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55 Siege on the Rotten Bones Church II

 "How quiet. It seems that our believers have exterminated those pests that dare challenge the might of our church." Zaccarah said after hearing no sound from outside the hideout.

"Those humans have strange abilities, but they're too weak. They had no chance against the loyal believers of our Lord in the first place." Urgat said matter-of-factly. "Putting that aside, I feel uneasy for some reason. Now go do the things I told you to do before those large churches get wind of our plans. It would be hard to do it under their scrutiny."

"Understood, your Venerable One," Zaccarah replied respectfully.

"Oh Zaccarah, I understand your uneasiness, but what we have done up to this point will not be for naught," Urgat consoled as he smiled, but it seemed terrible due to his ghastly visage. " Once we have the hearts and marrows of a thousand infants, then we will have nothing to fear! One day, Rotten Bones will walk this land again."

As the archbishop was about to break into a full-on speech, the door burst open again, attracting his attention.

"Did you just say the hearts and marrows of a hundred infants? What a scoundrel to stretch your filthy hands toward the weak! I will smite you heathens in the name of just... Argh!"

Marni struck a cool pose, but before he could finish speaking his heart was impaled with an obsidian beam of light and he disappeared into specks of light.

"Wait, didn't our tanks activate their aggro skills? Why did the boss attack Marni first?"

"Who knows, he probably has an aura that attracts the attention of bosses 100% of the time."

The players bantered nonchalantly as they started to attack the two remaining enemies in the hideout.

Urgat glanced casually at the players, letting down his guard when he realized there were only around twenty of them.

"You dare challenge us with such few numbers? How foolish!"

As he said so, he raised his bony arm to buff Zaccarah. In fact, Zaccarah was the weakest out of the three Black-Robed Bishops, acting as more of a strategist that focused on behind the scenes work rather than fighting in the fray, and so he was only marginally stronger than the high-tier believers.

But would the players that had anticipated this let the archbishop do this?

The next moment, a warrior player sped over to Urgat and threw down his weapon that looked like an orange fruit knife, grabbing the archbishop and throwing him into a suplex!

If Urgat were a Saint or a Saintess, or had he become a pope with the blessing of his god, then he would have been able to be immune to the suplex that could only have worked under the Rule of Skills.

Unfortunately, he was only an archbishop at this point so he could not escape the effects of the skill, being thrown into a suplex immediately.

The skill itself did not cause much damage to him, but the extravagant robe that he was wearing flipped over like a noblewoman's crinoline, revealing his skinny legs that looked like chopsticks.

This immediately made the boss that originally had an air of dignity become somewhat comedic...

"How dare you..." The archbishop that had released himself from the hold of the player's suplex lost his former cool, shuddering in humiliation as he shot deathly rays towards the players. "Now die!"

But even then, his reactions had been predicted by the players. Except for Marni who had just revived and arrived at the doorway, the other players all evaded this attack by dodging out of the way.

Along with the wails of Marni screaming that his buffs were wasted again, Urgat calmed down a little.

He realized that the players seemed to be preventing him from casting Rotten Bones Enhancement onto Zaccarah.

If that was the case, then he wouldn't let them have their way!

"Zaccarah quick, let me cast a..."

Urgat commanded, turning over to Zaccarah...

Only to see Zaccarah get suplexed by a player-his robes flipping over due to gravity and revealing Zaccarah's legs that were similar to Urgat's. The only difference was that there were still some strands of leg hair left on Zaccarah's legs that were swaying with the breeze...

This reminded Urgat of the humiliating scene he wanted to forget so badly.

"Curse you damned maggots!!!"

And so he waved around his hefty staff and chased the player that had suplexed him.

Even though he looked like a skeleton and used a staff as a weapon, people always mistook him for a physically weak mage. But in fact because his body had already been converted completely with Rotten Bones Energy, his strength and speed were stronger than people assumed it to be. He quickly chased the warrior that was fleeing away and cornered him.

"I won't let you die so easily!"

Seeing that the enemy was cornered, he shoved a ball of shadows with innumerable amounts of worms and maggots into the player's body with a savage look on his face.

"Try out my Maggot Poison Curse! These little guys will eat away at your organs, your blood vessels and your bones, slowly taking their place and giving you excruciating pain along with an unbearable itch... Until your body becomes a worm nest! Until your brains get consumed, you will live in constant pain until your death! Hahaha!"

As he continued, he laughed ghastly like a character from a horror movie.

The player that had been frowning because of the curse that had been cast on him heard this, but instead his expression became lighter instead.

"So I just have to die?"

Then, he quickly took out a short blade that he had been carrying around and impaled himself in his chest. His body then disappeared into specks of light.

Urgat: "...?"

The players: "..."

After the entire scene was momentarily frozen with silence, Edward stood out and shouted, "How dare you kill our friend with such cruel means! Everyone, there's no convincing this villain to turn back, let's kill him!"

Urgat felt like he had eaten a mouthful of flies.

'I'm not, I didn't, why are you saying that!

'He literally killed himself...' LMAO again!