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33 Kill Him!

 Leah was on the streets, carefully looking for any place they could resupply.

While the believers of the God of Games were not indiscriminately hated, they still would not be warmly received. Moreover, Leah the former princess was a wanted criminal, and she would definitely catch some attention if she boldly walked into a tavern to buy food.

It was more convenient for her to get her supplies from shops run by neutral churches.

"Your Highness, we're being followed," one of her guards suddenly whispered.

Leah did not recklessly turn her head to alert their pursuers. It was not the first time she was being followed over the years, even gaining a certain amount of counter-tracking experience in return.

She pretended to be interested in some antique displayed on a roadside stall, looking interested and cheerful as she spoke to the guard who alerted her.

"Could we have been found by clerics? Could you see who it is?"

"I'm sorry, your highness." The guard shook his head. "They are well hidden-it's by luck that we actually found them."

Anyone else looking from out of earshot would think that they were siblings: a younger sister wanting something from the stall while the brother protested.

"Well, there's no helping it. Withdraw."

Leah considered it for just a moment and immediately came to a decision. "Let's meet up inside the woods in front of the city after shaking them off."

Since their pursuers did not make a move immediately after finding them, it meant that they were afraid of exposing themselves in public.

That was a clear sign that their pursuers did not serve the banners of light and order, that they were not from the orthodox churches such as the Brilliant White Church who would have simply made a move. Then, after eliminating the possibility that they were slave traders as well, it meant that the cultists have caught up to them again!

The other guards made a hand sign that they were ready, and at Leah's own response, all of them abruptly spread out and sneaked inside the alleys on both sides of the streets!

They moved very suddenly, and by deliberately covering Leah's form, they blindsided the cultists who did not expect them to split up despite their dire lack of numbers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Which alley was it, damn it?


After checking twice that they were free from their pursuers, Leah and her escort all arrived at the forest before the others.

That was when they realized that someone was already there.

"Uncle Carlo..." Tangled emotions arose in Leah as the man stood with his hand clasped behind his back in the woods. "Why are you here?"

"I watched you grown up, Your Highness."

Carlo slowly turned to gaze upon Leah. "It's not just the ways of the sword-I've taught you every trick and strategy after Tierra fell, and I know how you think like the back of my hand. After you realized that you were being followed and splitting up to escape, I could guess that you will be meeting up on the east side of the city by tracing your routes. Wouldn't it be too normal to see that you would end up here by judging your habits, and with a little observation?"

"Your Highness, be careful. He's no longer our captain!" The only escorting guardsman beside Leah warned nervously.

"I know." Leah nodded-the System identified Carlo as an enemy, with a HP bar hovering his head. There was also an icon that indicated the buff status of 'Corruption'.

She only had to focus on the icon to tell that the buff effects were 10% increase of strength, speed, and stamina, as well as poisoned attacks.

Although Corruption sounded like a debuff, it was actually a blessing that Rotten Bones give to its followers.

Still, even if the buff did not appear too significant, it was just days after Carlo was formally initiated into Rotten Bones. And while he did not have much accomplishment save for his betrayal of Leah, he still managed to earn an all-attribute buff of 10% from the evil god. It was clear how much more he could be if he continued on his path...

"Leah, be rest assured... I'll earn the Rotten Bones' trust with your head, and when I'm powerful, I would accomplish your wish and exact vengeance upon those who defiled Tierra!" Carlo slowly approached her as he slowly drew his sword.

"You're kidding. I don't have such a dull wish!" Leah drew her own sword as well, knowing that there was nowhere to run and that exposing her back to the enemy was the most foolish of choices. "I'm no longer the girl who counted on you for everything, Uncle Carlo... or should I say, Traitor Carlo!"

"That's a good look on your face," Carlo smiled, but that left Leah feeling a chill instead. "Looks like wandering has grown you sufficiently, Your Highness. You might even have made a fine queen... it's a shame that the growth of the heart does not help with ability, and you will die here."

"Run, Your Highness. I'll hold him!" Leah's guard stood between her and Carlo, glaring at the latter as he slowly came to them as if he was a Boss. "The God of Games be with you!"

The guard was aware that the System allows adjustment of pain levels, and he thought that by keeping it at its minimum would allow him to ignore any agony as he put his life on the line, delaying Carlo and giving Leah a chance to escape.

Meanwhile, Leah stared nervously at Carlo, furiously thinking whether she should choose fight or flight. She was a little confused because she had never once bested Carlo, and the fact that she could not win had been engraved into her bones, even suffocating her.

But in that very moment, a semi-transparent tab suddenly opened in front of her eyes.

[Ding! You have started a side quest-Kill Him!]

The naming style of the quest was simple, violent and rather crude, clearly different from before. Nevertheless, Leah's noticed that her anxiety eased, her muddled head turning into calmness as she relaxed considerably.

"There's no need to run," Leah's heart was filled with determination thanks to the encouragement from the quest. "Because I will defeat you right here!"

"Oh?" Carlo narrowed his eyes; his face became dangerous.

"There is only one reason for your defeat, Carlo!" The girl raised her sword. "You betrayed the God of Games!"