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68 The Magician’s Trump Cards

 The scene of an entire village's worth of frogmen kneeling for her was too much for a young girl of her age, and Eleena looked at the scene in front of her helplessly.

\"Hakuna Macroakcroak!\"

The frogmen didn't seem to know that their actions troubled the young girl, and continued to mutter in a language that they couldn't understand as they worshipped her.

\"What are they saying?\"

Edward helped up Croakatoa that was about to kneel down too, and asked in confusion.

\"O Great Aquatic Lord, we offer you our most sincere worship and respect in gratitude for your protection and your blessings that let us relish in the gifts of the sea. We shall never forget your benevolence, and shall the water be with us always.\" Croakatoa translated quickly.

\"You said such a long sentence with a few croaks?\" Gou Dan felt that something was wrong.

\"This only proves that our language is more advanced than yours!\" Croakatoa replied with pride. \"Kid, I think you're quite suited to learn our language, why don't I teach you?\"

The players didn't hesitate in the slightest, and shook their heads at the same time.

At this point, another commotion started in the frogmen again.

\"What are they saying?\" Edward asked.

Croakatoa listened for a few moments, before his expression became panicked.

\"It's the dry-skinned! They're rushing down from the mountains!\"

Edward looked at the others, realizing that the real deal was about to come.

Albert was a magician that belonged to the Society of the Secret Eye.

Different than the mage players that were supported by the system, he was a native magician of this world.

The title of magician was far out of reach for commoners, and was much more mysterious than nobles and aristocrats, and many commoners even thought that their position in society was higher than nobles too.

That was the case, after all. A player that could surpass the level of apprentice magician and could become a fully-fledged caster could obtain status equal to a baron.

That being said, it was exceptionally hard to become even stronger for them. In this world that was filled with deities, the position of a regular mage was quite awkward.

Even though magic was mysterious and had an extremely high limit for its power. If learned correctly, casters could emulate many effects of sacred arts, and could even cast ones with even stronger effects.

This point could be seen from the fact that a third of the legendary champions were magicians. (The rest were clerics, and there weren't any warriors)

But that wasn't all there was to being a magician.

First of all, potential was extremely important in learning how to cast spells. If a person didn't have any potential for magic and couldn't feel the mana in the atmosphere, it was of no use even if they were geniuses.

First of all, the study of magic was extremely profound, and it was difficult to even get started without the help of a mentor. Learning theory and the basics were extremely important, and most could only claim to know magic after three years of practice casting spells and five years of meditation, along with multitudes of magical experiments. These were all indispensable to the discovery of the core of magic, and so it was hard to learn magic if an individual had the talent, but not the brains for it.

All in all, it was hard for a person to remain committed to learning magic.

Fun fact, the magicians had their own deity that they worshiped-The most mysterious existence among the Seven Divine Fathers, Magic Violet.

This deity was different from the others in the fact that he had never actively recruited any worshipers, and didn't need the belief of followers, and had never given any oracles to his believers, In a way, he was similar to Lord Hades who was a Divine Father too.

In contrast to the terrifying Lord Hades, Magic Violet didn't have much of a presence, and there wasn't even evidence in the mortal realm that this deity had existed. If it weren't for the fact that there were priests and gifted humans from large-scale churches that could communicate with the gods and could confirm that this deity took up one of the positions of Divine Father, humans would probably not know that he existed.

There were two main theories that the magicians had about this deity currently: The first, was that Magic Violet created all magic and defined the existence of magic, so as long as there were casters on this world, he wouldn't disappear. The second, was that Magic Violet created a 'web of magic' that humans couldn't detect. According to this theory, all magic that existed in this world were all his divine energy, and whenever someone used magic, it meant that they had expressed their belief in him. Therefore, as long as magic existed, he would never disappear.

Whichever the case was, it was an undisputed fact that for one to be able to change the laws of an entire world, Magic Violet was completely qualified to be on equal standing with the other Divine Fathers!

Long story short, learning magic required vast amounts of knowledge, information and materials, and all these things could be reduced to a simple factor: Money.

It was because of the generous rewards that Albert chose to join the Society of the Secret Eye's Valla Empire branch, completing various tasks in exchange for money and some rare materials...

Now, he was faced with a somewhat troublesome mission, which was to attack the frogmen village.

He had joined the first experimental siege on the frogmen village, but he didn't personally attack them, instead collecting data of the village from a side as the other attacked.

According to the information and data obtained from that attack, Albert had the preparation to destroy the village in one blow.

Initially, he had thought that a mudflow was more than enough.

The creation of a mudflow was simple-Use explosions to break the cliff and create a mudflow. This move was easy and practical, and other than choosing the blast points, there wasn't much effort to do this. Even so, he still used a large amount of Flame Flowers as explosives, and even though these flowers were the cheapest fire-attribute magic materials, it still cost him quite a lot of Rions.

After all, who gave those frogmen the confidence to build their village by a cliff?

He hadn't expected there to be someone that was as strong as a bishop in the frogmen village that was able to create such a large barrier to intercept it!

\"Tch, why didn't such a strong fellow appear last time?\"

Albert looked anxiously at the Sacred Barrier that was slowly disappearing down below, and didn't even notice when he bit his lips so much that it drew blood. If he knew that an enemy of this level were there, he wouldn't have chosen such a way to attack. \"This isn't good, if I go back like this, Black Whip is never going to forgive me!\"

Albert's heart was filled with fear upon the thought of that malicious and terrifying man.

\"Now that it comes down to this, I can only use my trump cards...\"

Albert frustratedly took out a scroll from his bag, before ripping it to shreds without even looking at it.

The next moment, a few tall figures in black armor appeared on horses around him.

\"Damn it, this Rhine Knights summoning scroll cost me one Gold Abby!\" Albert ordered the figures around him with a pained expression. \"Listen to my command! Go and kill all the life you see down there!\"

The captain of the Rhine Knights nodded and saluted stiffly, before the troupe rushed down the cliff.

Faint shouts could be heard from the bottom of the cliff, \"It's the dry-skinned! They're rushing down from the mountains!\"