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58 The Fall of Rotten Bones

 It was not strange that it ended up so one-sided.

After all, ever since he found out the existence of a newbie deity just like him he couldn't help but set up a scheme for the evil deity.

He created a seemingly weak area with lots of 'defects' in his spatial barrier, but in fact this rift in space was a trap set by Xi Wei, laying so many obstacles throughout the path that to break in through it would cost more divine energy than breaking the spatial barrier from any other point.

Then, Xi Wei used the special time period of war to amass a hundred believers, letting him obtain large amounts of divine energy quickly.

But even with this large income, Xi Wei still saved and used it in moderation, cutting down on all costs and even skimping out on creating a new visage for himself.

While the players came into contact with the believers of the Rotten Bones God, he even acted like he was weak and that he didn't dare to show his presence. Adding onto that was the fact that the players were less experienced at the time and even the strongest players were only low leveled and couldn't hold a candle to the strong believers in the higher echelon of the Rotten Bones Church.

All of this gave the Rotten Bones God the illusion that Xi Wei was an even weaker deity and he was, and that he could consume Xi Wei to further increase his divinity.

But alas, after he used up a third of his divine power to pass through the trap that Xi Wei had set up for him, he was closed in and was trapped by Xi Wei who had been plotting this all along.

After coming into contact with the other deity, Xi Wei realized that he had been overly cautious. Even though the evil deity was on the same level as Xi Wei, but as a deity that lived in an era close to the Middle Ages of Earth he could only roughly use a fraction of the powers he had the capability of using, to the point where even Xi Wei was embarrassed for him. This was a shame, because the evil deity had been in existence for a longer time and had more believers than Xi Wei did.

To say it in another way, both parties had a rifle and several bullets, and Xi Wei carefully loaded his rifle and hid behind an obstacle, expecting an action-packed Hollywood gunfight.

But in contrast, the enemy used the rifle as a staff, waving it around with vigor as they rushed over...It was so comedic that Xi Wei wanted to send a bullet straight into their forehead.

"What did you do! Why can't I break out?" The Rotten Bones God still didn't realize the situation that he was in and was still trying to escape.

"I didn't do anything, you're just a noob." Xi Wei started condensing his divine energy to destroy the evil deity.

After all, no matter how stupid the enemy was, it was still a deity. They were completely different life forms from mortals, and so even if Xi Wei broke its neck and destroyed its head and chopped him into bits, he would still not be able to kill a deity.

To kill a deity, the only way other than letting them blink out of existence by exterminating their believers was to directly destroy their divinity!

A deity's divinity was their greatest weakness. This statement was definitely true, but also too vague. It was why most legendary beings knew this fact, but it was exceedingly rare for a mortal to kill a deity. This was because while a deity's divinity was their weakness, it was harder to destroy than their bodies!

So why did so many deities die in the War of Gods and Demons?

The reason was simple: Gods had the ability to convert their divine energy into divine power, which was one of the few ways to destroy a deity's divinity!

The divine energy around Xi Wei flowed around as it was converted into a strong wave of divine power.

This divine power latched onto a few of Xi Wei's tentacles, and the tips of the tentacles became sharp and started whirling. As the tentacles bound together, it looked like a giant drill with special sound and light effects.

"W-Wait, I can be your subordinate deity!" The Rotten Bones God finally got it through his thick skull that he was going to be killed and pleaded. "You're just a new deity and you don't have your own pantheon. Don't you want to be the main deity of a pantheon? With my help, you can definitely become the deity upon deities!"

"Well said, but I refuse!" Xi Wei flickered dangerously as the divine power converged under his influence: "I despise those that eat human flesh."

"But why?! Humans are only lowly creatures that keep on growing like weeds, why do you look upon them so dearly?" The evil deity that didn't know that Xi Wei was originally a human, so he shouted in confusion. Then, he seemed to come to the conclusion that begging wasn't going to help so he started threatening Xi Wei, "...Stop now! If you kill me here the Skeleton God will definitely find out someday! This is equal to declaring war with the Revenant Pantheon, no, the entire Netherworld Pantheon at once! It's not too late to give up!"

"Isn't that even better?" The speck of light on Xi Wei formed a smiling face. "The thing I love the most is to challenge myself with adversaries of a higher level!"

"You're crazy! For such a foolish reason..."

Xi Wei who knew that antagonists die from talking too much stopped replying, as his strong divine energy converged into a giant spinning lance that was shining with an iridescent light.

The next moment, this giant lance that held the most power that Xi Wei had put into an attack ever since his transmigration impaled the head of the Rotten Bones God, immediately destroying the divinity that was hidden within!

From this moment forth, the Rotten Bones God was no more.

Actually, had the evil deity been more cautious and tried to find a way to face Xi Wei in a duel, he still probably wouldn't have won against Xi Wei but he wouldn't have died in such a terrible way.

Quoting his own words, greed was his greatest downfall. It was his eagerness to consume Xi Wei's power that ironically led to him falling into the trap.

And those believers in the evil deity could not draw any more blessings from him anymore, becoming normal humans again with the same ghastly visage. It was a way to condemn them for betraying their original identities as humans!

"Oho, this is quite nice..."

Xi Wei happily started to absorb the shards of the fallen deity's divinity as he carefully analyzed the abilities that it held, replenishing and upgrading his own divinity at the same time. "There's a lot of useless bits, but there's also quite a lot of good stuff..."

He then glanced at the corpse of the Rotten Bones God.

The evil deity was definitely dead, but as a deity's body held strong divine energy, even if its divinity were destroyed and its consciousness disappeared, their bodies would be able to be left for a long time.

The dead bodies of some stronger deities could even continue moving along with their instincts after death-There were probably some of these in the depths of the Valley of the Tragic Dead.

"It seems that I can go forward with some plans of mine now..."