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51 Duties of an Event NPC

 Through the tightly shut doors, Angora could hear the commotion of the players outside as if a volcano had exploded.

"Level 4 Tank requesting a party to explore 2% of the Valley of the Tragic Dead! It's fine to use me as bait or feed as long as I don't die!"

"Finally full-bodied armor, I'm sick of this Bone Breastplate! What, you want a refund? I'd rather you slash me with a knife!"

"Where's the princess? My knife is thirsting for blood!"

"The way you say that is like you're going to slay the princes..."

"Can we exchange these Avenger Points with others? If so I'm selling them for one game coin each!"

"Are you Wilf? You must be incredibly rich!"

The players who were putting on a mask of being nice and gentle seniors immediately showed their true selves upon knowing about the event.

The residents of the town gave them gazes that were equal parts gentle and pitying the players who had returned to their silly selves again. The gentle and nice demeanor the players were putting up really made them feel uncomfortable, and how noisy and loud they were now was the norm.

Meanwhile, the new players were informed of the event, but they had a while to go before reaching Level 5, and when they did the event would have almost come to an end, so they could only look in envy at their seniors...

In the room, Angora sighed with a wry smile on his face.

After this event notification was posted, he realized that Leah had no need to ask for permission from him. She only did so to give him some dignity as the lord of this town and also one of the closest believers to the God of Games.

"We will support your actions, and also supply resources in food and material, but I would still need to use some veteran players because we still have unfinished business here," Angora said, picking his words carefully.

After all, they couldn't leave the matters of the Frogmen unattended, and he couldn't entrust the mission to Level 1 beginners. If he only had Vela to do it he would worry about her safety, so he naturally needed some veteran players to help.

He thought the princess would immediately accept his terms because it was not asking too much of the young princess, however the latter did not reply. It was now that he realized that the princess was distracted.

Vela furrowed her brow and wanted to tell the princess not to be so arrogant, but was stopped calmly by Angora.

"Don't be angry, she's just looking at the message the God of Games issued."

Only did Vela notice that the young princess' gaze was blank, as if she was staring at something in mid-air.

After clicking on the quest, Leah got a system notification too, but as an event NPC this time around, she had a different message from all the other players.

[Main Quest-Dawn of Vengeance]

[Quest details: As the final successor of Tierra, your devotion has reached the strong and handsome God of Games, and hence His believers will provide you with help in taking revenge. In the next seven days, they will help you to reclaim Lancaster and your job is to become a flagbearer!]

[Quest Requirements: In the event period, build the Lifestone in the middle of the Lancaster Stronghold, and wipe out at least 60% of the cultists there.]

[During the event, players that die in the event would be directly revived by your side, and the death penalty would be reduced by 2% and their Avenger Points(AP) would be reduced by half. You can also obtain AP from players to activate event skills. If you die at any point in the event, the entire event would be regarded as a failure!]

[Event Skills:]

[Avengers Assemble (100AP): Transports players between the Unnamed Town and Lancaster City, the first use is free.]

[Avengers Eat Shawarma (500 AP): Replenish players' HP and MP]

[Avengers Beat Up Loki (300 AP): Buff players with a random offensive buff for one hour (only applicable for event quest)]

[Avengers Get Beat Up by Thanos (300 AP): Buff players with a random defensive buff for one hour (only applicable for event quest)]

[Other skills: (Click Here)]

[You can use AP collected from players to reinforce the Lancaster Stronghold.]

[AP required to build Lifestone: 5000 AP ]

[Other buildings: (Click here)]

[We may not have been able to protect Tierra, but we can seek revenge-the God of Games]

The young princess read the system notification carefully (even the parts that were kept aside by the author so that the readers wouldn't say he's filling up word space).

She only now realized that she was in the middle of a conversation with the lord of the unnamed town, and what she did was extremely impolite.

"I'm sorry, I got distracted," she apologized earnestly.

Even though an apology didn't solve the problem, she still realized her mistake.

"It's alright, I'm sure everyone here understands why you did." Angora smiled socially with the aura of a nobleman.

Vela who was behind him puffed her cheeks, seemingly not very happy.

"Thank you for understanding." Leah nodded gratefully.

"If you don't mind, may I know what interesting things you received to let you be distracted for so long?" Angora asked in a seemingly nonchalant tone.

Normally, it would be completely alright for Leah to refuse answering his question as she was a princess, but she was the one who was impolite first and Angora forgave her, so it was not in good taste to refuse him.

The registrar who was standing behind Leah wanted to speak up, but he still stopped himself. Her Highness was not the young girl that did not know manners anymore after all. After all the ups and downs of life he trusted her to be able to deal with things in her own way.

"Of course." Leah smiled, then said seriously, "In fact, if this event goes well, we might be able to cooperate more closely and deeply."

Leah coughed loudly.