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61 A Whole New Version You Have Never Played Before

 After the players relaxed through the festival, Xi Wei immediately returned to his Divine Kingdom to resume his plans of upgrading his divinity.

Under his continued efforts, most of the Rotten Bones God's divinity had already been absorbed by Xi Wei. Using this energy obtained, Xi Wei repaired his own divinity, and even had enough to spare to make a new appearance for himself.

But after calculating the divine energy he would need to do so, Xi Wei gave up on the chance to release himself from his spherical form...

\"It's fine to be a sphere, I have tentacles anyway so there's nothing inconvenient about it.\"

After absorbing all the divinity fragments and energy, the other remaining components of the Rotten Bones God wasn't valuable to Xi Wei anymore.

The remains and body parts could be used to make godly items, but he would have to remove the deific properties attached to it.

Once a deity's divinity was destroyed and their consciousness wiped, their body would be able to move instinctively due to the deific properties left on it.

Xi Wei could use lots of time and energy to absorb the deific properties of the remains into his own divinity to make himself become the God of Games and Rotten Bones, thus becoming a Lesser God.

The concept of composite divinities sounded cool in theory, but it actually didn't have much use in reality.

Xi Wei even had the premonition that if he was greedy for that bit of deific properties, it would probably pollute his own gaming divinity and make it even weaker, perhaps even putting obstacles in his own plans to develop his believers, so it wasn't worth it.

To take an example, a transmigrator would need the memories of the ones they transmigrated onto, but not their original personality and thoughts.

He had obtained traces of the Rotten Bones divinity anyway, so it was alright to throw away the deific properties left on its corpse.

And so, Xi Wei created something like a juice blender and named it the Mound of the Bound Creator,[1] before throwing the corpse of the Rotten Bones God into it.

Inside the Mound of the Bound Creator was a miniature and strong closed space, and even the body of a deity couldn't get out of it. In this space, there was a single, pinprick small opening.

Just like a bee that can find the exit point when it's trapped in a bottle, the deific properties of the Rotten Bones God would instinctively try to escape from the Mound of the Bound Creator through the minuscule exit.

And so, the corpse of the Rotten Bones God would remain in the Mound of the Bound Creator while its deific properties would flow out bit by bit through the exit that Xi We had prepared...

Of course, Xi Wei had no plans on wasting the deific properties, already making preparations on how to utilize it.

Actually, the Mound of the Bound Creator was connected to the Rotten Bones Divine Kingdom that had already been taken over by Xi Wei. After the Rotten Bones God died, said Divine Kingdom had degraded into a bunch of spatial fragments. If it weren't for Xi Wei maintaining its existence, it would have probably disappeared into the void.

Xi Wei used his divine energy to split the Rotten Bones Divine Kingdom into many separate spaces, and placed the remains of the Skeletons, Hogwash Rats and other monsters that the players had sacrificed to him, which had already flooded Xi Wei's Divine Kingdom. He didn't even have the chance to convert them into game coins, because the players had enough for the time being.

Regular beings from the mortal realm couldn't contain deific properties, but because the deific properties that trickled out of the Mound of the Bound Creator was very little, and was just enough to attach onto every corpse and make them reanimate,with greater power than a regular revenant.

Once every corpse was reanimated, the hole in the Mound of the Bound Creator would automatically close.

This was a real dungeon that Xi Wei had prepared for the players.

In comparison, the Valley of the Tragic Dead was just an exploration dungeon that would only give limited rewards to the players unless they explored new territory.

According to the ratio that the deific properties attached onto the corpses, the abilities and powers of the mobs created would be quite great too. For example, the challenge level for a Hogwash Rat was Level 1, meaning that even a Level 1 player would be able to fight evenly with this monster that was attached with deific properties, while the challenge level of the corpses of the believers was at least Level 15. Meanwhile, the body of the archbishop of the Rotten Bones Church had already become a Level 30 miniboss. Of course, it wasn't as strong as when it was alive, but there were only a few players that could beat him even in this state, anyway.

Because every monster in every space was different and randomized, so there was a chance that the players would meet the Rotten Bones Archbishop immediately upon entering the dungeon...

After the monsters were defeated, the corpses wouldn't disappear while the deific properties would be sacrificed to him.

After the deific properties of the Rotten Bones God was sacrificed to Xi Wei in this way, it would be filtered and purified, and become pure divine energy that Xi Wei could absorb without fear of polluting his divinity.

\"Since the dungeon needs maintenance and to prevent them from not going out to battle other monsters, I would have to limit the amount of times they can challenge the dungeon...Since there are thirty six spaces, I'll open the seventy two challenges per day.\"

Xi Wei calculated for a bit, and discovered that if he did so the deific properties from the Rotten Bones God would be able to keep up for around half a year.

He was quite satisfied with this number because there were a lot of evil deities in the world, and he would probably find a good replacement in six months.

The investment he put into designing this dungeon was quite a lot, however, and just the amount required to redesign the Rotten Bones Divine Kingdom and create the Mound of the Bound Creator was around ninety percent of all his divine energy. Because he had to reserve some divine energy to deal with sudden emergencies, he didn't have enough to create the player internet that he had wanted to create.

\"Also there's the changes that don't require much divine energy to create...\"

Like the players' level cap, and new class changes and such.

These parts were quite easy to do, because his own divinity had leveled up after absorbing the fragments of the Rotten Bones God's divinity.

The level cap of the players could be seen as a limiter to prevent players from becoming too strong, and could be controlled by him. Now that he himself was stronger, the limiter could of course be increased.

Then, he used his tentacles to type out a bunch of data on the God Computer that he created, and after checking that nothing was wrong, Xi Wei sent the changes and updates to the players other than the ones that had management-type systems like Angora.

Ding! Game Version 0.1 Updated!

[1] Yu-Gi-Oh reference