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60 Festival II

 Leaving the scene of Marni and Angora bargaining, the duo continued to move through the rowdy crowd, moving forward through the townsfolk that were offering malt beer to the players.

Then, they came across the old registrar Vanke Noreki who was speaking endlessly to Princess Leah along with her followers.

"So your Highness, even though we can reclaim our hideout back in Lancaster now, but if we use such a small place to start reclaiming our land it would still be too hard. Therefore, I propose that we set up our stronghold and secretly amass resources to wait for the right time..."

Leah nodded grimly. "I understand, so what your saying is that I have to grind levels and become stronger so that I can crush the damned heads of my enemies yes?"

"No, I meant that the prowess of a single person is limited, so as the princess you should take advantage of the time we've been given to accumulate forces for the revival of Tierra..."

"I understand Grandpa Vanke, you mean I have to find good teammates so that they can stall the lackeys while I go to crush the damned heads of my enemies because I'm high level enough!" Leah seemed to have understood something, her expression brightening. "Actually I feel that the event from earlier wasted too much precious time I could have used to grind for levels, so now I'll go and do so at the Valley of the Tragic Dead!"

Leah did not wait for the old man to respond before she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The registrar was so mad he could feel a heart attack coming, standing in place as he cast recovery spells on himself before turning over to one of Leah's followers. "Boris, who taught the princess while I wasn't around?"

"It was Carlo, sir." Boris replied respectfully to the revered old man.

"Where's Carlo, call him over!" The old man trembled in rage, his frail body seemed to be filled with power due to his anger. "To teach the princess so badly until she became like this, he should be punished!"

"Uhm, I think that's not possible, sir..."

"What? You dare cover for him? Let him come out, I want to crush his damned head!"

"But sir," Boris replied, "His damned head has already been crushed by Her Highness..."

The registrar: "..."

Xi Wei had little interest in the topic of nobles, so he followed after Zonyan promptly.

Passing by a few players who were having a drinking contest and a merchant that sold low grade equipment to other players in the chaos. Xi Wei found Ivan who was talking about strange topics with his subordinates. Ivan was the former captain of Marni's guards, and was also a front-line player that Edward and company often worked with.

"Captain, don't you think it's strange that the defense buff in the event was called Avengers Get Beat Up by Thanos?" A young man who was wearing an ironman suit asked.

"What are you saying, kiddo?"

"Look, after the event ended we all got the title Avengers from the God of Games no?" He pointed at the title that was sparkling above his head. "Meaning that the Avengers in that buff name means us. Then who is Thanos, and why does he want to beat us up?"

"Hm, maybe he's an enemy of the God of Games? No, this name would be too ironic if that were the case. Then other than the enemy, someone that could beat us up...Is Thanos the name that the God of Games gave himself?" Ivan tried to spin the cogs in his intoxicated brain on this meaningless topic.

"The God of Games wouldn't do something so roundabout, maybe it's a way of calling someone strong, like how we call people bad*ss!" The young man that asked the question guessed along with Ivan.

"Oh, so next time we say someone is bad*ss, let's call them Thanos instead!"

"Right, and let's call someone who is extra bad*ss Than Than!"

Then Ivan and the young man held up their cups happily.

"The God of Games is Than Than!"

"The God of Games is too Than Than!"

Xi Wei's mouth twitched, and decided to stop them before the term could spread between the players.

[Ding! Players Ivan and Gale have been muted for thirty minutes due to crude language.]

Ivan and the young man: "???"

After walking for a while, Zonyan finally found Edward and company in the crowd and left to get more skewers after Xi Wei thanked him.

Eleena who had seemed to be discussing something with Edward saw Xi Wei first, and she wanted to shout for him before the man held a finger to his lips in a silencing gesture, and so the young girl quickly clasped her palms over her mouth.

But her actions still attracted the attention of the others, who followed her gaze to see Xi Wei who was coming close too, their expressions excited and shocked.

"Uhm..." Thankfully Edward was not that ignorant child anymore, and so he regained his composure and asked in a reverent tone, "How should we address you?"

"Call me Mister Xi Wei like you used to, it's fine."

"Not to be rude but...Mister Xi Wei, are you really Him?" Edward asked, pointing to the sky.

"Of course not, I'm somewhat like the archbishop of the church of the God of Games," Xi Wei replied with a professional smile.

Even though it was different than what they guessed, but after hearing Xi Wei's answer they all breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, it was still too stressful to them to interact with a deity.

"How long are you going to stay?" Xi Wei gazed at him hopefully, before exclaiming, "I have so much I want to tell you!"

"Sorry, I just wanted to see how you guys were doing, I'll be leaving soon." Xi Wei shook his head.

Even though it was not hard to descend to the mortal realm, as a deity he still had to keep some degree of distance with his believers. It was fine to just experience these happy moments once in a while.

"Ah..." The silver haired young girl lowered her head unhappily.

"As you see, now we're all living happily, and this is all thanks to you," Edward thanked earnestly.

Joe, Jessica, and Gou Dan...Doug Ag nodded in agreement.

Xi Wei smiled, and took a pack of lollipops from inside his robe, unwrapping one and sticking it into Eleena's mouth.

Eleena who had been down was shocked, before quickly getting lost in the sugary sweetness.

This lollipop was of course made using divine power, but since he had lots of divine energy to spare Xi Wei did not mind splurging a little.

Seeing the girl become more energetic, Xi Wei gave her the entire pack of candies before continuing, "Don't worry about me, I'll come and see you when I have the time."

Edward and the others looked at each other, knowing that Xi Wei meant he was going to disappear suddenly like last time.

"Can you give us some time? Just a little." Edward pleaded.

"What is it, child?" Xi Wei sat down, thinking that the young man had a request.

But in contrast to his assumptions, Edward shuffled to a side, giving Xi Wei a full view of the sky from his position.

The next moment, a few Fireballs and Frost Bullets were shot into the night sky, bursting into beautiful fireworks.

With different understandings in magic, the fireworks created by the mages all were different, turning the pitch black night sky into a beautiful canvas to showcase the splendor of the fireworks.

The fireworks lit up the faces of the players and townspeople as they watched in awe.

"Hope for the future, a reason to live, and the wonderful life we have now, this is all a gift from the God of Games!"

Without anyone noticing, Angora had made his way onto the rooftop of his home, raising his cup and shouting at the residents of the town under Vela's careful gaze: "This moment, and this cup of wine shall be given to our beloved God of Games! O Master of Games, Grant us New Life!"

"O Master of Games, Grant us New Life!"

All the players held up their skewers and cups, shouting in response to Angora's declaration.

Seeing all this, Xi Wei could not help but mutter in a tone that no one could hear.

"I'm truly Than Than..."