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62 New Classes

 The next day after the festival, the players had barely woken up from their hangovers and were about to start working, before they accepted the system notification that Xi Wei had sent them.


[Game Version 0.1 Update Complete!]

[New dungeon added: Cellar of the Living Dead (LV1 ~ LV30)]

[Dungeon description: The believers of the Rotten Bones have successfully been dispelled back into the darkness from whence they came by the brave heroes of the Church of the God of Games, but they have received power from the evil deity and are plotting from the darkness. They have completely thrown away their last vestiges of pride as humans, and have turned into revenants that are lying in wait for a chance to strike, bringing unimaginable chaos and death to the world! The great and unbelievably wise God of Games has intercepted this plot, and had locked them in a spatial cellar. Now, you must purify them and send them all back into the depths of hell!]

[Dungeon details: Only the players of the Unnamed Town and the Underground Hideout of Lancaster that have at least Friendly reputation can buy a Cellar Key (Consumable, Teleportation Item) from Angora Faust/Leah Yakaran by using game coins or by completing quests. Each key can bring six players into the Cellar of the Living Dead, and seventy-two can be used per day.]

[Dungeon clear requirements: Defeat all the enemies in the cellar for a chance to obtain elite or even legendary items hidden in its depths!]

[Note: \"Good luck!\"-God of Games]

The first matter notified to all the players had already made them become excited.

No player had ever obtained legendary items before, so the appearance of this dungeon served as motivation for the players to work harder.

As for the seventy-two keys per day, the players didn't care much about it.

After all, they had the experience of scavenging and pioneering the Valley of the Tragic Dead, so they would need to have a full party to have a good chance at attempting this dungeon. Under the restriction of everyone being able to challenge the dungeon once, there were only enough players to make around twenty to thirty groups. At this point in time, seventy-two keys were more than enough.

The players had thought that the new dungeon was the greatest update this time around, but the following messages were the actual bombs of this update.

[Player level cap increased to Level 45]

[New Class: Spirit Swordsman]

[Class Introduction]

[Spirit Swordsmen use mysterious rituals to tame evil spirits from the netherworld, and develop them into strong familiar spirits by leveling up and learning skills.]

[Click to view demonstration video]

[Class change requirements: Level 15 Warriors can class-change into this class upon accomplishing a special mission.]

The video that was attached was a game CG created by Xi Wei.

It roughly showed off the traits of the Spirit Swordsman class.

First of all, developing a familiar spirit is not without its disadvantages. The familiar spirit would take over a quarter of the player's HP gauge, so Spirit Swordsmen only had 75% of their original HP. At the same time, players would have to sacrifice a portion of their EXP to the familiar spirit, meaning that the EXP they would be able to obtain from defeating a monster would be decreased.

Of course in exchange for the large sacrifice required, a familiar spirit's help towards a player would be extremely great too.

There were three skill trees that a Spirit Swordsman could develop in: Soul Manipulation, Evil Blade and Spirit Array.

Soul Manipulation was focused on controlling spirits to fight against enemies directly, and players that focus on this skill tree could basically be regarded as two combatants. Because they can communicate and share their senses with their familiar spirit, they can experience twice the happiness of battling (of course, twice the pain too).

Players that choose the Evil Blade skill tree could imbue their weapons with their familiar spirit, and under this condition they could have additional bonuses to their swordsmanship, and according to the different types of familiar spirits, even if it were the same sword skill, it could be completely different!

Finally, players that choose the Spirit Array skill tree would develop multiple familiar spirits. Sacrificing their mobility and battle prowess, they would obtain the ability to cast strong AoE buffs and debuffs. It was kind of like the Soul Bender class in Dungeon Fighter Online, but the many spirit arrays look flashier.

[New Class: Shadow Rogue]

[Class Introduction]

[Shadow Rogues have given up on the bow and arrow, choosing to hide in the shadows for the best chance to strike and assassinate their enemies. They pride themselves on their assassination abilities and grasp on poisons, and can even employ curses and voodoo when faced directly. Don't underestimate them.]

[Click to view demonstration video]

[Class change requirements: Level 15 Rangers can class-change into this class upon accomplishing a special mission.]

In comparison to the flashy Spirit Swordsmen, Shadow Rogue skills were much more discreet and simple. Even if there was the existence of the game system, an assassin couldn't use a large scale and flashy skill with extravagant special effects to defeat their enemies. If Xi Wei designed the class like that, then players who wanted to become assassins could only go with the somewhat comedic route of 'If I kill anyone who sees me, then I'll succeed in subterfuge and assassination'...

Even so, this new class didn't disappoint the players at all.

Firstly, there was the Darkblade skill tree that allowed them to sneak around more stealthily, as well as giving them a lot of movement skills.

Then, there was the Poisoneer skill tree that would give them the ability to kill enemies with terrible poisons and alchemical weapons.

Finally, there was the Voodoo skill tree that lets players curse their enemies and debuff them before executing them.

\"Even though I say that I envy you guys, I really....Really, truly, envy you!!\" After he looked through the system update, he couldn't help but look at Joe, who was smiling happily, and Gou Dan who furrowed his brow. \"Why isn't there a class change for the Mage class... Does the God of Games dislike us?!\"

It was now that Edward knew what the fifth doctrine meant when it said that 'Strength completely depends on the current version. Never blame yourself for the path you have chosen-if you want to blame someone, then blame the cursed game designers'.

He was once confused about why the God of Games expected they would curse their own path after being gifted with such a system that rewarded every effort, but...

Now that it happened that his comrades got to become stronger while he didn't, it was quite hard not to be envious.