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71 Deity of the Pas

 The freezing cold wind was blowing, and even though it wasn't snowing, the weather was still quite gloomy.

On the roof of a conch house, Eleena who had curled into a ball from the cold looked at the frogmen on the ground that were still in prostrate position, feeling a little distressed.

Earlier that day, Edward had come to her and asked her to guide the frogmen to become believers of the God of Games, so that they could deal with any upcoming attacks from the Society of the Secret Eye better.

Eleena herself agreed with Edward's plan, because other than the fact that the frogmen would be able to become stronger after becoming believers of the God of Games, it made the young girl quite happy to be able to expand the church even if it were just a little!

After all, she was the first zealot in Xi Wei's church after he transmigrated in this world, and was also the saintess of the Church of the God of Games...Granted, she was still in training.

But even so, Eleena was still a child, and even though she went around battling monsters with her party for the past month or so and made her more knowledgeable of the world, but in the end, she still had the mentality of someone of her age.

And so, it was impossible for Eleena to improvise an inspiring speech like a certain warrior princess...

She didn't know what to do, which left her in her current predicament.

\"Hakuna Macroakcroak! Hakuna Macroakcroak!\"

More confusing was the fact that she didn't know what these frogmen were saying at all, and just knew that they were worshipping her for some reason.

The young girl's ears that started ringing from the incessant croaking of the frogmen suddenly stood up on the tallest conch house of the village.

The freezing winds blew at her silver hair, and with the light at her back, she looked especially divine.

Then, the girl raised her hands and shouted as loud as she could.


This shout didn't mean anything, she was just frustrated and irritable, and wanted to vent this unpleasant feeling in some way.

If there was a meaning to it, this girl was probably trying to say that she was 'super scary!'.

She completely didn't know that her cute and soft appearance and her strange actions, coupled with a simple but somewhat brainwashing call, gave the frogmen a mysterious and holy feeling like an ancient priestess.

And so, after looking at one another for a while, the frogmen all mirrored her actions and shouted.

\"Rua! Rua! Rua!\"

The whole scene became extremely rowdy, and it didn't seem so much as an oath of allegiance to the gods, but more like some sort of strange ritual.

Even the party that was watching from one side was speechless. Why were these frogmen even more crackheaded than the players? Perhaps their brains were frozen because they didn't hibernate....

Eleena: \"...\"

Seeing the frogmen that became even noisier than before, the light in her gaze flickered out in despair.

In his Divine Kingdom, Xi Wei who had enough of spectating on the players turned his spherical body around, and decided to continue his daily chore of severing the ties of the Rotten Bones God with the Undead Pantheon using weapons made of divine energy.

And so, Xi Wei switched on a chainsaw that was larger than his entire body, and stuck it onto the body of the Rotten Bones God, sawing it until sparks flew...

Fun fact, no matter what the tools looked like, their effects were all the same, meaning that a chainsaw made from divine energy wouldn't be able to cut faster than a toenail clip. This was because there were no differences in their essence.

The only reason why Xi Wei used a chainsaw to sever the ties was because he thought this weapon was cooler and easier to use. What, was he supposed to clip at the ties with a toenail clip?

After he sawed for a while, one of his tentacles bonked into the part of his body that was probably his head.

\"Something's not right!\"

He threw the chainsaw to one side unceremoniously, and then thought about it carefully.

What made Xi Wei pause wasn't the Rotten Bones God, but the situation of Eleena and company down in the mortal realm.

Before explaining what was wrong, exactly, one had to know the hierarchy of religion in this world.

The being at the top of the pyramid was of course, the deities themselves, no matter if it were the main deity or a subordinate god.

One tier lower were the saintesses and the saints, along with the Chosen Ones. These people could all be categorized as the second-highest positioned people in a church, and were considered the servants or even avatars of the deities themselves.

After that were the people like popes which were the highest positions a regular member of a church could get. As long as someone could obtain power by the deific properties of the deity that they worshipped, they could be categorized in the third tier.

After that were different according to the specific church, but the people like priests and clergies that seemed to be high and mighty in the eyes of the commoners were in reality the same as regular believers of the church, categorized into the fourth tier.

Even though there were some exceptions, but this was generally the case in this world.

For example, Urgat who had been killed by the players was the leader of the Rotten Bones Church and held all the power in the church, but because he didn't have any deific properties, he was still an archbishop and couldn't call himself a pope.

In theory, when a believer offered their worship to someone of third-tier and above, the deity that was in the first tier would be able to obtain divine energy.

This meant that if the frogmen thought of Eleena as a messenger from God and gave her their praise and worship, then Xi Wei should be able to obtain corresponding divine energy in theory...

Xi Wei was quite confused by this. Granted, it was true that even if the believers of a church were tricked to pray and worship another deity, as long as their beliefs hadn't changed, the deity that they were tricked to worship wouldn't obtain even a trickle of divine energy.

But this was on the basis that the worshippers had their own deity.

The players didn't know what the frogmen were saying, but because Xi Wei was a deity, he had the ability to understand every language there was, so he knew that they were worshipping a deity called the Aquatic Lord.

But the problem here was, that the Aquatic Lord had died in the war!

This meant that the prayers of the frogmen were actually not owned by any deity, and in theory as long as they worshipped Eleena, Xi Wei would be able to obtain divine energy from them.

Thinking of this, Xi Wei carefully tried to sense the divine energy coming from the frogmen, but to no avail.

\"What's the situation here? Did the Aquatic Lord get revived? That's impossible, even his divinity was destroyed...\"

There were only a few frogmen, and it was impossible for a new deity to be born from such a small village.

But no matter what, now that it was related to a dead deity, things could become quite troublesome...

And so, the siege on the frogmen village that had been seen as a trifle by Xi Wei suddenly became shrouded in mystery.