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73 System Transfer

 The Underground Hideout of Lancaster had become completely different from when the Rotten Bones Church had taken over it.

Other than the Lifestone that the players had erected during the event, most of the underground rooms had been modified into Xi Wei's special facilities. For example, there were crops that didn't require sunlight and only water to grow called Night Paddy, inns that could recover the players' HP quickly and a restaurant like the one in the Unnamed Town.

The reason why such facilities appeared in the Underground Hideout of Lancaster was because after it had been recaptured, Princess Leah obtained an Overlord System which was similar to Angora's, becoming the only player to have dual systems and be able to switch between them at any time.

Unfortunately, Princess Leah herself preferred RPG games instead of management games, so she always fled to the Unnamed Town together with her guards.

When Princess Leah knew about the new event quest from one of her guards that she had posted at the Unnamed Town for this very purpose, she immediately started preparing rations and equipment so that she could head out for the rumored frogmen village.

After all, she only showed her face for a while at the end of the event last time, so she couldn't even be considered as participating in the event, only acting as an NPC. Now that this chance came around, she couldn't hold in her desire to join an event herself this time!

Before she could get to the Lifestone to teleport away, however, she was blocked by the registrar who was already lying in wait.

\"Your Highness, you're already the lord of the Underground Hideout of Lancaster! You must settle down and build a great stronghold here!\" Old Registrar Vanke started persuading her again. \"After all, this is the starting point of Tierra's revival, and the last territory we must not lose!\"

\"Isn't there still the town?\"

The young princess that was still looking for a chance to escape asked.

\"That's not necessarily true, Your Highness.\" The old man continued with a meaningful tone. \"The lord of that town is a noble from the Valla Empire, you see?\"

What he meant by that was obvious. Even though the Unnamed Town was built based on the belief of the God of Games, but Angora was still, in essence, a noble from the Valla Empire, which was one of the countries that participated in dividing Tierra in the first place.

\"Is that so...? But that's okay, I believe the Valla Empire wouldn't allow their nobles to believe in the God of Games, no?\" The young princess thought for a bit, before refuting the registrar's claim.

What she meant, was that Angora's faith was also his greatest weakness in a way, and she could completely treat the former as an ally because of it.

\"Perhaps, but even so, I beseech Your Highness to not act too rash so that the Underground Hideout of Lancaster does not lose to that town, please prioritize the growth of the hideout.\"

The registrar was quite satisfied with the young princess' refutal, because it meant that she was carefully considering everything, but even so, he wasn't planning on letting Princess Leah join that event any time soon.

If it were just a dungeon or exploring the Valley of the Tragic Dead that didn't take a lot of time, he would be able to allow some exceptions, but it wasn't the same for events.

From the information of the players that had come here for their daily quests, these events spanned a few days, and the event this time was at the Warty Tidal Flats that were even farther than the Unnamed Town, so the princess would have to spend a lot of time there.

This meant that in the meantime, the growth of the Underground Hideout of Lancaster would stagnate for a few days, which was obviously extremely detrimental to development.

Princess Leah became silent.

Just as Vanke thought that the young princess had listened to his words, the latter spoke up again.

\"But Grandpa Registrar, I still want to join the event!\"


\"Please let me finish.\" Before the old man could retort, the young princess stopped him somewhat rudely. \"Even though the Underground Hideout of Lancaster is indeed important and our only piece of land at the moment, but we can't spend too much time on it!\"

\"My goal is not to be a qualified lord, not to cook or toil in the fields, nor to build a strong underground base...\" The young princess fixed the registrar with a gaze that was more serious than ever before. \"I want to become a king that can rebuild Tierra, and make our flag fly once more!\"

Even though there weren't many sources of light because it was underground, the dim lighting making everything look dull, but at this moment the girl's body seemed to shine with a majestic light, her brilliant golden hair fluttering in a convenient breeze that blew at her. She looked like a ray of sun in the dark underground cavern, and the sight made the old man speechless.

He was reminded of His Majesty that had tamed his young, unruly self.

Even though he was said to be the most foolish king in the world, but only those that had seen him with their own eyes knew that Yakaran the Eleventh was a king with a great aura and indisputable wisdom. It was truly a shame that the gaze that could see through all the lies of the world and the ruler that wanted to build a paradise on earth was shunned and treated as the source of disaster...

Vanke had thought that he could no longer see His Majesty's unrivaled aura again, but at this moment, he saw traces of him in this young princess.

\"In this world, the weak shall be toppled and torn into pieces by the enemy, while only the strong can rule, and revive our country! This is why I must fight, in order to become even stronger!\"

Then, the young princess clasped her hands together in prayer. \"My Lord, if you are looking down on us with your omniscient eyes, please listen to the most sincere request from your loyal believer, Leah Yakaran. If you recognize Vanke Noreki's talent, my Lord, then transfer to him my Overlord System!\"

\"No, that's impossible...\" The old man hadn't finished his sentence, before he received a system notification.


[Do you accept the Overlord System from Leah Yakaran?]

The old man's gaze moved away from the screen, staring dumbfounded at the young princess standing in front of him.

The girl that once stumbled behind him and had always called him her Grandpa Registrar so sweetly had finally grown up...

\"I understand, Your Highness. It seems, that in my old age my mind has been lost in the past...\" The old registrar smiled bitterly, before his expression became serious. \"If this is what you wish, then I shall bet this old and battered body of mine to protect the Underground Hideout of Lancaster, and offer my last strength to the revival of Tierra!\"

After he said so, he chose to accept the Overlord System solemnly, officially becoming the lord of the Underground Hideout of Lancaster.

As soon as he did, the young girl's face shifted from solemness to exhilaration. \"Yay! I don't have to stay in this must place anymore! Boris, make everyone prepare, I'm going to wait for you guys there!\"

After she said so, she pranced towards the Lifestone happily, and disappeared in a flash of light.

The old registrar: \"...\"

Why did he feel like he had been scammed?