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26 Crisis in Starter Village

 The anomalies began on the second day into winter.

At first, it had only been weak skeletons found wandering outside of town, but the revenants soon grew in number. Soon, even skeleton warriors that came bearing weapons were in the mix, and the townsfolk would be hurt with even slight carelessness.

As the sudden incidents threw Angora's plans into disarray-he had to put a hold on other tasks as he fully strengthened the defensive perimeter surrounding town.

However, their crude fortifications also slowly fell when the skeleton mages appeared just a few days ago-a single fireball thrown at them would immediately destroy the mud ramparts the townsfolk raised after working for a whole day.

Despite being a major threat, if it had not been for the skeleton mages' low numbers, along with several courageous and capable hunters who braved death to strike preemptively against, the town could already have fallen on that same day.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Be that as it may, the situation in town was deteriorating by the day. By now the townsfolk were forced to abandon the outer ramparts and hide within the town itself, defending themselves around the newly built cluster of settlements.

After all, compared to the rundown houses that were never repaired for years, the newly built houses were surprisingly tough despite being wooden in structure. It was not actually singed despite being struck by fireballs, much less set on fire.

It was because of those seemingly unbreakable houses and Angora's own repetitive mentions of 'reinforcements' that morale amongst the townsfolk had yet to crumble.

"That being said, we're almost at wit's end..."

Angora, the only one who could see the durability bar of the houses and stayed at the center of the houses was scratching the back of his head restlessly.

Although every house still looked as good as new, their durability bar which had been much longer was actually dwindling and about to cave.

Moreover, his Overlord System did not provide any weapons. All the townsfolk had to fight the revenants with are basic hunting equipment... and farming equipment.

As the battle sunk into a miasma of attritional warfare, they found their weapons almost used up. Reality was different from games after all-crude steel tools would start to blunt after cutting down two or three enemies, not to mention that the arrows and bolts the hunters could recycle was severely lacking. In fact, most of their weapons would be left unusable right after a single battle.

And as if things could not be worst, as skeleton archers started to appear yesterday, there were now casualties: three elderly townsfolk who could not escape their projectiles in time were killed.

The town population of 29 was lost by one-tenth in an instant!

His room was opened violently from the outside then, startling Angora, who had been caught in his thoughts.

Vela entered, brushing away the snowflakes atop her beast skin cap and asking impatiently, "My lord, when are your reinforcements coming? We can't hold on!"

'I would have told everyone to encourage them if I knew,' Angora thought.

Nonetheless, it was clear that he must never say that, all morale would probably crumble all at once.

"Be calm. They are coming, and now all you have to do is defend this place however you can," he replied.

Vela responded with a doubtful gaze.

Sighing without being noticed, Angora rose from his seat. "Does it still mean a thing to fool any of you by now? How about this-I'll join the fight myself. Would that put you at ease?"

Vela still looked doubtful, but nodded stiffly and left the room first.

Nevertheless, Angora had an indescribable nervousness once he left the safety of his lodgings.


Truth be told, the revenant assault was not actually too powerful. Compared to the wars between humans, fighting against revenants was much more leisurely: the townsfolk could sit down behind their simple perimeter of wooden crates, even affording the time to have a steaming bowl of oatmeal. For their part, the revenants looked like they were just roaming everywhere outside, only attacking when they detect the scent of the living.

Nevertheless, that was also the reason why anyone who tried to make their way past surrounding revenants would only attract the attention of more revenants. And once they were surrounded by too many, even Krum, the town's best hunter would not be able to escape.

Angora was also distinctly aware that while their defenses appeared easy to the point that ordinary townsfolk could make a stand, the revenants had the edge-they neither tire nor needed sleep, and would spend almost every hour of the day to rush their perimeter. Even if they were not too strong, their continuous attack would not stop wearing away the defending side's spirit and will, finally leaving them exhausted and about to fall apart...

That said, with the lack of a better option, Angora and the others could only keep stopping the assault of the revenants.

"We're fooled by a noble again!" As another day passed, a young hunter finally lost his rational. His eyes were red without rest, and he was pointing his chipped blade at Angora. "There's no reinforcements! We'll die here! It's all over!"

With those words, he swung the machete he once used to cut jungle creepers in despair and madness, cutting down at Angora.

Half-collapsing just after defeating a skeleton warrior, Angora could not escape the sudden strike at all.

It was over!

'Never thought that I'd die to an ally instead of a revenant,' Angora thought, feeling the irony.

But in that split second, Vela got on her feet despite being equally exhausted and parried the blow, even kicking the young hunter to the dirt.

"Save your strength for the revenants. If not, leave this place and die!"

"But, Vela... the skeletons are everywhere... even reinforcements won't make it past them to save us!" The young hunter's face was contorted, and he was crying in utter despair. "It must be that noble! He must have led the revenants here!"

"Fool. Why would I do that? Do I have a death wish?" Angora mumbled just loud enough for them to hear.

Vela glared at him, before turning to the hunter. "Right now, all we can do is believe in our reinforcements."

That was when someone guarding another side of the perimeter shouted, "Skeleton knight! It's a skeleton knight!"

Both Angora and Vela reacted at once and ran towards that direction.

They found the skeleton knight nearby. It was armed to the teeth, riding a huge, bony and armored horse, burning with blue flames where its mane and eyes had been.

And just like a road roller, it easily mowed through the old buildings of the town, and was dashing swiftly towards the houses at the center of town.

Angora instantly broke out in cold sweat-with the present durability of the house, it would fall apart once that thing hits!

He could not help cursing inwardly.

This time, they were really finished...