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50 Dawn of Vengeance

 To the regular townsfolk who could not see the Players' names, they naturally started to feel a sense of panic when they saw the sight of Marni leading a massive army with more than a hundred people.

Even when including the Players currently in the town, the total amount of people in town could only amount to almost half of their numbers.

But the Players themselves including Angora didn't have much of a reaction. After all, they already knew that Angora had a hidden quest to recruit refugees and convert them into new believers of the God of Games. Adding onto that was the fact that the level displayed next to the hasty Players was only Level 1, so they honestly didn't even feel the slightest bit flustered. Some of them even wanted to laugh at Marni whose face was somewhat swollen.

In fact, ever since Marni left the town, the Players already started to renovate and build some new buildings for the new Players to live in.

Even though it sounded a little hard to believe, but they were believers in the God of Games before they were Players, after all.

Devout pioneers tend to open the path for believers that came after them.

To take an example would be like how people tend to show the best side of things when they recommended it to someone else.

Other than specific evil cults, this was an instinctive and spontaneous reaction by the majority of believers no matter the church.

Therefore as the refugees entered the town restlessly, they were greeted with steaming hot food and comfortable places to sleep in, as well as the passionate welcoming Players.

"Here, have this piece of bread! Can you help me carry bricks? We can split the reward!"

"Here's a Bone Breastplate for fifty game coins, you can put it on your tab and if it's fake I'll pay you back tenfold. Let me know if you're interested!"

"Yes! Now that these newbies are here I won't have to be mob bait anymore!"

"You went with a defensive build, that's literally your job..."

Xi Wei who was in his Divine Kingdom smiled as his body bobbed up and down, feeling satisfied with his believers.

Even the funny way they acted reminded him of the crackhead Players he used to play games with back on Earth...

Even though they were somewhat startled by the veteran Players, but they still opened their hearts to them after feeling their warmth and goodwill.

Some refugee Players who were physically fit even accepted the invitation of the veteran Players to go to the 'Outskirts-Valley of the Tragic Dead' dungeon together after they settled down.

Meanwhile, Leah met Angora with Marni's help.

The young princess found her guards who had revived after sacrificing themselves for her, but since they had just revived they knew about as much as she did.

Even though he believed in the faith the Players held in the God of Games and knew that they wouldn't spread secrets, but Angora still decided to take the conversation in closed doors after considering how silly the Players could be.

Vela closed the door, blocking out the sounds of haggling and conversations outside the door. Now the two Players with the most special identities finally started their official meeting.

"I'm sorry, I don't really like the formalities of nobles so let's drop those and cut to the chase. I need the help of veteran Players to help me take revenge!"

Leah didn't want to waste time on formalities, so she immediately told Angora what she had in mind, "I'm sure the hundred new believers I brought would be enough to fill in the gaps left by the veteran Players temporarily, yes?"

As long as there were enough monsters for them to kill, the Players would be able to grow stronger in a short amount of time.

Angora subconsciously wanted to refuse, but then thought this over for a bit and asked, "The revenge that you mentioned wouldn't mean to rebuild Tierra, yes? After all our church isn't strong enough to fight with those large kingdoms... Did you get a quest you could issue to the Players?"

The young princess blinked in surprise-she didn't think that a noble from such a small place would be so competent and agile minded. After all, without a mission with good rewards to reel the Players in, even Angora could not command the Players to help.

But there was nothing to hide on her end, so she opened her quest page and clicked on the Dawn of Vengeance quest she received earlier. The next moment, every Player received a long notification from the system.

[Ding! Event activated-]

[Tierra Returns-Dawn of Vengeance]

[Story: The evil cultists have invaded the last bastion of Tierra's civilization, and the kingdom that was blessed by the God of Games is at stake. At this last moment, the warrior princess of Tierra has issued an invitation with the help of the great and almighty God of Games, so that you may help her to take revenge on those that dared to invade Tierra's last stronghold.]

[Event Duration: Seven days]

[Event Condition: All Players above LV5 may join]

[Event Details: Players shall follow the warrior princess Leah Yakaran to Lancaster and earn Avenger Points(AP) by slaying members of the Rotten Bones Church. These points may be traded for event rewards.]

[The corresponding points for every type of cultist: (Press here to check)]

[Event Rewards]

[Badge of Rebirth (1000 AP): Accessory/Consumable. If the Player who has equipped this item dies, they may be revived immediately to max health. This would be treated as having a revival spell cast on them and consume 10% of their EXP. This item disappears after use. Only one is allowed per Player]

[Avenger's Buckler (2000 AP): Defensive Equipment/Thrown Item. A round shield made from an unknown alloy, DEF+120, its aerodynamic design allows it to fly back to its original position after being thrown, so please catch it.]

[Avenger's Full-Body-Armor (5000 AP): Defensive Equipment. A red and golden armor that is extremely popular (multiple colors are available), DEF +300, reduces damage from slashing and blunt weapons. Agro +120%. Equipment code 'I am Iron Man'. Flight ability not included.]

[Avenger's Hammer (4000 AP): Weapon/ Thrown Item. A hammer imbued with the power of thunder. ATK+80, every attack causes extra 40 Thunder Damage. Disclaimer: It is very heavy.]

[Avenger's Tube Top (2000 AP): Defensive Equipment. AGI+10%, close combat damage+10%. When equipped on male Player, may unlock the passive skill: Crossdresser.]

[Avenger's Bow (1000 AP): Weapon. Appears to be high tech but somewhat normal. When equipped reduces user's presence by 20%.]

[Avenger's Boxers (3000 AP): Defensive Equipment. Indestructible boxers. May be equipped with other lower body equipment. Increases wearer's skill casting speed by 10%.]Poor Hawkeye. Not even spared here xD