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38 The Great System Knows All!

 Angora could not understand the other Players' behavior.

Although he had been merely been curious at first how his own System differed from theirs, he realized that there was actually a major difference between them. In fact, it could well be two completely different things.

That was probably the reason Angora simply could not understand the reason behind what they do.

They were all clearly humans but they fought like berserkers, often competing to death for kill counts. They also did not fear death since they could be revived, and even talk about their experiences of dying during idle chat after a meal or over drinks. Moreover, there were pairs who could be beating each other fatally just a second ago, after of which they would have a jovial moment as they went together to the only tavern in town.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Could the System had made them all straightforward and carefree?

Indeed, Angora was a little envious that they could so freely expose their true selves.

It certainly did not stop Angora himself from taking the Players for fools since their behavior was all over the place and only ever sought leveling up, better items, and a more pleasant life. Still, the young lord was unaware that it was a common opinion he shared with his own god.

Still, today was a first.

The hidden quest Marni received when he was about to depart had become an explosive fuse leading to the biggest free-for-all melee yet.

That being said, although it was gory and bloody, Angora had gotten used to the players leaping into duels that the present sight was just a little more thrilling. In fact, it was not just him-the townsfolk had sneakily slid open their windows to watch the show as well, with some of the braver ones cheering for the Players whom they were usually close with.

Angora got an interesting idea then.

If the Players increased to a considerable number, he could organize a royal rumble for all of them like the gladiator battles in the cities... and he would definitely make a killing if he was the one selling tickets.

It was going to be such a success!

"My lord, say something!" The two Players who were sitting seiza-style in the town lord's residence (which in fact was Vela's home) were urging him impatiently. "Hurry up!"

Angora quickly collected his drifting thoughts.

Yes, compared to the path to fortune, there was a troublesome issue at hand.

It started with the free-for-all, with the two players encountering two 'monsters' as they dueled-monsters who were sinisterly approaching starter village.

Despite having some moves, the pair was unable to escape despite riding their chocobos as the other Players were just nearby. After being given a major beating, they were dragged off and now presented to him.

The two Players who stumbled upon them were also proudly bragging to Angora, saying something like 'my lord, if it wasn't for the quest we received halfway, you would be seeing two corpses instead!"

For that, Angora could not help but retort inwardly: nonsense, would anyone you people killed have corpses left?!

Still, complaints were complaints. Angora himself was thankful that the other Players caught the pair for him.

While they seemed to have received strict training, refusing to say a word despite any form of torture and not even smile, they were nothing in comparison to the System.

[New quest issuing authority gained-Investigate the Secret Eye Society]

Explanation: You have captured two scouts from the Secret Eye Society who have come to confirm that the skeleton horde had destroyed the unnamed town and kill its lord, after the Society had lured the skeletons to attack it. The Secret Eye Society's very existence threatens the safety of this prospering town, but to uproot them, one must know it from bottom-up.

[Quest: You may assign the mission 'Investigate the Secret Eye Society' to any number of players, but each assignment costs 20 yield points and 100 game coins.]

[Quest reward: Sentry watchtower blueprint]

"They're scouts from the Secret Eye Society."

Angora slid an impassive glance at the pair who were sprawled over the floor like puddles after being handed some major punishment.

The cloaked man looked up in surprise, his eyes fixed a little dazedly at Angora as he asked hoarsely in disbelief, "How..."

"How could I possibly know that, you mean? Nonsense. Did you think your luring of those skeletons was flawless?"

Angora crossed his fingers beneath his chin, laughing coldly and loftily as he looked down on the cloaked man. "Don't make me laugh."

"If you knew all along... Why torture us..." The cloaked man asked bitterly, understanding at once that Angora was neither putting on airs nor trying to force them to talk as he already knew about the skeleton horde.

"Torturing saboteurs of my land and enemies of peace needs no reason!" Angora declared sharply.

In truth, Angora's quest issuing authority actually came with the requirement of giving those two a good beating beforehand.

Still, the prisoners did not need to know that.

"Finished talking? Can we kill them now?" One of the Players asked unhappily. "They're EXP!"

Although it would be acceptable to throw the two Secret Eye members to the Players and have them gotten rid of, they might still be useful later. Hence, after some thinking, Angora decided to imprison them instead.

"We're keeping them alive for the moment," Angora told them. "Throw them down into the dungeon."

"Huh? Hold on, they're our monsters! You don't steal another man's monster!" The Player closer to Angora complained.

"Yeah! Why would you simply take away our EXP and Epic items?!" the other Player added.

'Do these peasants not know respect for their lord?!'

Angora was irritated inside, but being brothers of the same faith, he naturally could not simply dismiss them.

"Kill away, then. It's a shame, but I guess I can't assign you the hidden quest from my end if that's the case." Angora shook his head dramatically.

The two Players' ears pricked up at the words 'hidden quest'.

They swiftly snuggled up to Angora as if they were puppies and started bootlicking.

"After some reflection, I believe I have an obligation to heed your intentions, my lord. Say no more, I'll take them away and lock them up!"

"Yeah! That's why you could be at ease and just hand us that hidden quest or whatnot!"