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56 Siege on the Rotten Bones Church III

 Even though the players mobbed Urgat (with justice), but his resilience was beyond the expectations of the players. Even when the other group of players succeeded in defeating the Black-Robed Bishop and rushed over to help, they still weren't able to defeat Urgat easily.

This was normal. After all, Urgat was the top tier of believers under the command of the Rotten Bones God, and was the archbishop that held the most power in their church.

Actually, Urgat's greatest tactic was to turn the corpses of his enemies into rotten bones and summon Black Skeletons to fight for him, and he had used this ability to turn the tides in one of their battles against the Temple of Glory, letting them flee successfully.

The gaping hole in this strategy this time around was that the players did not leave behind corpses after they died...

But even though he lost his greatest trump card, he could still hold up against more than twenty players, a true testament to his ability.

Thankfully, his HP gauge was trickling down slowly but at a steady rate.

"So that's it..."

After casting a Black Bone Wall to deflect the attacks of the players, he suddenly said, "I've killed that guy three times, but he's running around in front of my eyes like a pest now... It seems that your confidence stems in your ability to revive like that!"

Urgat hadn't thought that the players could revive. After all, the highest level god of death Lord Hades was not someone to be made fun of. After he defeated the first god of death, he held all influence over the laws of death in an iron grip. In comparison, the Rotten Bones God that Urgat worshipped was only the lackey of Lord Hades' lackey...

From Urgat's assumptions, the players were only revenants like Skeletons that were summoned by an unknown being, so the best way was to find the caster and kill them. But now due to the players, finding the players wasn't something that could be feasibly done.

If that's the case, he could only try and weaken these maggots.

Thinking of this, he didn't continue to save the energy that he had stored up and struck his staff to the ground. Rotten Bones Energy flowed down to the floor like water, and black patterns rippled from the bottom of the staff, quickly covering every corner of the hideout!

"What's the deal with this debuff called Rotten Bones Corrosion? My max HP is decreasing!"

"Not only max HP, all our stats are decreasing too..."

"F*ck, my max MP is decreasing so much that I can't cast any skills, how can we defeat this boss?"

The players looked worried as their strong attacks became weak.

Urgat smiled, seeing his plan work.

"Did you heathens think that you can defeat me with your simple ways? No! The one that will win is me, Ugart!"

If killing these maggots would cause them to be summoned again by the caster, then he can just leave them here and go kill the caster himself!

It was at this moment that a silhouette appeared at the entrance of the hideout.

It was a young maiden with light blonde hair that wore a battle skirt and plated armor.

Even though they were underground, but the moment she appeared a warm ray of light seemed to pierce the clouds and even the earth, enveloping her in a warm and holy halo of light.

The young maiden held a war banner as she stepped into the courtyard, her expression solemn and holy.

Urgat knew who she was, and it was when she appeared that he realized where these enemies were from and why they had attacked him.

"Yakaran? It's you!"

The princess of the fallen Tierra, the loser that was expelled by him with her tail between her legs came back in such a matter!

More astonishing was the fact that these maggots that were like unkillable cockroaches were believers of the God of Games!

How was that possible? Wasn't the God of Games an extremely weak deity that couldn't even defend the country of his believers?

After Tierra was taken over, the God of Games did not even give any signs, and his church hid in these sewers like turtles that could not see the light of day.

If it were not for the fact that the church of the God of Games was so weak, he wouldn't have picked this place as his hideout in the first place.

Now Urgat could only feel regret and a deep hatred for the church of the God of Games. If their deity was so strong, why did they hide it all this time?! If he knew that their deity was so bad*ss he definitely would have chosen another place to hide and not come here to be beaten up like this...

"Oh vanguards of our church! Please listen to the decree of our god and entrust your backs to your allies. This battle isn't just for us, it's for the futures of our allies that we still don't know yet! Take back this land that was ours in the first place! My name is Leah Yakaran, and in the name of our Lord, I proclaim this banner as our last fortress and battlefront. May you bring us victory!"

As she said so, she raised the banner she held in her hand as the banner unfurled, every detail revealing itself and showing the emblem of the God of Games in its full glory.

Then, she struck the flagpole onto the ground, and at the instant it neared the ground, the Rotten Bones Energy that was placed there by Ugart immediately started to repel this war banner that was filled with divine energy.

Even though he had no idea what was going on, Ugart was not so stupid as to let the young maiden set up her war banner, deducting that the young maiden was the caster when he saw players revive around her. He quickly activated his attack towards Leah, shooting several obsidian beams towards her.

But his beams were blocked by a player using his body as a shield!

That player only glanced at Ugart before disappearing, but the other players seemed to have inherited his 'will', making their way towards Leah and becoming a sturdy wall.

"Why!" Ugart shouted in confusion, 'How can you sacrifice yourselves in such a way! What had the God of Games given you? Life? Power? I can give you five... No, ten times!"

The divine energy attached to the flag was definitely stronger than the Rotten Bones Energy, and under Leah's effort, it destroyed the barrier made by the Rotten Bones energy and impaled the earth!

The next moment, the banner disappeared, and a small altar emerged.

"Leave that unsightly life and power for yourself." Edward declared, "From the start, you seemed to have gotten something wrong. Life isn't something to be thrown away, quite the opposite, what our Lord has given us is new life!"

As the sky-blue Lifestone floated onto the altar, the Rotten Bones Energy that infused the ground was dispelled immediately. The debuffs on the players were immediately cleared away and replaced with several buffs!

In contrast, Ugart who had seemed powerful became frail like an old man.

"O Master of Games, grant us new life!"

The players shouted together as they attacked Ugart one last time.