carrying out his daily routine of digesting the divinity sitting in his stomach and lying on his belly stalking his players, he froze.

Xi Wei's expression turned serious (don't ask me why a ball can have a serious expression, please use your imagination). He stared off into the ever-expanding nothingness, he felt a presence suddenly appear beyond his Divine Kingdom