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14 Our Main Character Is Spying At The Momen

 "Oh, they're doing quite well.

In the Divine Kingdom, Xi Wei was using his Divine Eye to spy on what was happening with his own followers in the mortal realm.

He could not help feeling glad that they were unleashing their wrath upon the goblin pack despite their average level being less than five.

Then, when Eleena's party cleared away the goblins attacking the merchant convoy, Xi Wei judged that their quest was accomplished and generously rewarded them with a lot of XP.

He then turned the orb to see the corpses of goblins killed by the five children.

Everything killed by his believers-or Players-would all be delivered as sacrifices to Xi Wei, and those goblins

With a single thought, those goblins were then disintegrated into the purest of divine energy that replenished Xi Wei's divinity.

From the formula he determined at the start, his divine energy was now approximately 78 points. Even if that many points were used to strengthen and repair his divinity did not resolve the fact that it was still unstable, the instant effect was distinct.

"It's quick and convenient by obtaining offerings from believers, but it is also slightly troublesome..."

There were some objects resembling metal scraps beside the piles of goblin corpses, stacking considerably in size-the residual crumbs left after the pure essence in the goblins were extracted as divine energy.

It was precisely why even if the offering could rapidly secure divine energy, and why most divine beings except some minor evil gods were especially demanding toward their own followers for such tributes.

Given that objects which could be completely be converted into divine energy did not exist in other planes, everything here would leave piles of useless scraps after deities were done extracting divine energy. That was why other gods would only request that their offerings be limited to objects of condensed energies such as the Illuminating Crystals, leaving someone undiscriminating like Xi Wei who would gather even goblin corpses an exception.

After all, those crumbs would be no different from kitchen refuse or fecal matter when they accumulate in the Divine Kingdom, and too much of a hassle to be dealt with.

Truth be told, Xi Wei was himself having a headache at how he should handle them.

He was unlike other gods because he has the power to move through world barriers. He could simply look for a place to throw them after bringing them with him whenever he entered the Prime Material Plane.

Still, it would not be a problem at first-it is a different matter as time goes by, because the offerings are drawn using divine energy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In other words, those crumbs would be dyed with the scent of his own divine amidst the extraction process. Therefore, if he simply threw them anywhere, he might get caught by other divine beings.

And that would only mean trouble.

His ability to move freely through different worlds despite the plane barrier that the Trinity of Creation was too alluring for other gods. If word of that goes out and when other divine beings with ulterior motives reached his own Divine Kingdom, his divinity would be stolen effortlessly considering that he was essentially a candle in the wind.

Furthermore, the crumbs were useless even as a divine object gifted to followers by their gods. Its attribute was metallic, but was neither hard nor as resilient as steel, nor was it comparable to ordinary crude iron as material for forging weapons. It assuredly had no effect save for the fact that the divine scent that latched on to it is hard to fake...

"Hmmm. Hold on, I think I have an idea..."

Xi Wei felt his brain (but there is no actual brain in his divine form) getting an idea albeit obscurely. However, he could not hold on to it.

"Well, it's fine. The place here is still huge, I could just let it pile for a while-compared to that, it's better to think about how I should spend my divine energy!"

At first, Xi Wei planned to invest any divine energy into stabilizing his divinity once he earned it, since he was uncomfortable with it fluctuating and feeling so hollow. Nonetheless, he gave up on that after he did earn them and following some serious consideration.

Although his divinity was definitely unstable at the moment, it was still a stretch to call it being on the edge of destruction. As long as those children did not renounce him, the God of Games, he did not have to worry about vanishing for the time being.

There were certain pressing problems in comparison.

After becoming a ball of light-a divine being, to be precise, Xi Wei realized that the bandwidth his mind was a notch broader than a human's. that did not mean that a god was considerably smarter than mortals, but that they were proficient in wide-range multitasking with their heads.

That was the same for Xi Wei. At first a mortal, he realized he could now stare blankly into space within his Divine Kingdom while missing the takeaway food before he transmigrated, watching over Eleena's party and also his other new believer Angora who was trekking alone to the small town outside of the Valley of the Tragic Dead...

It left him having an illusion of being omnipotent and omniscient, although he recently found that his bandwidth was lacking after establishing his System settings-the various data and processing had taken up his mental capacity considerably.

That was the moment when he remembered his fear under the rule of the textbook titled [Five Years of College Entrance Examination and Trial Papers for Third Years] as a third-year high-schooler, and his humiliation of being forced to take remedial classes.

Realizing that he could not continue like that, Xi Wei decided that the divine energy he earned would be investing it into his mind, freeing himself from the heavy load of uncomplicated brainwork.

At first, he thought about creating some artificial intelligence similar to Moss or J.A.R.V.I.S to handle most of his work, but after having been baptized with science fiction for years, he felt that such a reckless move was asking for it. After all, he might really be really kicking a hornet's nest if he created an Ultron.

As such, after pondering for some time, he decided to make a computer with basic functions that would manage data as the Players earned experience and learned new skills.

That was where the mysterious energy that was divine power comes in. It was a secondary strength derived through divine energy and could only be utilized by divinity. At the same time, the different divinities of different gods would decide what the divine power they could energize would accomplish.

And yet, after Xi Wei had transmigrated, Xi Wei's divinity as the God of Games was developed through his own knowledge back on earth, and presently included most domains of Divine Order. As such, should he gather enough divine energy, his divinity would be the same as the Dragon Balls where it accomplished every wish, although it would be weakened depending on the Divine Order proportions.

An example would be like after Xi Wei requested a Sunway Taihulight, but after receiving his command and sufficient divine energy, his divinity was left stagnated for half a day, and eventually giving him a broken computer running on Win98.