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69 The Dark Knights

 Gou Dan was the first to realize that something was wrong with the black-armored knights that were rushing towards the village.

\"Something's not right, my Vital Shot skill failed! These aren't humans!\"

\"Has anyone learned Detect? Use it to see who those are!\" Edward commanded, but was met with the party's lost expressions. \"F*ck, did none of you learn it?!\"

\"We followed Mister Marni and Mister Ivan's team, and they're extremely experienced with Detect...\" Gou Dan muttered in retaliation. \"With them, who would waste skill points to learn that...\"

It was true that other than people like Marni that were experienced and knowledgeable, the people of this world were mostly fed up of feeling helpless and weak. Hence, it was normal for them to want to learn skills that could be used in battle in comparison to ones that weren't as useful in battle...

\"Eleena, can you cast your Sacred Barrier again?\" Edward asked the young girl.

\"It's still on cooldown.\"

Eleena shook her head, which made her silver twintails swing around in the air with the movement, and was extremely cute.

\"So the cooldown became longer in exchange for its strength, huh...I don't know whether these enemies are susceptible to taunting...Is Joe awake?\" Edward could only make up a backup plan on the spot, asking Gou Dan next to him.

\"I'm coming, I'm coming! I don't know why I had two holes on my hip, and I spent some time drinking HP potions.\" Before Gou Dan could reply, Joe ran over, fully equipped. \"My grandma said that I can bleed, but I can't lose my kidneys!\"

\"Wait, didn't this dry-skinned already die?\"

Croakatoa's eyes that were much larger than a human's widened even further, and stared straight at Joe who had come back to life.

\"Don't fret, do you know about the last spurt before fully dying?\" Vela quickly explained. \"That's what this is!\"

\"Are you dry-skinned so active before you die thoroughly...?\"

Croakatoa looked up and down at Joe, his expression dubious.

\"It's like that for everyone!\" Vela reassured. \"Don't worry, he'll die soon!\"

\"Humans are scary...\" Croakatoa didn't know what to think, and could only exclaim, \"But to think that such a brave warrior sacrificed himself for a simple misunderstanding, I, the great Croakatoa feel sa-\"

Before Croakatoa could finish his sentence, Joe felt the frogman's gaze on him, and held up his middle finger in his direction with a bright smile.


\"How much longer do you guys want to talk?\" Jessica asked in panic. \"Those guys are here!\"

The line of defense that the frogmen had created in their haste couldn't defend against the enemies' charge, and was broken in a flash.

Even the conch houses that had been blocking the enemies' path were shattered without much resistance.

\"Get away, let me do it!\"

Joe stuck his sword in the ground, before making a taunting action towards the dark knights. \"Hey, come to daddy, kiddos!\"

There was a single red eye that shone from within the helmets of the dark knights, which turned to Joe's direction upon hearing his taunting.

Then, the course of the dark knights' charge curved slightly, changing their trajectory to charge towards Joe.

\"Oh, taunting works on them...\" Joe had just finished his sentence before he was sent flying by the dark knights, not even managing to summon a familiar spirit in time.

His body twisted in midair before he stopped to the ground with a squelch, as if he were a dirty rag that was filled with water.

Surprisingly enough, he didn't die from the impact.

\"Gah, that scared me...\"

Joe crawled up shaking as if he had Parkinson's.

The armor on his body was filled with cracks because of the impact from earlier, and even if he didn't open up his equipment page, he knew that the durability this suit of armor that he had equipped for the longest time had been reduced to zero, and couldn't be fixed even by the blacksmiths of the starter village.

\"I'm a little pissed off...Edward, there are five enemies, so other than Vela let's take one each, what do you think?\" Joe stroked his armor in mourning, before speaking with Edward in dissatisfaction.

\"Sure, if you can separate them.\"

Edward had noticed that although the dark knights were quite aggressive and scary, and their levels were around Level 20, they did not seem to have supernatural powers.

According to the judgment of the system, if a player were attacked by a supernatural attack that had effects of magic, sacred arts or even curses attached to them, players would receive additional elemental damage.

To most players, elemental damage was quite enfeebling because their defenses against those were weak, and there weren't many equipment that could defend against those early on in the game.

Now, looking back at this strong charge attack by the dark knights, because it was just a basic physical attack, there was no difference between this attack and a simple swing of a sword by a player. Basically, the players could defend against their attacks with their own stats and equipment, and after many damage recalculations, they wouldn't get hurt much.

And so, these dark knights that seemed impossible to defend against could only be classified as elite monsters when compared to bosses like the Rotten Bones Archbishop.

\"No problem, I have a plan...\"

Joe glanced at the dark knights that had slowed down to curve, and was about to charge into him again.

As he was about to tell Edward his wonderful, well-founded strategy that could be used to take up 5000 words in this novel, a feminine voice rang out in the air.

\"Sacred Barrier!\"

Eleena who had taken the chance to get back her mac-the Game Bible swung the book again, and threw it in the direction of the dark knight like a hammer throw athlete.

The next moment, a sky blue barrier of light appeared in front of the dark knights that had finally gotten enough momentum for another charge.

The dark knights that couldn't stop in time crashed into the Sacred Barrier that the young saintess in-training cast, and after making a dull noise, they and their mounts were crumpled into a can of spam...

Upon seeing the majestic dark knights getting wiped out without any hurrah, the frogmen couldn't wrap their heads around what they were seeing.

Meanwhile, Joe had the regretful expression of someone who didn't have the chance to waste words in this novel.

Gou Dan walked over and patted his shoulder on tiptoe.

\"Don't be depressed, its time to deal with the root of the problem,\" Edward said beside him.

\"The root of the problem?\" Vela who had sighed in relief got worried again.

\"Yeah, don't you see that the quest isn't complete yet?\" Edward speculated. \"I'm afraid that the leader of this attack against us is still on the cliffs. We better hurry before he does anything else.\"