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57 Oh Please, You’re Weak Okay?

 "This isn't over yet... Lord Rotten Bones...Will avenge us..."

As he finally fell with an unwilling expression, the players finally claimed victory.

The players that were panting in exhaustion didn't react in time, and some of them continued to hammer away at the archbishop's corpse with their skills.

Until the corpse disappeared and a system notification appeared, they finally came to their senses.

[Ding! Event-Dawn of Vengeance is officially over.]

[AP will expire after three days, please use them quickly.]

[All players that participated in the event will be given the title 'Avenger'.]

[Underground Hideout of Lancaster has been added into the territory of the God of Games church. All players above Level 5 may teleport between the Unnamed Town and the Underground Hideout of Lancaster through the Lifestone (Consumes game coins)]

After several moments of silence, the players let out a cry of victory. Some players had already called their friends to celebrate with a banquet back at the unnamed town to also brag to the refugee players about their exploits.

As an experienced online game player from Earth, Xi Wei thought that his players had passable results this time around, but they still had room for improvement. They were not very efficient in defeating enemies, and especially the players that helped to defeat Zaccarah went straight into battle with Ugart after, wasting tons of AP when they died over and over again.

Of course, these so-called problems were asking too much for his believers at this point in time. They really did pretty well in this event, even better than Xi Wei had expected them to.

Seeing them celebrate in joy, he smiled happily before removing his gaze from them.

Even though the real show is about to start, it wasn't their problem anymore so it was alright to let them relax.

"It's coming." His spherical body flashed and flickered in anticipation.

The next moment.

His entire divine kingdom started shaking!

The monster corpses that he had carefully piled up and arranged (most of them being the hundred thousand Hogwash Rats) fell unceremoniously to the floor along with the intense tremors.

Xi Wei didn't mind that, and instead set his gaze on the direction of the root of the tremors.

Earthquakes didn't happen in divine kingdoms, so there was only one explanation.

Another god was trying to invade his divine kingdom!

In the empty space above his divine kingdom, several cracks formed as the kingdom shuddered, the cracks growing larger under Xi Wei's gaze.

Even though there were no sounds, Xi Wei could somehow hear the sound of glass cracking.

The next moment, a rift appeared in space as the cracks shattered, a large black bony hand reaching in as the space of the divine kingdom creaked as if an unbearable weight was added onto it, the cracks growing larger.

Immediately after, a large black skeleton with pieces of rotten flesh attached to it appeared through the cracks.

That was the true body of the Rotten Bones God, a Demi Skeletal Evil God under the pantheon of the gods of death.

Just looking at it would cause a mortal's very soul to be damaged!

The large purple eye that was oozing with pus locked onto Xi Wei, and even though it had no vocal chords, it let out a deep and guttural sound that was filled with so much malice and darkness that mortals that heard it would have been corrupted into revenants after hearing the terrible sound.

"You will pay for your insolence, God of Ga...Why the f*ck are you a ball of light?"

Xi Wei: "..."

What's wrong with being a ball of light! Does a ball of light steal your food?!

Xi Wei started flashing and flickering with a higher frequency, agitated by the crass words.

"Ah well, not that it matters anyway," the skeleton said dismissively as he squeezed his body into Xi Wei's divine kingdom, "Fights between believers weren't of any importance to us gods anyway, but you were so intent on killing my archbishop and destroying my church that you used your divine power to dispel the Seal of Curses that he created. You thought you were so slick, huh? But that was your death sentence!"

"I must commend you for hiding so well, I wouldn't have been able to catch your tail had you not left your divine power on that accursed stone that led me straight to you!" The skeleton then looked over the corpses of the monsters that the players killed and sacrificed before scoffing at Xi Wei. To him, only the weakest and lowest ranked gods would even accept rats that were sacrificed to them. If his own believers dared to do the same thing, he wouldn't even think of blessing them and instead would probably have possessed someone and killed them on the spot for the act of heresy.

He cracked his mouth and smirked, creating an aura of malice along with the rotting flesh and fluids dripping onto the floor. "Greed, will be your downfall."

As he said so, he finally squeezed completely into Xi Wei's divine kingdom. In contrast with Xi Wei who was just a ball of light, the Rotten Bones god looked like a giant.

At this point, the strong and sturdy spatial barrier was not an obstacle for the skeleton anymore.

In other words, the Rotten Bones God had finally cracked open the shell of an oyster, and it was time to relish on its delicious flesh.

And Xi Wei who was seen as prey by the evil god hadn't even uttered a word through the entire scene. Suddenly, he started to glow brighter and brighter.

At first, the Rotten Bones God thought it was an act of self-defense in fear. After all, who could read the emotions of a ball of light?

But immediately after, he realized something was wrong.

The divine kingdom that seemed to have shattered due to taking in a god that was of higher-rank than its owner started to heal and recover at an alarmingly fast rate.

In moments, the cracks that filled his field of vision disappeared, along with the giant rift in space that he used the power of nine behemoths and two dragons to open up disappeared immediately...

As if it were not a crack, but an intentionally opened entrance.

Having a bad feeling, the Rotten Bones God immediately waved its large claws at Xi Wei, trying to kill this ominous ball of light in one fell swoop.

But in response, Xi Wei only stretched out a single tentacle to block the giant bony claw.

"After blabbering for so long I thought you would say something intelligent, but you were only hyping yourself up..." Several tentacles of light emerged from Xi Wei and wrapped the evil god like a cocoon, ignoring the futile struggles of the Rotten Bones God that sent pieces of flesh and blood all over the place. Like a victim stuck in quicksand, the more it struggled, the tighter the cocoon of tentacles became.

"Oh please, you're weak okay?"The power of nine behemoths and two dragons is a play on the saying 'with the power of nine bulls and two tigers' which means to exert a lot of strength