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19 The Untimely Death of an Original Believer

 Xi Wei, who was thinking about what he could do next in the Divine Kingdom suddenly paused.

"Eh? Angora actually converted from shallow believer to devout believer? And it also looks like he Amwayed a new devout believer as well..."

He was at once delighted and muttered, "Looks like I've picked the right person."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It seemed that he had completely forgotten that he had been addressing Angora as 'dolt'.

What next was for the plantation area to be surface, and for the crops to be harvested and gain favor of the townsfolk. Angora certainly would not mess up something so simple.

Moreover, with the limits placed upon land and pricing, Xi Wei would not have to worry that Angora would overdevelop immediately and catch the attention of the God of Harvest.

He had predicted that the present state would last two or three years, and everything would be too late when the other deity finally realized that something was unusual.

Xi Wei was confident about himself-being a true transmigrant and having the Midas's touch as the God of Games, he would be ashamed if he could not stand up against some average local god after two or three years.

"And the most important problem now is still the players..."

Given that Xi Wei's Divine Order level was limited, the maximum level of the combat-class players was a paltry 30 and was could not be transferred. While the Players led by Eleena were still engrossed in leveling up and could not tell, most of the Players would be upset when they start to feel shackled after they reach that level limit.

There were actually simple solutions to those problems, however. One was to strengthen the efforts of recruiting believers and accumulate more divine energy with which he could elevate his divinity grade, which in turn naturally extends the power of his Divine Order and raise the maximum level of the Players. The second was to destroy every other god and directly steal their divinity, the power within of which he would fuse to his own divinity.

If the first option was pompous, the second option was undoubtedly evil.

After all, Xi Wei would not dare to conspicuously intrude the territory of the other gods for his believer recruitment, and such a cagey form of conversion was simply too slow. Heaven knows when he would finally gather divine energy to ascend his divinity level.

Moreover, the stealing of other divinities was not without precedent: Stoff, the present God of Craftsmanship and Fine Wine had been an ordinary divine being of the ironworks aspect. However, he triumphed over the former God of Fine Wine in divine battle, plundering the other's power and hence become the intermediate god he was now.

"That said, it's not easy to look for a hostile god whom I could do in..." Xi Wei's spherical body wiggled worriedly.


The gods themselves have no hierarchy.

Save for the Trinity of Creation and the Seven Heavenly Fathers who were currently acknowledged as the strongest there were, the lines separating Greater Gods, Intermediate Gods, and Lesser Gods were actually blurred. They were all merely ambiguously categorized according to the strengths or weaknesses of their Divine Order, as well as their performance in divine battle.

Being the newly ascended God of Games who was so recently born, he could not join the war between the gods. What was worse was his divinity being damaged that he probably would not even be considered a Lesser God-if he must put a finger on it, he probably would be ranked as a puny god that was a class beneath Lesser Gods.

And it would be difficult to find another puny god with whom he could trade punches as a newbie.

"My balls hurt... although I don't have any at the moment."

Xi Wei extended a tentacle to scratch what was supposedly his forehead, and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Unlike the gods whose believers numbered up to millions, given that all of Xi Wei's believers added up barely made it past double digits, he was therefore aware of each string of faith directed to him.

Just now, a vein of divine energy had vanished!

The believer did not appear to belong to Eleena's party or Angora's fief, but a believer of the God of Games before Xi Wei transmigrated.

According to the memories he inherited, the last God of Games was probably some unreliable entity with a gambling problem. Xi Wei himself did not expect that their faith lasted until now.

"That feeling... it doesn't feel like they are being converted..."

It was impossible for a true believer and those above to be converted to another faith at the drop of a hat since one would not become a true believer without firm conviction in their first deity. If it had been conversion, their faith would instead slowly decay, and eventually disappear amidst its weakest moments.

There was only a single explanation for a sudden severance such as just now: that believer had died.

And because those original believers did not possess the System, they could not be resurrected like Eleena and the others.

It would have been fine if the believer died a natural death or in their sleep. However, if it was an accident or murder, that person's psyche intensity would rocket unthinkably in the instant they faced impending death, and was likely the peak level of their life.

Perhaps that was the precise reason that Xi Wei noticed that there was a path connecting him to the emotions of the follower before he died, leaving their final divine energy in his Divine Kingdom in what appeared to be clump of silver fog at a single glance.

Xi Wei hesitated for a moment, but finally reached out with his tentacles to touch it.

It was sheer terror, a heartful of grief and regrets, along with a mingled scent of hate that the god they trusted did not aid them in their last moments.

The follower did not die an accident. He was murdered, even possibly tortured beforehand.

Xi Wei was silent, unsure of what he should be thinking.

He once believed that his predecessor-the original God of Games and his believers had nothing do with himself since they were not his subjects. Moreover, with his predecessor's horrific reputation, those believers would have jumped ship at any moment.

But now he realized he was wrong.

Both himself and his predecessor were unquestionably the God of Games, and his predecessor's believers were his too: people who held faith and entrusted everything upon him.

Although he might not necessarily be indiscriminate with all followers, should he have no reaction and watch as his followers were murdered, how was he different from the other cold-blooded deities of this world?

"As I thought, I really want to be a nice god."

At that moment, another vein of divine energy abruptly vanished.

The massacre of his predecessor's believers was continuing.

"Goddamn! That's really looking down on me, the God of Games!"

Having made his choice, Xi Wei felt his entire body relax. "Don't panic, believers, your god is coming!"